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Friday, December 30, 2011

DivaDebbi's Best of Beauty 2011- Skincare

Are you ready to get your gorgeous on for 2012???  Here are my star skincare beautifiers this year.  You may recall I'm in the midst of a trial of  La Peau's potent, but simple Swiss anti-aging skincare far, so great but since I have not yet hit my 28 day mark, you will hear more about my results in January...

In the meanwhile, here's are my faves from 2011:

Thursday, December 29, 2011

DivaDebbi's Best of Beauty 2011- Face

I recognize the irony that my fervent hope, with every new product I try, is that it will look natural.  I try dozens of products each year.  The standouts usually have a few of the same features in common; they are lightweight, water infused, gel like, produce a glow, contain some SPF and on occasion, taste good.

Of all the products I tried this year, these stood out for me:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DivaDebbi's Best of Beauty 2011-Eyes

I seem to be a on a very good roll with my Benefit Cosmetics picks this year.  I have no relationship with them corporately or through P.R. contacts, (sadly), but I'm just as happy when the products that I'm doling out for don't disappoint either.  Three of them made by DivaDebbi Best of Beauty 2011- Eyes list.  I hope it's not like the Academy Awards; all the great movies you saw in the beginning of the year get displaced by the ones you see in December, but after mentally and physically going through my beauty pantry, they still hold up after reviewing earlier purchases:

Monday, December 26, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Tis the Season

Wishing all my family, friends and readers a joyous Holiday, good food, cheer and safe travel!

Tune in next week when I recap DivaDebbi's Best of 2011 Beauty, head to toe!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let's Hear it for the Girls...

Of all the beautifully packaged Holiday Gifts Sets this season, I thought this  Benefit promotion "I'm Glam Therefore I Am", was nearly perfectly executed and wonderfully priced.  Adorably packaged, it includes almost everything you need for day or night.  If they had included a black liner pencil, they would have completely knocked it out of the park, but for $36, one can't do too much grumbling.

The eyeshadow colors are subtle, apply like silk and it even comes with instructions on how to create a perfect look for daytime or evening.  It also suggested a fabulous tip.  If you want to achieve perfect placement of your crease shadow, tip your head back while applying.  It works like a charm!  I also adore they youthful flush the, "Glamming Face Powder" provides and it lasts all day.

When the opportunity presented itself to "steal" this and snag the additional bonus of my new Holy Grail mascara--Benefit's"They're Real", I leaped at it...but up until then, I feigned only vague interest. Was I committing petty larceny???  Nope, just having some fun at my annual Book Club Holiday Dinner, at what I now know is called a, "Yankee Swap", (thanks to the power of Google). What on earth is a Yankee Swap?  Read on...

Monday, December 19, 2011

These (Really) Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Ah....the Holiday's at Richards!!!  In my role as their Personal Shopper, I especially love the Holidays. I have known many of my clients since our children were toddlers. The years have fostered some lovely friendships, and in turn nice relationships with their spouses, many of whom rely on me for year round gift counsel.  Whether or not we've done a little pre-scouting before my email with picture attachment is sent, I'll never tell.

"Aren't you tempted every single day "???  I'm frequently asked.  In a nutshell, YES!!! I have been fortunate to enjoy a lot of the things that I'm convinced I "couldn't live without"..  Are there things I still covet?  Naturally, but I'm also happy when my clients receive there hearts desires or fantastic surprises too.

After all these years, I'm still, "like a kid in a candy store".  Take a peek below and you will understand why:

Friday, December 16, 2011

L'Oreal's Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara: Buy or Bag?

I promised you an update on my experience with  L'Oreal's Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara.
Though I swore I had found my Holy Grail with Benefits They're Real Mascara, I couldn't resist trying L'Oreal's version of YSL's Faux Cils, particularly tempting when it came in a penny shy of $10 bucks.

I mentioned reading the reviews at Makeup Alley and read a mixed bag from raves to rages with most settling in somewhere around the middle.  I tried it on clean lashes, with an open mind.  One thing I have learned a long the way is first impressions are just that---you can't really judge a product until you see how it wears...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Perfect Pairing: Irene Neuwirth and Yigal Azrouel

A few weeks ago at Richards in Greenwich Ct, we decided to doubly delight our clients by hosting a Spring 2012 trunk show that paired two uber talents, Irene Neuwirth, the L.A. based jewelry designer and Yigal Azrouel, the handsome Israeli born designer of French Moroccan descent, and let the sparks fly.  Stylists; take note. It was a perfect storm.

Quickly, it became evident that Irene's intensely colored, powerful gems, with their bold, modern appeal (frequently featured on the Red Carpet by superstars like Iman, Reese Witherspoon, Sheryl Crow, Sharon Stone, Zoe Saldana, Marisa Tomei and Lea Michele),  would be the perfect accompaniment to Yigal's ultra feminine, clean modern silhouettes. 

Guests munched on brioches stuffed with lobster and sipped champagne, while Yigal and Irene collaborated on accessorizing the models that strolled through the store, meeting and greeting guests and helping with selections.
Yigal Azrouel assisting a client
Naki Halepas, Irene Neuwirth, Linda Huston

Yigal Azrouel and CeCe Thomas
Clearly, everyone had a fabulous time and Irene and Yigal enjoyed it so much, we will be repeating the magic on the West Coast at our Wilkes Bashford locations in the future.

My friend Stacey, who writes the spectacular, oft quoted and tweeted  Quintessence Blog, also attended the event.  In addition to her amazing photographs of Irene's work, she spent time with Irene and writes a fabulous piece about her inspiration, technique and booming success. It's a lovely read, and I encourage you to click the link above to see for yourself.

One of the websites I couldn't go a day without visiting is Catherine Kallon aka Fashion Critic's, Red Carpet Fashion Awards. One of Time Magazine's top Bloggers of 2011, FC brings us a prolific amount of International coverage of the Red Carpet, plus her own informed opinions on the success of the total image; dress, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup. One of these days, maybe soon, Reese, Halle, Lea or another lovely will appear confidently chic, dressed in Yigal with some gorgeous bling designed by Irene...

Here's hoping.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Swept Away

Of all the drugstore beauty brands, L'Oreal is probably my fave.  They are technologically innovative and the colors are always on trend. Dollar for dollar they deliver consistent, quality makeup that rarely disappoints...until now.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Luminous Lumene Giveaway Contest Winners!!!

Thank you to all who entered the Luminous Lumene Giveaway, both on my blog and on Facebook. Three winners will enjoy new products that deliver on their promises.  Congrats!

I asked contestants to specifiy if they had a preference for receiving Time Freeze Eye Perfecting Treatment, Premium Beauty Rejuvenating Serum, or 5 Minute S.O.S. Cream.

We have three winners, one who had a specific request: Susan Gosman, wish granted, you will be receiving my favorite, Premium Beauty Rejuvenating Serum.  Please let me know if you love it as much as I do!

Peniam: Please enjoy your Time Freeze Eye Perfect Treatment.  I always carry this in my makeup bag to refresh tired under eyes and especially before concealer touch ups, when I'm on the run.

Alyssa Bubble Tea:  You have won 5 Minute S.O.S. Cream,  ideal for sensitive skin.

Ladies, please contact me a.s.a.p. at  with your sending address, so we can arrange for you to receive them.

Many thanks to my friends at Kaplow P.R. and Lumene for facilitating these products for my readers and Facebook fans. 

It's all good!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Hair:101

While I would like to believe that mastery is always possible, my limitations in the school of spatial perception is perhaps a hair higher than the pre-school level.  Case in point?  Remember those illusion drawings?  Did you see a Young Lady or an Old Crone?  I could always only see the Young matter how it was explained, I never saw the Crone, (e tu)?

Recently, at a private party in N.Y.C., I took a trip to the Ladies room. The doors were festooned with a W and an M...seemingly.  I'm not sure if it was better or worse that this was a party amongst friends, because I ended up you know where, and it wasn't their hats that were in their hands--  I'm still cringing at the memory of it, (even worse, much like the Lady and the Crone, I still couldn't see how that M wasn't a W).

Where is all of this leading? To a reasonably good solution, for those of you, who, like me cannot master how to use a curling iron, if their high school equivalency diploma depended on it.

I get a pit in my stomach every time I see big, soft, barrel waves, not just on the Red Carpet like Lea's gorgeous glossy tresses, but effortlessly created by anyone who can twirl, in the right direction.  Ditto those who can achieve adorable little flips with their flat irons.

Sooo...what is my find? 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Michelle Our Bell

Michelle Obama looked incredibly wonderful as she stepped out with the President to enjoy the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday night.  Mrs. Obama's  elegant, strapless sapphire Vera Wang tulle and chiffon dress was a knock out, gently accentuating her curves and highlighting her assets. I think she looks especially good in jewel tones, this being no exception.

My preference with strapless dresses is almost always an important earring and a bare neckline, (and I will never object to a gorgeous cuff on the arm or a President for that matter).  Mrs. Obama's radiant skin is the only other adornment this dress needed.  Her hair and makeup are pitch perfect as well.

I was in total swoon mode until I caught this photo which displayed her sparkling silver flats:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

DivaDebbi's Rules of Beauty Civility: Salon Etiquette

This blog is going to sound a wee cranky, because I am a wee cranky.  I'm also writing this with an ice pack on my head as I nurse the after effects of the full blown migraine I woke up with yesterday. If you wish to skip this blog, I get it!   Read on at your own risk and  if you think I'm off base...let me have it!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Luminous Lumene Giveaway!

Good news!!!   Lumene is delighted to participate in a special giveaway, exclusively for DivaDebbi readers.  We chose three products from five of their skincare lines.  There will be three winners!  Below is a description of each category and product.  If you have a preference,  let me know. If the stars align, you may just get your wish...either way, you can't lose.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Luminous Lumene

How do I know when I really, really LOVE one of the many skin care products I sample???

Easy.... I buy it over and over again.

I received an email from my friends at Kaplow P.R., who represent Lumene, the Finnish skincare brand that has developed a cult-following in the US, since launching at CVS/pharmacy in 2004. Lumene now has more than five lines and 50 products overall, so it can be hard to choose a favorite!

They shared with me some of their team member’s all-time faves (in their own words), to share with my readers and of course I will share mine with you too:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

La Peau: La creme de la creme

Timing is everything, it it not??? I like to test my skin care products, one at a time and minimally, for a full 3-4 weeks before assessing them.

Lately, I've noticed how bright, tight and glowing my friend Linda Levy's skin has been looking bright, tight and glowing...

"What have you been up to Missy"???
"Have you heard of  LA PEAU"?
 (I had not).
"I think it's amazing"! "It's getting spectacular press.  Raves from Beauty Editors and it's already developing a celeb-cult following.  I can't believe I'm telling you about something that's not already on your radar"!

Linda was so intrigued and impressed with her results that she met with LA PEAU's owner's, sisters Carla-Maria and Irma Khanjian,  when they were in N.Y. last week. She spoke with the sisters about my blog DivaDebbi and they kindly decided to send me their three step LA PEAU program:  Night Cream Gel ($90), Day Cream Gel ($85) and Eye Contour ($65) to try for myself...perfect timing. (click on the LA PEAU links to purchase).  Inconceivably,  I'm  out of new skin care products to review.
This is my equivalent of winning Lotto.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Your Invited! John Frieda's Winter Wonderland at Bryant Park

Skater's at Bryant Park (N.Y. Public Library in the background)
Recently, I was in N.Y. on a perfectly gorgeous, fall day. I found myself with an hour in between appointments, so I put on my thinking cap to figure out where I could enjoy an hour of reading and fresh air... 

I admit I haven't been back to Bryant Park, since Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week moved to it's new home at Lincoln Center.  I was happily surprised, to see that it now hosts a skating rink, Celsius Lounge and a bevy of  Holiday Shops with vendors selling jewelry, pottery, clothing, chocolate, spices.  I felt like a stumbled upon a country crafts fair, right in the heart of N.Y.C.  Enchanting!

Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

Celsius Lounge

When I received an invitation to attend a John Frieda event at the Celsius Lounge at Bryant Park,  I knew immediately I'd be happy to return.  Nicely, this is not just a Beauty Blogger event, but one that is open to the public! Conair pro's will be on hand to provide complimentary blow outs and hair styling with John Frieda Styling Tools.  The first 40 guests will also receive free passes for skate rentals:

In addition, the contents of a specially decorated Holiday tree of John Frieda Styling tools and brushes will be donated to the Safe Horizon charity foundation, to support victims of domestic violence.  Complimentary Popcorn and hot beverages will be served.

It seems Bryant Park is full of happy surprises these days!  I hope to see you there...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Truth About...


As the Holiday season officially kicks off , the month ahead is a busy time socially for many.  It's gotten to the point where people make appointments for injectibles, with the same calculating eye they use to assess their roots and eyebrows before important events---just another element in their maintenance routine.

Lately, my clients in their early forties have confided that they are feeling ready to take the plunge...they are noticing deeper crows feet and furrows between the brows, their lids are looking a wee droopier and their foreheads more lined. They are also noticing that while no one is 'fessing up, some of their friends are looking decidedly "fresh".

One of them confided her kids asked her, "why are you always so mad Mommy"?. She's not a "mad Mommy", but the deep line between her brows does admittedly look like a permanent scowl....what to do???

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Eyes Have It

What is the most frequently asked beauty question I get from readers and friends???  The eyes have it... What eye cream can you recommend to improve dark circles and fine lines? I can always sense the hope and recognize the sting of disappointment when I tell them, "I got nuttin Honey".

My day was brightened today when I was told to keep my eyes peeled for a goodie package coming my way Lumixyl's Revitaleyes.  This may truly be the Holy Grail eye cream we have all been waiting for... Why do I think so??? Because I have already had spectacular, lasting results with Lumixyl's 4 part Brightening regimen to reduce sun spots and hyperpigmentation, (

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday 2011: A Few of My Favorite Things

It's that time of year again, for giving, receiving and treating yourself.  Though it seems like yesterday, literally, that we were clinking glasses toasting the end of summer at a Labor Day party, come turkey day, we have officially turned the corner into the "Holiday Season". All I did was blink.

One of the things I love most about the season, are the gorgeous Holiday Gift Sets that are created quite successfully, to tempt us.  The best marry gorgeous neutrals in pretty packaging, that offer so much value it makes no sense to leave them behind.  They truly do make beautiful gifts and take the guilt out of my favorite holiday shopping maxim,"one for you and one for me".

Here is a round up of some of my favorites that I have spied and tried:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

You Glow Girl

Regular readers know I am all about the glow.  In it's pursuit, there is regular exfoliation, occasional microdermabrasion, glycolic acid, Retin-A and Hyaluronic acid.  Though is sounds counter intuitive, it all leads to amped up cellular turnover and increased collagen.

I recently purchased Laura Mercier's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Golden Radiance ($42). I had first received a generous sample at Neiman's. It took a little practice to get the hang of how to maximize its potential...a natural glow vs. a phosphorescent gleam...fortunately, practice does make perfect.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Evelyn H. Lauder 1936-2011

My heart was heavy yesterday, when I opened the N.Y. Times and read about Evelyn H. Lauder's passing. Evelyn H. Lauder, a refugee of Nazi-occupied Europe who married into the Estee Lauder cosmetics dynasty, died on Saturday at her home in Manhattan, at age 75.

I knew that she had been ill with cancer in the last few years, but did not know her recurrence was due to ovarian cancer, instead of breast cancer.  As a genetic breast cancer survivor (knock wood, spit spit), and fundraiser, I have long looked up to her as an inspiring example of a life well lived after diagnosis, both personally and professionally. She struck me as an unstoppable optimist.

"The cause was nongenetic ovarian cancer, said Alexandra Trower, a spokeswoman for the Estée Lauder Companies". In 2007 she received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, which developed independently of her breast cancer, Ms. Trower said.

This is the first time I have ever heard the use of the term "nongenetic" used to emphasize that she was not a BrCa 1 or 2 mutation carrier, which puts you at significantly higher risk than the general population, of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  A common recommendation for BrCa 1 or 2 carriers, is removal of the ovaries and fallopian tubes after childbearing (particularly if a breast cancer diagnosis is involved).

"Mrs. Lauder learned she had breast cancer in 1989 and soon became a strong voice on behalf of women’s health, though she was always reluctant to discuss her own condition. “My situation doesn’t really matter,” she told a reporter in 1995".

"She was a creator of the Pink Ribbon campaign, a worldwide symbol of breast health, and in 1993 she founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which has raised more than $350 million".

"Another major accomplishment by Mrs. Lauder was the establishment of the Evelyn H. Lauder Breast Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. This Center, completed in 1992, incorporated diagnostic and treatment services into one center together, something which had not been done previously and has now been emulated in multiple other centers worldwide".

It is my belief that there are other breast and ovarian genetic mutations out there, that remain for now, undiscovered.  Evelyn Lauder knew the key to preventing and curing breast and ovarian cancer lies in the hands of the brilliant doctors the Breast Cancer Research Foundation supports.

She is survived by her husband Leonard, two sons and five grandchildren, and with hope, future generations of women.

R.I.P. Mrs. Lauder and thank you.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

DivaDebbi's Makeup Diet

I finally did my bi-annual closet switch and purge last Sunday.  I dread doing it for weeks, finally dig my heels in and finally breath a sigh of relief when it's all over.  I can promise you one thing, from years of experience; you will not pine for, or even remember anything you choose to donate.  

As a reward for having a Sephora addiction being a V.I.B.,  I have been looking forward to receiving my 4 Day 20% off pass at Sephora for weeks. I know it seems inconceivable that I could need anything, but after I finished editing my clothing closets last week, I moved on to my makeup closet, and continued the purge. The toss tally???
  • 4 foundations
  • 2 tinted moisturizers
  • 3 blushes
  • 2 brushes
  • 8 lipsticks
  • 2 mascaras
  • 3 eyeliner pencils
  • 2 eyeliners
  • 2 concealers
  • 3 lip glosses
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 primer
  • 5 eyeshadows
OUCH!!!  Clothing at least can be donated.  For sanitary reasons, the only place for this heap, was a Hefty While I do receive some of this swag free for reviews, enough of it came out of my pocket to qualify me for V.I.B. status at Sephora. 

 What I would like to be going forward, is more thoughtful about my purchases, making good choices and sticking with them.  How do I intend to this?  I will start treating my makeup purchases the same way I do perfume...sampling them and test driving them, before committing to full size products. I will also read a lot more reviews on blogs, Makeup Alley,  TotalBeauty and Sephora before buying.

Did they wear well? Crease? Fade? Flake, Go orange? Get dry/oily? Smear? And remove easily?

I know I can do better. Will I still be entitled to my V.I.B. discount next November? Maybe not...but the "beauty hand print"  I leave on this world, will be a little lighter--there was an awful lot of wasted product and packaging in that Hefty.

Whose with me???


Friday, November 11, 2011

We Have A Winner!!!

Congratulations to lucky number 6!  Blog and FaceBook commentors were tallied together and the winner of the Nuance Salma Hayek giveaway was selected randomly.
Thank you to my friends at Kaplow P.R. for providing this generous giveaway for one of my readers to enjoy!!!

I appreciate all of you who read my blog and share it with others. 

Happy weekend all!!!


John Frieda's Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer

Lately, I've noticed a new beauty woe that I never had to deal with in the past, short, broken, flyaway strands in the front of my hair.  According to Harry Josh, John Frieda's International Creative Consultant, they are the result of, "over-styling, over-coloring and generally overdoing it".  Guilty as charged.

I have read expert tips to suggest controlling these little buggers in the past; using hair spray on a toothbrush or hand cream to keep them at bay...uh no.

My friend Laurie, a book club buddy (with  thick, shiny hair that has never had a bad hair day), mentioned John Frieda's Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer to me months ago as a "must have".  It is intelligently packaged in a convenient wand that easily fits in your makeup or handbag and "instantly" tames flyaway's.

I immediately set out to find it at no avail.  I don't want to mislead you new best friend may be something you have to have sent from the likes of, Ulta or CVS...hate that--but it's worth it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daphne Guiness. Icon. Goddess.

Add caption
I am going to cut my self some slack... Nothing I could write could possibly due justice, or properly describe the extraordinary assemblege of clothing that comprise the Daphne Guiness Exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology in N.Y. (through January 7th).  I still can't certain ensembles out of my mind.

Daphne Guiness was named to the International Best Dressed Hall of Fame in 1994. I don't know how she escaped my radar until my two visits to the Alexander McQueen exhibit this summer at the Met...that is a heady honor that is not bestowed lightly.

Daphne, now 43, is a Guiness, an heir to the Guiness Brewery by birth and the Granddaughter of Nancy Mitford famed British author, the eldest of the 6 notorious "Mitford Sisters".  At 19 she married Spyros Niarchos, (son of billionaire shipping magnate Stavros Niarchos) and bore 3 children.  They divorced in 1999. She is also stunningly beautiful.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New York New York and Sisterly Love

I love New York.  Never more than in the Spring and Fall, on clear days and crisp nights.  It literally reinvigorates my soul. 

On Wednesday night, my sister Loren and I had a sleepover.  We started our night at Bloomingdale's, at an event to benefit the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The N.Y. Times collaborated with the CFDA, to launch their 50 Photographs Collection. 5 top fashion designers, Diane Von Furstenberg, Parabal Garung, Vera Wang, Zac Posen and Michelle Smith, went through the Times archives dating back to the 1800's and each selected 10 of their favorite images. (I can't imagine how daunting it was to narrow it down to 10 pic picks).

Prabal Garung being interviewed
It was a fantastic display of memorable photographs, covering iconic shots of fashion, nature, dance and architecture.  Each designer provided commentary about what inspired them to make their selections, (though sadly, in the din of the crowd, we could hear not Bo peep). Diane Von Furstenberg's selections were my favorites and were the most synergistic, reflecting her love of modern dance and classic N.Y. architecture:

Maple Leaf Rag
Flat Iron Building NYC

All of the these memorable photographs can be purchased at A percentage of proceeds from the sale of this collection will benefit the CFDA.

After a delicious dinner at Serafina's (where we not suprisingly ordered twin dinner and drink orders)!, we strolled home past Hermes windows, until we didn't...We both stopped in our tracks to first observe these oddly futurist windows:

And then naturally, to peer inside them:

An Hermes coffee cup holder???  We knew there had to be more to this story.  Whimsy is not the word that pops into my mind when I think of the House of Hermes...A Google or two later, I found this entry on The Fabulous ReportNot surprisingly, there was much thought and purpose to the display:

RECYCLE CHIC: Trust Hermes to turn recycling into a luxury pursuit. The French house is launching a collection of objects, ranging from woven leather necklaces to customized Kelly bags, made with leftover pieces of leather and damaged goods. Under the artistic direction of Pascale Mussard, a sixth-generation descendant of the company’s founder, a workshop dubbed “petit h” (or “little h”) brings together seven of the house’s craftsmen with artists to give the objects a second life. . Priced  $70 to $70,000.


The next morning, after leisurely cups of fresh ground coffee, we made our way to Bergdorf's where we again came to a halt to admire this breathtaking window, featuring Tom Ford: 

Did you evah???

We hit the second floor, to the newly expanded Shoe Salon,  which should come equipped with oxygen masks...I was literally hyperventilating. The depth and breadth of what is available is simply staggering and it is all beautifully edited. 

I had to smile when I saw these adorable Charlotte Olympia kitten flats in leopard:

I was first introduced to them in black, worn by Katy Perry, from coverage on one of my fave websites, Red Carpet Fashion Awards  Apparently, other celebs love them too:

Mission accomplished, Loren found a perfect pair of nude suede Jimmy Choo's. Banded in an elegant shimmering trim, it's the perfect accessory for the evening outfit she was looking to complete, yet subtle enough to wear beautifully by day.

She left me with two kisses, on the main floor, while I ogled the jewelry and planned the rest of my day...

Sisters! Tops, always...Fortunately, I also have an army of great Gal Pals, including one of my BFF's Barb,  who caught up with me later to see the Daphne Guiness exhibit at F.I.T

I'm still mesmerised and haven't quite figured out how I am going to find the words to describe it...tune in tomorrow.  I'll give it my best shot...


Friday, November 4, 2011

Lucky Me and Lucky You: A Nuance Salma Hayek Giveaway

Last week, I participated in the finale of Richards fashion show at the Breast Cancer Alliance of Greenwich's annual luncheon.  The experts from Warren Tricomi graciously donated the time of some of their stylists and makeup artists  to do backstage beauty.

I was delighted to meet Monica,  who enjoys a flawless reputation for applying flawless makeup...

"What will you be wearing", she asked as I sat down for my tweak.

"A Black Label Giorgio Armani sleeveless ruched black silk tunic, matching pants and an embroidered fur trimmed J. Mendel shrug".

"Sounds fabulous!  I would love to add a pop of red to your lips and do a smokey cat eye. How does that sound"?

"Heavenly!  Too bad we don't have time for a lesson.  I've never mastered the technique".

I loved everything Monica did and tried to study exactly how she did my eyes so I could  recreate the look at home... Suffice to say, BIG FAIL.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking It All Off

The great thing about eye primers and long wearing shadows, eye pencils and liners, is that they do their job...Apply them in the morning and you are good to go until it's time to take it all off--- therein lies the challenge...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Portable Potions???

In a pinch, Sephora rarely disappoints, and the fact that my local Sephora is free standing, only increases my drop in rate.

Having recently fallen in love with Jimmy Choo's fragrance, I needed a tidier way to refresh my fragrance mid-day, without dragging a 3 oz. flacon around in my already overburdened handbag.

Does anyone make a sleek "empty" purse atomizer anymore???...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Simply Smashing: Smashbox Holiday Eye Liners

It was a krazy weekend on the East Coast.  Snow before Halloween???  Definitely more trick than treat.  This was the scene outside my kitchen window yesterday. I am soooo not ready

Last week I went into  N.Y.C. to see Smashbox's Holiday Collection.  At the time, I was feeling like "I am soooo not ready",  but as soon as I entered the Penthouse Davis Factor and his team set up to introduce it, I melted.  Davis, the Creative Director, is so passionate and excited about both product and  image, his energy lit up the room.  In case you are unfamiliar with his storied pedigree and the history of Smashbox, here's what Wiki has to say about them:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do At-Home Wrinkle Reducing Lasers Work?

We are about to find out!

There is about a lot of buzz in the beauty world about PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser,  the first FDA approved at-home laser clinically proven reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.  It's been discussed on The View and The Doctors, written about in Bazaar, New Beauty and The N.Y. Times and reviewed in Makeup Alley, Truth In Aging and  Beauty Stat.

In addition, it was Allure's 2011 Beauty Breakthrough Winner.  Here's the scoop:

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Breast Cancer Alliance Luncheon 2011

My 15 seconds of fame!  I made the front page of Friday's Greenwich Time.

Breast cancer survivor Debbi O'Shea, the personal shopper at Richards since 2001, walks the runway.  Photo: Helen Neafsey / Greenwich Time

Though it was unusually cool and rainy yesterday, it was pure sunshine inside the tent at the 16th annual Breast Cancer Alliance benefit luncheon and fashion show at the Hyatt Regency in Greenwich.
This was the sixth year that Mitchells/Richards sponsored the fashion show and nearly 800 women were treated to a whirlwind of exciting fashion from Valentino, Brunello Cucinelli, Michael Kors, Akris, J. Mendel, Giorgio Armani, Jason Wu, Yigal Azrouel, Lela Rose and exquisite coats from the Oscar de la Renta Couture Collection.

In a word: Swoonworthy even if I did just make it up.

Festive Tables

The Runway
All of this is the culmination of a year of hard work of dozens of volunteers, chaired this year by Patricia Burns and Amanda Davis, with the great support of  BCA President Debbie Black and Andrew Mitchell-Namdar of Mitchells/Richards.  This was my fourth year on the committee and I am proud to be associated with this incredible organization

This year's Guest Speaker was Cokie Roberts, whose list of accomplishments is so long it could comprise another blog.  As is tradition, she is also a breast cancer survivor. The finale of the fashion show always includes survivors and often, the people who helped them achieve it.  My supporter, was my friend Michele Penque. We know well in our hearts, that our dear friend Lorraine Millar, a 20 year survivor who lost her battle in 2009, was looking down on that runway with joy. I was also extremely proud of my colleagues Patricia Cinquemani and Iwona Kelly who walked the runway together.  Both received breast cancer diagnosis' last year, fought hard and won. Their smiles say it all...

Michele, Patricia and Iwona
This is such a fun and glamorous day, but what is really impressive, is the mission of the BCA and the breadth of their accomplishments.  Fundraising, has allowed the BCA and their dedicated Board of Directors to disperse over $13.5 million dollars to some of the most brilliant researchers in the country.  In an average year, 75% of their grant funds go to research and 25% to early detection programs in the communities they serve. The distinguished cancer specialists on their Medical Advisory Board, together with outside experts, help them to make quality grant decisions.

Over the years, the Alliance has funded a variety of cutting edge research grants and one-year post-graduate breast surgery fellowships at 25 of the nation's leading research institutions. They have also funded community outreach programs and education initiatives in nine communities in Connecticut and New York.

In a word:  WOW!

What can you do to stay on top of your breast health?  Know your family history (paternal history counts equally). Get annual mammograms beginning at age 40 (earlier if you are at high risk), with a manual exam by a Radiologist. If you have dense breasts, insist on a bilateral ultrasounds. Exercise often. Drink moderately. Be in touch with your breasts in the shower.  If you need a biopsy, seek medical help from a Breast Specialist.

If you do ever hear the dreaded words, "You have breast cancer", I promise, you will not go it alone. Family, friends, survivors and organizations like the BCA will help see you through...

I promise.



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