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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Returning to My Roots...Again

There are only a few things, thankfully, that I purchase obsessively for fear of running out of them; paper towels, coffee and Clairol's Root Touch Up. Those who follow my Blog, may already know, that I am in fact, its original inventor, (as explained in Deep Roots April 15th 2008). Even my friends at Proctor & Gamble are amazed by my wily inventiveness.

I made 3 pit stops to CVS this week. I guess our continuous tundras, had something to do with the no stock and no re-stock supply of Clairol Root Kit, in all of the more popular brunette shades.

Urggggghhh! Mother Nature was now mucking with my plans for a little leisurely Sunday morning, the N.Y. Times, deep conditioner, and la roots. Pressed for time and in no mood to start drugstore hopping, ping, the light bulb went off. My solution was 3 aisles over and 10 years back...Just For Men for Beards and Moustaches!!!

Yes, as dozens of friends, clients, colleagues and of course Christopher, my genius colorist at Warren Tricomi in Greenwich will attest, that is how I kept my greys at bay, long before Lady Clairol got into the act.

Sho 'nuff, there is was! Nestled between the shaving cream and the Kiwi Black Shoe Polish, bottom shelf. I was surprised to see the sharp uptick in price to $8.99, back in the day, it was $5.99 and I often got them for less. Just For Men Beards and Moustaches is now more expensive than Clairol's Root Touch Up (maybe the men are snagging all those brunette kits and saving a few $$ in the process).

So how did it all work out this morning??? Seamlessly. I did forget, that JFM require only 5 minutes of use, compared to Root Touch Up's 10. I whipped off the towel figuring it looked like I picked up the Kiwi instead, but when it dried it was all good...Just like, Just For Men always was.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Bees Knees

I don't have the vaguest clue what that means, do you???

Just did a lil' in house beauty inventory...I have 7 cleansers in different states of use, plus my fall back, always at the ready Cetaphil soap, for dry/sensitive skin.

Inevitably, what do I pull out of my beauty hive each night??? Burt's Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser. First of all, I have been using the same 6 oz. bottle, since September and I'm not sure I will ever run out...a lil' goes a long way. When it does come time to replace it, I will have no qualms about spending $10.00. This, my darlings, is a what I call a beauty bahgin.

Infused with jojoba beads, fruit acid and royal jelly, the texture is creamy. The jojoba beads lend themselves to gentle exfoliation. After my ritual 10 rinses, it is nearly 100% clean, leaving my face glowing. If there is a rare touch of makeup left behind, it is easily whisked away with some toner.

I am considering designating it with Holy Grail status, meaning I will continue to buy and use it exclusively, for the foreseeable future.

I recently started using all my left over anti-aging potions and lotions on less popular spots, like my elbows and knees...I think I will check their website and see if they have any products targeting these crepey crevices and I know just what they should call it...

Drumroll---The Bees Knees.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

How Thoughtless of Me

I am heading for a bout of my mid-winter crazies...sun deprived, restless and cranky, I am seriously contemplating purchasing a Verilux Happy Light, an easy, all natural solution to chase away the blues, caused by lack of sunlight. If anyone has used this product, I would LOVE your feedback, (and I promise not to snap at you).

Since I am feeling mini, mentally, I was happy to receive a bunch of TotalBeauty Bits. Surely, they would have something interesting I could share with you. I read 10 Perfect Skin Secrets (featuring readers) and 10 Ways to Stop (or slow) the Aging Process, with as much zeal as I would have reading tips from The Modern Farmer. Just not feeling my A game, for sure.

Trust me new, except perhaps for the woman who is using Milk of Magnesia daily to control the oil on her T-zone---uh, no thanks.

I won't tell you, about a body lotion I was sent, with du jour organic ingredients, a sweet price point, and the consistency of Elmer's glue.

I won't tell you about the meditation tape I was sent, (and returned). Despite the haunting new age music, I am not going to be happy imagining I am on the beach. The only way I am going to be deeply relaxed and happy will be soaking up something cocoa nut infused, while soaking up some sun.

Don't worry, I'll perk up eventually...I just read Bobbi Brown, launched a Spring 2010 collection called Color Strips. 3 perfectly coordinated palettes for eyes, lips and cheeks, that does all the thinking for you...or at least for me anyway.

Beauty hope is at least, on the horizon.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Giving the Swirl Another Whirl

Beauty and Skincare joined forces this year, when CoverGirl and Olay debuted a new foundation from their "Simply Ageless" collection. Housed in a compact, CG's creamy foundation was infused with serum, from Olay's best selling Regenerist line. A few months later, a similarly formulated blush, was released in candy colored hues, (that almost looked edible).

I'm positive that someone loved them...but I could never find color that matched my skin tone and they looked leaden and greasy. Oddly, like disappearing ink, the blush vanished on me, despite my attempts at layering it.

If there is one place I do want creamy, it is under my eyes...optimistically, I once again, decided to give those swirls a whirl with the launch of their Simply Ageless Concealer and Corrector, (both retail for $10.99).

Fortunately, I don't have dark circles under my eyes, (probably because I cant exist on less than 9 hours of sleep every night), but I wanted to see how they worked in tandem. The corrector is, "infused with special yellow intensive pigments to neutralize dark circles. In addition to the serum, the concealer contains, "vitamins, conditioners and anti-oxidents", to improve skin texture. It also promises to, "reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles". Seriously Girls... I'm pretty sure my toothpaste is promising that too these days, ya know???

The good news??? I liked it...a lot!!! The light-medium was the perfect shade for me, (did you ever notice that "light" would be best on Caspar and "medium" on Halle Berry )? It glides on without tugging or creasing and stayed put all day. It's hard to speak to the "neutralized" dark circles, since I really didn't have them to begin with, but I would love to hear from someone who did.

And the third time was the charm :)!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Blogs from your GlamourSquad

The GlamourSquad was uber busy this week. Sometimes the busier you are, the more productive you are...ya know???

I hope you like our new logo! We thought it was a bit more modern and reflective of our point of view.

Butterflydiary shows you the stunning range of nails and shades at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Fashion Week shows.

Clumps of Mascara tries CoverGirl's Smoky Shadow Blast. So it really a blast though?

Just in time for fashion week, Krasey Beauty has a legendary hair experience with Redken and the Cutler Salon.

BeautySweetSpot investigates the life of a top model during New York Fashion Week.

DivaDebbi says goodbye forever to the Bryant Park Tents for Fashion Week.

The Product Pasha has been dreaming in color with a little help from Orly new Spring '10 collection.

The Beauty Alchemist previews HerCut haircare line.



Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Beginnings

Thursday, February 18th, was the last day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and after 18 years, the last time it will be held in Bryant Park. Fashion as always evolves, so while there was just a hint of nostalgia at the closing party that night. (Large screens showing collections from the early nineties...oh those Supermodel days)! Most people are ready for the move to Lincoln Center. My good friend Peter Levy, who is in charge of global fashion for IMG (and recently named the third most powerful person in N.Y. Fashion, by the Daily News), will no doubt create some exciting new partnerships and presentation venues...I've got goosebumps already. Change and growth is good.

My last day at Fashion Week also held some firsts for me. My participation has always been as a fashion observer, clothes first, beauty, a side note... I was dying to see J. Mendel's presentation, not just because I am a huge fan of Gilles Mendel's work, but because this Fall, we will be carrying the line at Richards, where I am the Personal Shopper. I can't wait to see his exquisite ready-to-wear and furs on my clients.

What I had never done before, was backstage beauty. Sam Dark of Dark P.R., who represents Dashing Diva, invited me to see what Lead Nail Technician, Pattie Yankee, would be using on the models, to complement the collection. Pattie's choice, was the popular She E.O., a tonal, nude hue, with the slightest hint of pink. It flatters every skin tone, and didn't compete with the pecan, browns, blacks and metallic tweeds, Gilles showed under his gorgeous, ingeniously, cut furs. It also looked right, paired with the deep reds, Prussian Blues, and volcanic green mousseline evening dresses, (one more beautiful than the next. I was literally, hyper-ventilating).

While backstage, I had the opportunity to interview the utterly charming Ted Gibson, who represents L'Oreal Professionnel. After flat ironing the hair in tiny sections, Ted and his team, finished the hair with Professionnel's Texture Expert Freezing Mist and Texture Expert Infinium Hairspray, creating super sleek, sexy, shiny hair, to complement the clothes uptown, graphic feel. "Natural, yet strong, was what we were going for"...and they succeeded, winningly.

Wendy Rowe was in charge of makeup for Bobbi Brown. Also keeping things tonal, Wendy used warm honeyed hues, darker under the cheekbones to accentuate structure and a touch of illuminating glow under the brows, which were brushed and natural. Suede, a cream shadow, was used on both the lid and underneath the eye, plus a crisp line of black kohl. A light, natural gloss, in Chrystal completed warm look, of someone who just spent a long weekend in the Bahamas.

Fitting the changes in the wind, Gilles chose to show the clothes as presentation, rather than on the runway...unusual for the tents. The models lined both sides of the runway, in stillness, until it was their turn to exit a set up clean, white arches, and pose for the posse of photographers at the end of runway.

There is something to be said for the breath of anticipation, when everything goes dark, the house lights come up and the first model enters the runway, setting the tone for the collection. Same for the finale of last looks and the designers bow. There is a clear beginning, middle and end.

For me, a show never felt so complete. With fresh eyes, I understood how truly important the backstage beauty component is to complementing a collection. To see the total collaboration, on a spectacular collection, was a perfect way to end my days at the tents.

The champagne and the company of old friends at the party, was a perfect way to end my nights. Change and growth is good.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Thrill of the Hunt

How do I learn about new products??? For starters, I read a lot of Beauty Blogs. One of my favorite ways to quickly peruse them, is on (The MySkin widget on my home page is updated as quickly as we publish them).

Though you may have your doubts, what I am really trying to do is find the Holy Grail of each product category, so I can look no further...Honest!!!

Case in Point: Mineral Bronzer. My goal is to find the one wonder, that can multi-task as a foundation and a bronzer. If I haven't yet found it from either class or mass brands, can I find it from the esoteric Christopher Drummond???

After reading a rave on Style Apothecary, I introduced myself to CD via email and requested a sample. I promptly received a cheery response and a sample, that I felt confident could at least bronze my forehead. I gingerly dipped my over sized bronzer brush into a container that could house a single St. Joseph baby aspirin. As promised, a little does go a long way...thank goodness.

Verdict?: OMG, this stuff is sensational!!! The silkiest finely milled powder. Gorgeous, semi-matte coverage, with just a hint of shimmer. The perfect hue that even sun kissed my sallow mid-February pallor. Love at first swipe. Was it long lasting as promised? You betcha, if you count still looking fresh after 16 hours, the same way I do. It may be a blessing, that it is only available as a loose powder. If it was made in a compact, as I would prefer, I might have a stroke.

Christopher Drummond is a former model and top makeup artist. His celebrity roster includes Jennifer Lopez, January Jones and Kimora Lee Simmons. Who wouldn't be crazy about this all-natural, organic line that infuses products with acai and green tea?

Panic set in, as I tried to calculate if I could frugally stretch the rest of the sample to last until I received my full sized order. I was tempted to buy his under eye concealer as well, which sounded both creamy and dreamy, but contained myself.

After all, I live for the thrill of hunt. One Holy Grail at a time.


P.S. The Beauty Gods must be smiling on me...I placed this order on Monday afternoon and came home to my order from Christopher Drummond and a truly generous sample of his facial serum. I already have my H.G. skin serum, Skinceuticals C E Ferulic, but, hey, ya never know!!!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Diane's the Man

What do Rachel Zoe, Salman Rushdie, Kelly Bensimon, Charlie Rose, Patricia Field and Lee Razdiwill all have in common??? Front row seating at Diane Von Furstenberg's coveted, glamfest Fall 2010 runway show, at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. When the house lights come up, it's almost as fun to see which of her A-List pals, from the world of publishing, fashion, business, politics and society are in da house, as it is to see the clothes.

Yesterday's show was KILLA!!! Fall is always juiciest! There is so much more that can be accomplished, with the luxe and luscious fabrics, that lend themselves to Fall clothes.

Diane's theme, was her own interest in "Metamorphosis". She tells us," I always wanted to live a man's life in a woman's body"...interesting concept and yet I believe her--to a point.

Even when she does introduce masculine elements, the silhouettes always feel deliciously feminine. She used laser cut chiffons, long knitted cardigans, metallics and panne velvets, in rich hues of navy, deep green, and black, and gorgeous wearable prints. All together the look was edgy but wearable...Throw a dart at any look on the runway and I guarantee you would be the coolest girl in the V.I.P lounge, coast to coast.

If that "girl" was DVF herself, definitely the coolest.


Friday, February 12, 2010

She's Bringing Sexy Back...

the developer of S Factor, Sheila Kelly that is...

Sheila is a former actress and classical trained dancer, who has incited a "media frenzy", with her unique classes that combine dance, yoga, meditation and pole dancing!!! The movements are a sensual, celebratory, soulful way to get in touch with your body, while strengthening and toning. She has studios in several major U.S. cities and has appeared on national news and talk shows, including the big Kahuna herself...Oprah.

I had the absolute pleasure of taking an introductory class with Laurie, Melissa, Lisa and Randi, young women who are supporters of Be Bright, Pink, an organization devoted to, "empowering high risk individuals to take control of their breast and ovarian health". Be Bright Pink celebrates the beauty and strength of women, by providing a sense of support and community for a better brighter future". An introduction to S Factor fulfilled this mantra to a P!

Our 2 hour class, was led by Jill, a powerful, warm, funny, seductress. The class was held in mirrorless, dimly lighted studios, with sultry music, and four poles. S Factor's female only studios, encourages women to celebrate their bodies while gently stripping away their inhibitions, (not literally). It is also a very challenging workout...if I wasn't so strong from my years of Go Figure training, I would have spent today on a gurney, (but practicing some great new moves).

This is the kind of experience you can't wait to share with other's that great! In fact, I'm already going back for another gal pals from work were all over it.

Don't worry, I promise, I will let you know when I master downward dog...on the pole that is.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I often hear the same refrain from friends and family, "YOU are impossible to buy a gift for". Really???...Why??? Has Sephora stopped selling gift cards???!!!

If you truly know and love me, this, in any denomination, makes my heart flutter. The joy of a gift card is the license to splurge on something even I think is extravagant.

Case in point: I have visited the Guerlain display before, trying to rationalize away the desire to spend $53.00 on face powder. On my own dime, not a chance!!! Gift card in hand, I am Kim Kardashian.

Receiving Guerlain's Meteorites Poudre pour le Visage, would put a smile on any beauty mavens face. The packaging is so pretty: a round, gold and pink cabana, that looks like something Jeannie would have lived in, on vacation. Inside, a kaleidoscope of powder balls in pink, raspberry, creme, gold, apricot and coral nestle together, looking sweet enough to eat. I love swirling them together, with a big Kabuki brush, as the last step in my morning maquillage. Tout suite, a quiet glow emerges, from ear to ear, (especially since I include my earlobes). A lasting finish, that keeps my make up fresh, literally, all day. I can't ever imagine getting down to the last perles. Making a great case for beauty amortization, I imagine I will be using this (free) purchase for the next 5 years.

Se magnifique!!!

So Dear, I know you peruse my Blog now and again...I hope you see this one. For Valentine's Day, skip the roses or the chocolates, a gift card to Sephora is truly the way to my heart, (unless of course you visited a jewelry store...then the above is null and void).

Happy Snow Day to my readers in the Northeast and Happy Valentines Day too.


Monday, February 8, 2010

This Weeks Reads from the GlamourSquad

Here's what my Beauty Blogging Buddies were upt to this week:

The Beauty Alchemist previews Hourglass Cosmetics and new Prodigy Lipgloss.

Butterflydiary gives away delicious Spring Beauty Booty Goodies right in time for Valentine's Day.

Lady Heat!!! DivaDebbi writes about Beyonce's new perfume launch.

Clumps of Mascara loves Philosophy's Purity facial cleanser! And readers co-sign.

Jeannine of BeautySweetSpot got the scoop from celebrity colorist, brad johns, on how to make your hair color last.

Krasey Beauty takes a look at Lady Gaga's Red Carpet Grammy Look

The Product Pasha shows you a few ways to pamper your guy this Valentine's Day.



Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being Beyonce

Wow...It's been quite a week for Beyonce!!! On Sunday, she walked away with 6 Grammy Awards, the most ever, in a single night, for a female artist. Later on in the week, she launched her first fragrance Heat, (betcha anything there will be others) at a party amongst friends and family in N.Y. The following day, fans were ecstatic to see Ms. Bootylicious introducing her fragrance exclusively at Macy's Herald Square.

This is how Heat is described: Feminine and irresistible, the floral, fruity, woody scent features rare, sensual flowers. Beyoncé Heat opens with a radiant floral bouquet of magnolia, neroli and red vanilla orchid balanced with a kiss of luscious blush peach. At its heart, almond macaroon, sweet honeysuckle nectar and crème de musk combine to create an exquisitely sensual experience. Finally, warm and sexy notes of giant sequoia milkwood, tonka bean and amber linger to seduce the senses.

Honestly, does anyone know what neroli, red vanilla orchid, sequoia milkwood or tonka beans smell like??? I sure don't, but it still sounds vaguely delicious.

I think she is an amazing talent, a beauty and a breath of fresh air. I LOVE, that she is not a stick figure. I LOVE that the lyrics to her music doesn't require censoring. I LOVE that she is so verbal about her devotion to family.

Beyonce has class and poise, yet there is nothing jaded about her. She makes you want to root for her successes...even Heat. I have never quite understood celebrity fragrances, but for Beyonce's sake, I hope her fans can't get enough of it. For me, it's not about who "created" it, but what happens when it mixes with my body chemistry, two hours after sampling.

I'm betting if Beyonce is behind it, Heat probably smells great and the name sounds a lot better than Gaga will.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sealed With a Kiss

I have been on a long Rimmel London roll, one of my favorite drugstore brands. I am almost always happy with the quality/cost ratio of their products.

Their latest foray, is a new entrant into the liquid long last lip color and gloss category, that promises 10 hours of wear. I jumped at the opportunity to sample it. If someone ever figures out how to tattoo a permanent tawny rose lip color on me, without pain or risk of ending up looking a Colombian newscaster, I would seriously consider it. Does re-applying lipstick count as a hobby??? It certainly takes up a good chunk of my life.

I have yet to find a two phase long lasting Lip gloss (color on one side shellac on the other to bring it to life), that didn't hermetically seal my lips...unfortunately, I still haven't found it. Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Lip gloss, comes in 12 appealing shades. As with most long lasting lip glosses and stains, they appear darker than the packaging, so consider going one shade lighter than your instinctive pick.

The color I received, English Rose, was quite pretty in the tube, but a little brighter than I wear on my lips. Within a minute of applying it, I felt the need to breathe out of my nose...lip lock, for sure. The top coat has visible iridescent pearls, "crystal shine" so I was hoping to lighten up a bit. Unfortunately, it also had the texture of Vicks VapoRub.

Can this product be saved??? Absolutely!!! Loathe as I am admit it, I can't imagine life without lip liner...Maybe Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay could pull 10 hour liner duty for me instead. I didn't imagine any tugging issues around just the lip border and I like the way it accentuates the vermilion, (the Cupid's bow) above the upper lip. I finished it with lipstick and a touch of gloss and it is sealed put. Goody!

Would I purchase it myself to use just as a lip liner??? You bet!!! I like the idea of "off label" use. If I ever get around to finally test driving Preparation H around my crows feet, y'all will be the first to know...


Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekly Reads from the GlamourSquad

Here's what my Beauty Blogging Buddies at the GlamourSquad were up to last week:

The Beauty Alchemist previews Balenciaga Paris perfume.

The next best thing to a sunny getaway, DivaDebbi LOVES Sircuit Soleil Bronzer.

Clumps of Mascara shows that glittery eye shadow CAN be worn to work. Maybe.

BeautySweetSpot’s Confessions of A Speed Dater from PurpleLabNYC’s Find A Luvah Event.

Butterflydiary is loving the relaunch of Noxzema and dishes why.

The Product Pasha cannot get enough of MAC's Spring Forecast 2 Malibu Peach Nail Lacquer.

Adina of Krasey Beauty introduces you to the most amazing lipstick ever: Thierry Mugler's Rouge Unique in Fantasy.




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