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Friday, December 30, 2011

DivaDebbi's Best of Beauty 2011- Skincare

Are you ready to get your gorgeous on for 2012???  Here are my star skincare beautifiers this year.  You may recall I'm in the midst of a trial of  La Peau's potent, but simple Swiss anti-aging skincare far, so great but since I have not yet hit my 28 day mark, you will hear more about my results in January...

In the meanwhile, here's are my faves from 2011:

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel- $78.  Talk about getting your glow on!  This two step system is incredibly easy to use after cleansing.  Simply wipe Step 1, the glycolic pad over your face, wait two minutes and then neutralize the acid with the soothing pad from Step 2. You will instantly see clearer brighter skin, that only gets better with continued use.

Lumixyl Skin Brightening System- $270.  Expensive? Yes. But if you want a Hydroquinone free product, that will help vanish and ultimately banish hyperpigmentation, acne and age spots, this 4 part system gets the job done.  (You can save some $$ by purchasing only the "brightener" and "glyco peel 20", but you must be diligent about using your own sunscreen with at least 30 SPF for the rest of your life).

Bliss Fabulips-$45. A terrific value.  Keep your lips primed and pouty with this 4 part kit that includes a cleanser, plumper and my two superstar faves, the sugar scrub and the softening lip balm.  None Better.

Lumene Premium Beauty Rejuvenating Instant Serum - $29.99.  Day or night, my first step after cleansing is always a "serum", which have become increasingly popular in the last few years. I first heard of them, while sitting rapt and taking notes, as Dr. Denese waxed poetically about their efficacy on a PBS special.  Since that fateful night, I've tried well over a dozen. This is my fave.  It smells heavenly and will leaving you plumped and glowing....and that's before you even put your moisturizer on.

Lumene Time Freeze Eye Perfecting Treatment-$17.  Another excellent product from Lumene. This has earned a permanent spot in my makeup case.  It's the perfect pick-me-up, instantly refreshing the under eye area without disturbing concealer, liner or mascara. Similar products exist for the same purpose, at more than twice the price, with half the amount of product....Look no further.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer- Firming - $9.99.
This was the summer I finally gave up the sun....what was the point of going through all these anti-aging machinations, only to undue all that good?

Jergens, was the first company to have the very clever idea, of putting self tanning ingredients in a daily moisturizer. The early versions, had a chemical ingredient that made my nose itch and my eyes water.  Thankfully, somewhere along the line, they tweaked that glitch.  I use this product everyday.  It not only got me through the summer without looking like I was missing out on all the fun, I like the way this brainless streak free formula keeps me from look pale and pasty in the winter. Ding, ding, ding.

Thymes Bergamot Vert AHA Lotion $26.  Thymes is a, "creative collaborative based in Minneapolis, Minnesota", devoted to the art of fragrance.  This luscious citrus infused body lotion contains natural fruit acids that will leave your skin soft, glowing and overtime, to help even out your skin tone. It's a lovely gift to give to others or yourself.

St. Ives Naturally Smooth- $9.99 I was thrilled to receive this as a sample right on the heels of finishing my second bottle of Thymes Bergamot Vert AHA Lotion.  Alpha-Hydroxy Acid was present in several mass moisturizers a few years back, but then it mysteriously disappeared as a star ingredient.  I missed it.  Magically, it's now appeared and this 100% natural lotion, loaded with AHA. It is a honey and a bargain, to boot.

So, to all my lovely readers and fellow Bloggers, it's been a lot of fun sharing my beauty and fashion experiences again this year.  I am so appreciative that you take the time to read my blog, comment, share it and email me your thoughts, suggestions and questions.

To all the wonderful women who I have gotten to know at the Beauty companies and P.R. firms that represent them, I appreciate all of your reach outs as well.  I love being informed and having the opportunity to sample so many innovative and effective products. You all have my thanks.

Best wishes for a beautiful, healthy New Year!


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