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Friday, May 28, 2010

RoC Does Keep Its Promises

A few weeks back, I posted about RoC's new E-Pulse Technology, a new 2 part serum and moisturizer system that was winning the hearts of women everywhere.

I used it for three weeks and honestly did not see a difference. That being said, I like Roc products, and usually do find them incredibly effective. As I said in conclusion, maybe it depends on the condition of the skin to begin with. With all the time I put in to my skin care, my face, is admittedly, in very good is getting harder for me to gauge results.

I wanted to give it another run, so I asked a friend of mine, who I chastise a bit for not spending more time on her skin and makeup to trial it for me. I am dumbfounded by the improvement in just two weeks. Clearly, her skin is significantly less lined and a visibly more radiant. We did three sets of pictures, that I have sworn on my eyeballs to delete. I wish I could share them with you!

In nutshell, RoC rocks!!! If you have been neglecting your skin, run right out and buy this product...You will thank me and RoC. We promise!!!


P.S. Going to their website at for a $20 coupon, good towards your E-Pulse purchase.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Killer Shoes

You can't really dress for the Sex in the City 2 Premiere without giving strong consideration to your feet. Shoes after all, carried there own story line with Carrie and the Girls, in many an episode, (who could have forgotten the foot fetishist, who was willing to give Charlotte deep discounts, in exchange for a little nuzzling)?

Despite my own menagerie of MB's and evening shoes, (as well as my friend Angela's), nothing looked fierce enough, to hold its own with the one shouldered, metal striped Robert Rodriguez cocktail dress and Charles Chang Lima coat I planned to wear. What did I need??? What else???... Killer Shoes.

The shoes I found, had the illusion of comfort in the store, despite a 4.5 inch heel and enough elastic to strap a mattress to a car roof. How did I really feel about wearing unworn shoes to an important event? Dicey. We have all been there...your shoes feel fine in your bedroom and O.K. in the car. but somewhere in the middle of the Cocktail hour, you are blinded with tears from searing foot pain. Killer Shoes.

I remembered I had received a sample of Polly. Polly was founded by Christina Klein, a self described "shoe fanatic". Polly is a, "foot primer", that you swipe on to block blisters, in all the usual places. The beeswax base is infused with grapeseed oil that glides on easily. Not leaving anything to chance, I got to work, waxing up like a surfer. Just in case I needed a touch-up, I slipped Polly in my clutch...happily, there was no need. No wonder June's Marie Claire, included it on their Best Beauty Buy list for June, calling it a "summer staple".

Works for me...and I think it will work for you. It may be on its way to becoming an evening bag staple.. lipstick, credit card, $20 and Polly. Why take chances?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Yes, BIG...The screen at Radio City Music Hall, the scene at Radio City Music Hall. The laughs you will enjoy, at the far wittier, sparkling second installment of Sex in the City, Mr. Big, who I was seconds from lip locking at the after party, before he got whisked away, (though I did share face time with Gilles Marini, a winning close second) and big the true gauge of what the camera adds to a stars appearance...who started this 10 lb. myth??? I'd say it's more like 30.

The "Girls" all looked drop dead gorgeous and make no mistake, they are NOT big in person. Samantha, who appears to be a statuesque, tall size 8/10 on camera, is smaller, thinner and more fine boned than you can imagine. Put it this way, she looks like Carrie on camera, when you stand next to her cheek to cheek.

My Red Carpet fave was hands down, SJP in an acidic lemon one shouldered chiffon Valentino, that looked ravishing. She was also very blond, which is how I think she looks best. In SATC2, once again, her hair was darker, with scalp to chin mink roots. One question... Why???. Kristen Davis was appropriately and adorably Charlotte, in a vintage, bright pink Jean Desses strapless gown...who??? Kim Cattrall, looked stunning in a gold, Naeem Kahn gown that was marred slightly, by an over sized daisy like pattern. The Kimberly McDonald geode and diamond earrings she wore, literally rocked...absolutely original and sensational. Cynthia Nixon looks so pretty with her own blonder, tousled locks in an elegant, strapless black Carolina Herrera and again looks great as Miranda. In the film, she dons a long sleeve black gown with mirror inserts, cut down to the belly button. If Nixon had worn that to the premiere, she may have upstaged them all. may here some grumblings about Patricia Fields styling of SATC2...nonsense!!! It was all fab, except for a red clunker worn by Samantha that would have looked better on Captain Kirk and Carrie, with horrible hair, a horrible hat and a horrible tuxedo.

Next, the audience sitings...the fabulous Liza Minelli, Anna Wintour, Vera Wang, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, The Donald and Melania, Valentino and Giammetti, Jennifer Love Hewitt, (who's tush I have thoughtfully left out above) and Gayle King, (ditto), and of course the entire cast, past and present.

We were whisked from Radio City Music Hall, in open air SATC2, double decker buses to the after party at Lincoln Center. It was a perfect "Carrie" night...clear and crisp, with the City lending itself as the perfect, glittery backdrop, to all the excitement.

Women put effort into dressing, which is always fun to see, with shoes getting every bit as much attention as the frocks. The stars were all there, reasonably accessible, as long as you didn't flash and stalk, (picture taking was "not allowed", and I tried to respectfully comply). Lincoln Center, which will soon be home to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, was a great spot to pitch an enormous, Moroccan themed tent, which made me look forward to events there to come.

Without a doubt, Linda and I felt lucky and special to be there. I still wouldn't miss my next outing for the world...a big group of my gal pals, a big bucket of popcorn and another viewing of SATC2. I guarantee, it will be one of the biggest box office hits of the season.

Happy Summer!!! We are off to a big start...


Monday, May 24, 2010


Back in May of 2008, I Blogged about my misery about getting squeezed out of the opportunity to attend the Sex and the City premiere and after-party, with my Darling Pal Linda Levy, (Grumpy in Greenwich 5/26/08). The one thing I was smart enough to remember, despite my fog of envy, was to call dibs on SATC2.

Well Girls, nearly two years to the date, I will be spending the night in my Barbie Dream House, attending both the SATC2 Radio City premiere and after-party at Lincoln Center.

Tune in tomorrow for a full report on who was fab, who was fat and who had too much filler. Pictures, naturally. My adrenaline is already pumping. I will exercise control and not fist pump, I promise.

Dibs, a beautiful, working concept.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lost and Found

That's how I felt this morning, when I realized I left my makeup case at work...literally, deer in the headlights dread. Then I got a grip and remembered my duplicates have duplicates. As well, certain things like my brow kit(s), tinted moisturizer, Bobbi Brown eye liner gel and Peony blush, Almay's Intense I-color trio eyeshadow, Guerlain's Metorites Powder, and all my "tools", never travel anyway, unless I am travelling. Lipsticks???, they qualify for their own drawer, even though most are within one to two shades of a nude plum. What was there that needed to be here? Mascara.

Since mascara does have a shelf life of a few months, I never open my dupes or untried samples until it is time to use a new one. Today would be the day, to crack open Bobbi Brown's Everything Mascara. If by everything, Bobbi means the full Monte: Length, volume, intense color, no clumping and a perfect brush for application, she nailed it.

Lemonade made out of lemons, Everything Mascara is a WOW and I am actually glad I am trying it sooner than later.

Did I go and retrieve my makeup anyway??? Naturally. Irrational??? Completely. I now know I needed nothing...especially since I have Everything.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am down to the last of my magazine subscriptions. Gone are the days when W, Vogue, Town & Country and New York Magazine, fought for space in my mailbox. Who on earth has the time anymore? I read many magazines online these days or more leisurely, while sitting in salons having something lacquered.

My Allure arrived today. I will feel a wisp of sadness when it expires, but not more than that. As much as I like Linda Wells and enjoy reading her monthly take on all things Beauty, I am bored to tears with the exact same format and features, month after month, year in year out.

I realized after finishing it from cover to cover, (in less than 20 minutes), that all the things I got excited about in this issue, were found in the ads not in the editorial content...not so good.

Here is what's on my wish list:

1) Revlon's Grow Luscious Mascara. Strengthening and lengthening??? Of course I am in.

2) Essie's Summer Collection. If they showed multiples, I'd be cutting and pasting them on my toes in between typing. Love them all, (except Pretty Edgy, which is a wee too Emerald City for my taste).

3) L'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day. I have been tempted to buy Scott Barnes Body Bling for some time...I'm hoping this will be a cheap and cheerful replacement and I will save about $25 bucks in the process.

4) Infiniti Conair's You Curl. A clampless curling iron??? This is right up there with Penicillin. Do any of Target's stores stay open 24 hours??? I need this stat.

5) Garnier Fructis Style Anti-Humidity Hairspray...eventually the humidity will hit 90%, and I will lock and load.

6) Exuviance. An at home 25% Glycolic peel, that consists of two sets of pads, one infused with activator, the other, neutralizer. Easy peasy. I like it.

7) S-G Invisible Dry Shampoo- The last dry shampoo I used was PSSSSST. Christie Brinkley was a CoverGirl. I don't know why I need this now, (obviously I haven't missed it), but I do. Fortunately, this appeared on the second to last page.

Who knows what else Allure would have enticed me with? In retrospect, maybe I was too hard on them...they did their part. I still want...


Weekly Reads from the GlamourSquad

Here's what my GlamourSquad buddies have been writing about lately:

Krasey Beauty discovers her glow from within with Dior's Shimmer Star Powder

tests the Everlasting Gobstopper of manis with CND's new Shellac nail

Clumps of Mascara reviews another mascara from Revlon. Is it another fail?

The Product Pasha chats with Lavanila's Danielle Raynor about the new Healthy Baby Collection and gives some way!

The Beauty Alchemist goes To The Beach with MAC



Monday, May 17, 2010

Copper Tones

Relastin, is one of those niche web based anti-aging brands, that has developed a cult following, particularly Eye Silk, which just won coveted Allure Editor's Choice Award.

My three favorite things about Relastin is 1) There are only three products in the whole line 2) It has a rich, gel like texture, that feels delicious going on 3) The stuff works.

I received a sample of Relastin that is appropriate for all skin types and can be used day or night. I used it twice a day on my neck and every night before bed. Relastin's key firmer is zinc and according to the Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons who reviewed it, does effectively penetrate the dermis, to generate new elastin fibers. That's a good thing, since those puppies stopped regenerating themselves on the very same afternoon, that you switched from a maxi-pad to a Jr. Tampon. Conclusion: If elastin is responsible for making skin smooth and taut, we need this.

Relastin is appropriate for all ages. The Ultra Emollient cream, has additional vitamins, anti-oxidants and is also suitable as any eye cream, though I would imagine it would best be used at night, if it is richer.

I am a firm believer in firm. Relastin's developers apparently are too. I'm not saying you could bounce a quarter off my larynx, but very possibly, you might.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Test Drives

Is it too big a leap to compare freshly colored hair to driving off the lot in a new car? All is perfect, shiny, fresh and new and you feel like a million bucks. Wouldn't it be nice if it could stay just like that???

I tend to run on about a seven week color cycle, cheating mid way with a liberal dousing of Clairol's Root Kit. Christopher, at Warren Tricomi in Greenwich has been brilliantly dressing my tresses for almost 12 years now. I love that we still start every sit down with a mini consult, nothing taken for granted...I had been hearing some buzz lately about new products and wondered if any of them might be right to test drive on my hair. First I wanted to know if there was any hope that I could get away with a single process and if the greys would read as highlights. In a word, NO! BUT, Chris would love to try L'Oreal Professionel's new ammonia-free Inoa on me.

Fabulous! Tell me more. "Inoa" stands for "Innovation No Ammonia", L'Oreal's revolutionary ammonia-free hair colorant, that debuted in Europe and is now making it's way into top Salons in the U.S. Rather than using ammonia to open up the hair cuticle to accept color, Inoa uses an oil-based delivery system to drive color into the cuticle. There seems to be zero downside; it performs without smell, burning or itching. It covers grey and can lift color up to three shades and it improves with continued use. Christopher pledged that after 9 uses, my hair would be as smooth and healthy as it was before I colored it!!!

Do ya think that includes Sun-In when I was twelve???

Of course I was game. Since it is oil-based, you will have to sit without steam, to speed things up, for a half hour...a small price to pay for all those benefits.

Results??? C'est Magnifique!!! Gleaming. New car pretty. Yet unlike a new car, that it will soon meet its fate in the supermarket parking lot, my hair with Inoa will only get better.

Do ask your colorist about Inoa during your next visit. This is coming awfully closing to aging backwards...I'll take that over a new car any day.

Love you Christopher!!!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Tannery

Oooooooh I love to learn new beauty tricks! Today's flock of Beauty Bits from TotalBeauty included a segment on the best celeb faux tans and tips to achieve a golden glow at home. For example, it never occurred to me, walk backwards through a mist of Neutrogena self tanner, to accomplish getting my back tan, or to minimize streaks by layering a bronze self tanner with a moisturizer that contains gradual self tanning ingredients.

There is reference to J.Glo's fave Scott Barnes Body Bling, which is supposed to produce the richest, most natural tan glow. The down slide, is that it is not transfer resistant and your clothes may end up glowing as well. (Naturally, this wouldn't deter me from trying it)!

Anywho...thought I'd share.

Celebs with the Best (Faux?) Tans

Warm up your skin tone with the tricks these starlets use

Celebs with the Best (Faux?) Tans

This is a body article

You may not be able to spend a month on a tropical island like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham can, but that doesn't mean you can't get the golden glow they sport -- the safe way.

See tips

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Chemistry

I was never a huge science fan...even less so when I had to dissect a formaldehyde riddled cat, in Anatomy, as part of the requirements to fulfill my degree. It was enough to make me rethink my mathematics aversion.

Nonetheless, I do appreciate all means of cutting age science in my anti-aging products. When I heard about RoC's Brilliance, there cutting edge new line with, "E-Pulse technology", I was intrigued to sample it and learn more.

E-Pulse, is a two-step at home system, with "Beautifer" treatments for Day, Night and the Eye area. The "science" behind these products, is the use of electrostimulation, that energizes ion-mineral conductors, to stimulate the skin's natural repair process. A big mouthful that promises, "instant dramatic results, that only improve with time". Roc's tag line is, "We Keep Our Promises"...this would be a great one!

The first step is a serum that has an unusual charcoal color and a consistency that is both dry and looks and feels like nothing else I have ever put on my skin. The second step is a white cream that feels like a typical moisturizer. The Day cream is infused with SPF 20, for protection. The clinical results, particularly for the eye cream is excellent, with immediate results running shortly behind the 4 week trial, very unusual. Admittedly, I am three weeks in and I have yet to be dazzled. I also didn't find it nearly as emollient as I am comfortable using.

I think part of the issue with clinical trials, is the age of the participants and the amount of wrinkles they are battling to begin with. Maybe if I looked like a
shar pei to begin with, I would be over the moon with the new me, or perhaps this is product more suited to prevention on a thirty-something.

Either way, I seem to be in the minority. Overwhelmingly
, RoC's Brilliance Beautifier is bringing less crow footed smiles, to women all over. You can receive a $20 coupon, by visiting their website (RoC).
Would love to hear your keep me posted---Promise???


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comings and Goings

The other night was the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan, hosted, as usual by Anna Wintour.

It is always a melting pot of stars, fashionistas and socialites, who wear everything from out and out ball gowns (which looked very 1990's to me), to avant garde cocktail wear...better.

As I was flipping through's photo recap, Brooke Shields made her entrance in a long, languorous liquid gold Michael Kors gown, with M.K. himself at her side. From the front...golden.

As I continued flipping through, I froze the slide show to a grinding halt. Oh my!!! I was again reminded, of what a girl's true best accessory is...a full length three way mirror. There went Brooke...for miles.

A good three way mirror??? Priceless. Head to tush inspection???
Don't leave home without it...


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Getting the Star Treatment

The GlamourSquad, will soon be launching our own website, as a platform to promote our Blogs, highlight our areas of specialization and promote our services. What better time to get a professional head shot to accompany my bio?

Enter my gorgeous and prolific friend and GlamourSquad founder, Charu Sari who writes Butterfly Diary. Charu set us up with a team of pros, to give their best shot, at our best shot.

We started our Day at the Avalon Salon & Day Spa, at 112 Christopher St. It was a gorgeous day and the West Village was bustling with was the Avalon Salon & Day Spa. Obviously, it is a neighborhood destination of choice. Friendly, cozy, busy, but not frenetic, we were graciously lent their private makeup area.

There, we consulted with former model, master makeup artist and cosmetics creator Christopher Drummond. Christopher gave Charu the most amazing smokey eye and indulged my outer Diva, with some carefully placed lash extensions. He dusted both of us, with his "baby", Saude Pele Radiance Booster, a 100% Vegan, antioxidant infused powder. Somehow, it both masks imperfections and highlights your best features...genius! Christopher finished both our looks, with MAC's Pro Lash Mascara and Tinted Lipglass.

Our session was photographed by the talented Brooklyn based photographer ChangoBi, who captured Christopher's work in progress. Chris tried giving us a crash course in posing, which made us break down in fits. Frieda Pinto and Sandra Bullock, we are not, but some how ChangoBi, coaxed some terrific shots out of both of us.

Gawd Darlings!!! This glamour stuff is hard work!!! No wonder flutes of Cristal flow freely backstage at the Tents.

Next time.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekly Blogs from your GlamourSquad

Here's what my Gal Pal's are up to this week!

Art class is in session, as Krasey Beauty reviews MAC's newest, Greasepaint Sticks.

is ga ga over Revlon's new Colorburst Lipstick.

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Butterflydiary reviews the Essence Beauty collection at Ulta and discovers she's got quite the thing for nail art stickers.




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