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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beware the Boogeyman - Mid-Face Sink

Oh-Tay...Let's tawk about "Mid-Face Sink". I don't know what it is, I don't think I have yet succumbed to it and I don't think I want to. M-FS sounds awful, doesn't it???

Filextra Facial Revolumizing Treatment with Collagen, was developed by Good Skin Labs, which is under the Lauder umbrella of companies, (I'm a sucker for a little major cosmetic giant cred.). For reasons that are unknown to me, their products are exclusive only to Kohls and can be purchased at retail or online. I am assuming their clientele is bilingual and Repulpant Visage Booster de Toncite will also be curing M-FS for the Latin American market, if they know what it was.

Anyway, we know I am also a sucker for anything that vaguely promises a wade in the fountain of youth. One of my favorite Beauty Bloggers, Kari Solyntjes , who writes Faboverforty is one month ahead of me in her Filextra trial. Kari has no idea what M-FS was either, BUT, she did see a significant difference in the hollows under her eyes, (and I am also a sucker for a little fellow Beauty Blogger cred.)...if Kari can detect a difference, I'm in!

This is Good Skin's explanation of of M-FS and what it is Filextra
can do to counteract it:

"As the skin ages, loss of natural collagen in the "mid-face sink"- a sunken and hollowed look to the cheek and under eye area and unhealthy, sallow and thin looking skin. These signs are as much an age indicator as wrinkles, dark circles and uneven skin tone. To address this specific anti-aging concern, Good Skin Labs introduces Filextra Facial Revolumizing Treatment with Collagen, its latest skincare innovation which visibly corrects the "mid-face sink" with a potent mix of technologically advanced ingredients and a rebuilding system that improves skin's translucency and radiance immediately while stimulating natural collagen production to help support skin structure over time".

Holy Pacholy what a mouthful!!! However, I am also sucker for a press release that makes me want to try a product immediately.

Filextra usually retails for $42.99. I checked the Kohls website and Filextra is on sale for $37.99, in case you want to try it to.

I will give you a photo update at the 4 and 8 week mark. We will all be able to see if there is any difference...after all, I am a sucker for a good "before" and "after" story...aren't you???


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