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Friday, February 3, 2012

Dr. Neil A. Gordon: Meet the Surgeon Who Can Make You Look 15 Years Younger...Forever!

Dr. Neil A. Gordon also known as "The Fixer".
W. Magazine recognizes him as on of two  U.S.
surgeons adept at face and brow lift revisions
I had a most remarkable experience last week.  One of my close friends asked me to sit in on her 90 minute consultation with esteemed Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Neil Gordon.

The only reason Dr. Gordon is not a household name, is because his work is so artful and natural, people don't admit they have had surgery!.  If sisters don't tell sisters, you can be sure the actors, T.V. personalities, C.E.O.'s and politicians who are his patients, are also keeping mum, (and of course, Dr. Gordon won't tell you either)!

We met at Dr. Gordon's lovely Greenwich Ct. office, one of three places where he consults with patients. (He also has an office at 990 Fifth Avenue in N.Y. and his state-of -the-art, state licensed , fully accredited surgical facility at the Retreat at Split Rock in Wilton, Ct., where patients recuperate in luxurious, private comfort with round the clock care).

Despite his "heady" credentials: The most recent being his appointment to position of Director, of Head and Neck Aesthetic Surgery at the Yale School of Medicine, he is warm and affable and took his time explaining why you need to, "do more, to look like you have done less". (For a list of his complete credentials, visit the bio page on his website).

Dr. Gordon is one of a handful of Facial Plastic Surgeons, worldwide, who are trained in the technique of the "Deep Plane Facelift".   His patients, "like their facesbut don't like their changes".  Gravity, is the enemy and the best way to reverse the soft tissue that sags, is not  by conventionally tightening the superficial layer of skin, but by repositioning the underlying facial tissue. Once done, it will not stretch and sag again, the way traditional facelifts will. As Dr. Gordon likes to say, "it's one and done".

I found the results to be astoundingBefore and after pictures we viewed, showed 15 years taken off the faces of normal people, who just want their, "outsides to match their insides". The beauty is in the complete lack of artifice. No one is pulled taut or appears, "done".  It is virtually impossible to pinpoint anything that looks unnatural.  Women looked softer and regained their youthful femininity.

Pictures were taken with my phone from Dr. Gordon's section in the book
Your Complete Guide To Facial Rejuvenation.  These are the only published
before and after pictures available for public viewing
There were several things I found particularly interesting:

* 30 percent of Dr. Gordon's patients are their for revisions from previous facial surgery
* Because the surgery is repositioning the underlying facial tissue, not the superficial layer of skin, bruising and swelling is minimal
* 70 percent of patients never need to take pain medicine
* Most are back to their normal activities in only two weeks
* One of his biggest area of growth is in people 70+. It isn't too late for this once ignored demographic
* Incisions are virtually undetectable and there are no tell tale facelift signs like, "unnotched ears". (He'll explain it)...

Once you have the surgery, it's like resetting the clock. At 55 you will look 40. At 70 you will look 55.

I was so intrigued with what I learned at my friends consult, that I called to ask if I could also come up and tour the elegant Retreat at Split Rock,  which also has a full range of spa services available to enhance the healing process. Tucked away on 4 lush acres, this elegant Inn is the perfect place to accommodate local clients as well as those who have come for surgery from 39 states.

I am so pleased that my friend had decided to book her surgery with Dr. Gordon. I am certain that she is going to achieve incredible results, (she already has a pretty, perky, youthful appearance), and will be safe and well cared for at Split Rock.

If you are considering facial surgery and someone could wave a magic wand and restore your face to how it looked 15 (and I thought in some instances 20+ years ago), wouldn't you owe it to yourself to consult with Dr. Gordon?  I think so! (For those who want to learn more now, here is a  link to a YouTube Video where Dr. Gordon explains the Deep Plane Facelift in more detail:

To schedule your appointment to meet with Dr. Gordon., please call Patient Coordinator Patty Raci at (203) 834-7700 and please tell them you learned of this "best kept secret" from DivaDebbi.

I feel completely confident, that you will be a more informed patient and as a Beauty Blogger who is rooting for your best,  I am happy to have had the privilege to provide you with this information.



  1. Diva  - I know how picky you are about bad plastic surgery - it is an amazing endorsement coming from you - I wont say i am going to see him, but if i look 15 years younger next time it's not just because i am having great s-x.

  2. Well, I would never tell Ann and it's my fervent wish that you could be having both! xo

  3. Diva,
    I would have to agree. Dr. Gordon is the best facial surgeons ever.
    My friends had their work done from him. They look fab!

  4. Lucky Girls!
    It is literally like waving a magic wand! Not to diminish the fact that it is surgery and there is always downtime and recovery, but from what I have seen as well, the results are well worth it!




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