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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting to Know Jane from Daly Beauty

Another in our series of letting our readers get to know a little more about what makes our Blogging Buddies from The Weekly Round Up tick!  Meet Jane from Daly Beauty:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Are You Heading South???

A few weeks ago, I blogged about Ultherapy, a new technology using ultrasound, to lift and tighten the skin.  It was performed on an audience member by Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Haideh Hirmand, on Dr.Oz's daytime show.  Dr. Oz sure carries a lot of cred!

The phones at the New York Group for Plastic Surgery immediately rang off the hook, with patients clamoring for more information.    After thoroughly interviewing Dr. C. Andrew Salzberg and his Physician's Assistant Courtney Dunavant, I decided to try Ultherapy on my neck and to see if I could achieve a lift to my right eyelid, which was beginning to head south.

 Below are some pictures and a recap of my interview with them, to help you evalutate whether this lower cost, non-invasive, no down time, tissue lifting procedure may be right for you.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

Can you believe it? It's Christmas 2010 is officially over!   Hope Santa brought you some beauty goodies! Our beauty blogging friends were busy this week, like Santa's elves, helping you find the best of the best. Check out our favorite features from the last week.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

J'adore J'adore

Not the perfume, by Dior, (I've never smelled it)...the mesmerizing commercial starring Charlize Theron.  It was first aired in 2007 during the Holiday Season.and smartly, it was not retired.  Charlize looks drop dead gorgeous, returning home from a night on the town.  She struts and strips, discarding all the artifice and armour...gown, shoes, jewels in heaps in her wake. What matters??? Not much, just her perfume...and whoever awaits in the boudoir.  Now that's hot.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Brushing Up on Brushing Up

Last Thursday's New York Times Style section, featured an apropos article in its weekly Skin Deep column, titled "Wildly Abrasive". The abrasion, is caused by a process called "dry brushing" and it just so happens that I have been doing it before my daily shower for over a month now.  Do I love being ahead of the curve???  You betcha!!!  What is dry brushing and why on earth am I doing it???

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Getting to Know Sabrina of the Beauty Look Book

We've been posting a weekly roundup from a group of bloggers for several months now. Some are new additions to the group and a few originated the group. We thought it would be a great idea if you got to know each of us a little better and what drives the beauty passion in each of us. This week we meet Sabrina from the incredibly popular The Beauty Look Book.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Here are some great shopping ideas, whether you are still searching for the perfect gift, doing a little shopping for yourself, or saving your money for spring. Here's what my Beauty Blogging Buddies wanted to share with you this week:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Psssst...Which Dry Shampoo Actually Works?

I've been toying with the idea of trying a dry shampoo for awhile.  If I could save one day a week of washing, that's nearly two months less wear and tear on my color.  As well, since I have been wearing my hair straighter, it actually looks better with a little wear and tear.  The original entrant in the market was a product called Pssst, about a zillion years ago. Basically you were spraying Johnson's Baby Powder in your hair...good luck with that,  particularly  if you are a brunette.  I'm sure it's still available  somewhere on the Internet, but not at my local CVS.  Neither is TRESemme's Fresh Start or Rene Furterer's Nutria.   I received a $20 off coupon from Sephora's one of the perks of being a V.I.B. Insider  You too can have that privilege--all you have to do is spend a small fortune  at Sephora each year.  Why not see if I could use my found money on a dry shampoo???

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lierac- Good to the Last Drop

My sister Loren is always peppering me with questions about all the products I try..."How can you tell if it's working"?   "How can you tell one from product from another"?  What makes you like one product over another"?   I have one sure meter that never fails me:  If I use up a product to the last drop and I go out and purchase it on my own dime.   Here's three products from Lierac Paris that fit the bill and you can conveniently purchase them at CVS and Duane Reade nationwide.  You can also click on the link above to their website, which offers some terrific promotional starter kits.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

Have the malls gotten a little too crazy for you? Then try some beauty shopping from home and see what the beauty gals have tried, tested and recommended for you this week. We're sure you'll find something you fall in love with.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tried and True

Most people would imagine that December would be the busiest month of the year for a Personal Shopper,  but in reality it always plays runner up to September.  Really, is there anything better than fall clothes?  Never the-less, I'm still a wee whack, so forgive this short recap of three recent purchases that I would classify as LOVE,  LIKE and HATE.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Glam It

I'm a month ahead of schedule for my pale and pasty whinefest... but  nonetheless, it's coming...With the advent of having to bare some skin at  upcoming Holiday parties,  I looked at my naked self, head to toe in the mirror.  Just three short months from summer and I am already the color of the underbelly of a giant tuna.  Jeez!  I needed a quick fix in a hurry.  Let's face it, whether it's a fake bake or the real deal...everyone looks better with a little cuh-lah.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Our favorite beauty bloggers had a lot to show you this week - makeup, fragrance, hair styles, nail polish, and gift ideas for the holidays. Please join us for our weekend roundup tour!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Wizard is Oz

I am a working Girl, so I don't  get to spend afternoons with Dr. Mehmet Oz, the brilliant Turkish-American Cardiothoracic surgeon, who cut his T.V. teeth on Oprah.  Apparently, his credibility with  viewers is so high, that if he features a procedure related to health and beauty it is taken as Gospel. 

Recently, Dr. Oz did a  feature on Ultherapy as part of a segment called,  "How to Look 10 Years Younger in Less Than 30 Minutes"!  Ultherapy uses ‘uplifting ultrasound’ to improve skin laxity of the face and neck in a meaningful  but completely non–surgically way.  In just  one treatment,  the body’s own regenerative process of building new collagen to lift and tighten the skin is triggered ---happening gradually and naturally,  from the inside out.  It sounds too good to be true, but apparently it isn' works!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

They Say "Everyone has a Double"...Do You???

It's oft said, that everyone has a double. Someone who, despite no known genetic or biological relation, bears a striking resemblance.  I am occasionally told that I remind people of Sandra Bullock, and I will take that with a smile, every time (and wish it were so).  The other day I went to my annual physical.  As I was heading upstairs, Donnie, the gentlemen above, (who me thinks is a dead ringer, for the actor Don Cheadle), asked me if I was here to visit my sister Camille.

"Only if Camille, is slim, beautiful and wrinkle free" I replied.

"Seriously, you must be Camille's sister.                                                 
"Nope.  I'm Loren's sister"

"I know you are teasing me" someone he knew passed by he called out, "Whose sister is this"?

"Camille's", she replied over her shoulder.

"See"!  What did I tell ya???

Curiosity now of course had the best of me..."C'mon Donnie.  "Let's go meet my twin".  We headed downstairs and walked straight through a physician's waiting room to the back offices.  I met Camille, who was thoroughly confused, stylish and a great sport.  I could definitely see the resemblance myself and I think she could too.  Donnie was pleased as punch with himself.  She kindly agreed to a photo, so I could Blog about this Divadventure.  I think it's uncanny that we both struck the same pose!  What do you think???

I think Camille actually wins the Sandra prize.  I forgot to ask her if people have told her that before...Hopefully, she will see this and let me know...we could both do worse!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

After a busy week of Thanksgiving (for our American friends) and Black Friday shopping, we're here to help you sort through all the latest and greatest in beauty. Forget the crowds and sit back next to the crackling fire and enjoy beauty right from your own home. Here's what we loved this week:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Consolation Prizes

I was really hoping to rock a pair of  "shooties" this Fall, with black opaques and a pencil skirt. Shooties are a hybrid between a shoe and an ankle boot.  My preference is for the open toe types.  It's not my favorite term , but for the moment it applies.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quintessence - My New Daily Beauty Ritual

To the dismay of my Mother Joan,  despite all her gentle tutoring, my thumb remains brown, in fact, it is acid etched.  Whenever she visits, she re-pots, prunes and waters  my plants and orchids, trying to will them back to no avail.  Some years back, I received a gorgeous tome on orchids.  The cover was certainly lovely, so I plopped it on top of some of the decorative books that are nestled under a coffee table in my living room.  Last weekend, we went through our usual ritual.  When I noticed her rapture, reading the orchid book, I insisted she take it home... where it belongs.

Next up on the pile, was a book I purchased in April of 1987  at Sotheby's. I had the good fortune to attend one of the preview parties, for the extraordinary auction of the Dutchess of Windsor's  jewels.  I  sat mesmerized leafing through this spectacular catalog of avant-garde jewels and objects, that chronicled the love affair of the Duke and Duchess. This uniquely beautiful collection  reflected the best of quality and design from both Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels.  The French it seems,  always appreciated style and welcomed the Duke and Dutchess of Windsor, as if they were their own.  All of this is a round about way, of telling you about a gorgeous Lifestyle Blog called Quintessence-Living with Style and Substance,  written by Stacey Bewkes, who I recently had the pleasure of meeting through my friend Linda Levy.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

The crispness of fall is in the air, and the holiday season starts next week! Office parties, neighborhood parties, family dinners, holiday shopping, and more will be consuming our lives for the next several weeks. We want to look our very best for all of these occasions, and there’s no better place than our favorite beauty blogs to find the best new must-haves for the season.  Here is what we are loving this week:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holy Grails

When you read as much as I do about makeup, in print, online and as written by my fellow Bloggers, you  keep bumping into the same products consistently, if they are beloved, award winners and used by celebrity makeup artists on their celebrity clientele.  Such is the case with Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation.  Cult fave,  Holy Grail, period. End of story...almost

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quick & Easy Glow For Girls On The Go

Recently, I was contacted by the manufacturer's of Tan Towel, the Australian born product, that was created and patented in 1998, by President Lori Braun.   Might I be interested in sampling Tan Towel's???  Hmmmmm....Several years ago, I purchased them on Ebay and they did nah-dah...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blown Away

How do you know when it's time to buy a new blow dryer???  Well, if it's smoking that's usually a light bulb moment....  It was for me, anyway . For all the $$  I waste  spend on beauty paraphernalia, when it comes to dryers, I have always cheaped out and picked them up at CVS or Target.  There's no doubt that in addition to the skills of the stylist, a top shelf tool will also improve the quality of  a great blow out.  Still, I wasn't interested in spending $225 on a blow dryer.  Surely, there had to be something in the middle...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

This is the best time of year for beauty and fashion lovers. With the holidays approaching, companies are vying for our attention, with beautiful holiday offerings and gift collections. Here's what grabbed my Beauty Blogging Buddie's obsessions attention this week.

Find out why Bobbi Brown's Holiday Glamour Set caught Kari's eye at Fab over Forty. This everything-in-one-case collection provides a full look to spruce up your holidays.
Gaia, The Non-Blonde, gave us a sneak peak of her newly acquired Collection Essentielle de Chanel from Chanel's Holiday 2010 Collection. If you want this limited-edition beauty, you should hurry over to your favorite Chanel counter. It left Buffy purring. See if it makes you purr too.

While we are admiring kitties, pussyfoot over to Gouldylox Reviews to see Kelly's new Bare Escentuals All Wrapped Up six-piece collection of festive eye shadows for the holidays. We're wondering how Beans liked being a swatch model.

Sabrina at The Beauty Look Book is loving shimmering pales for the holidays - another great feature comparing similar shades from various lines. See why Giorgio Armani Beauty's Gold Rush Palette fits right in with the glimmering golds and peaches we all love.

Charlestongirl was thrilled to get her hands on the long-awaited Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows for Holiday 2010. You can see swatches of all three shades of Armani's novel new shadow formula at Best Things in Beauty.
Debbi is now the perfect diva for the holidays. You can find out why Lash Dip is the future of eyelash enhancement at DivaDebbi. Would you take the plunge?

Who doesn't party a little too hard at holiday time? Does anyone actually get enough sleep? Jane found the perfect year-round solution, one you'll want to use when you dread the way your skin will look in the morning. Pop over to Daly Beauty to discover her Kiehl's miracle.

It's no secret that women love jewelry, and the holidays are the perfect time to wear it and sparkle. Kristin showed us some beautiful earring choices for pulling together a holiday look at BeautyXposé.

When Sue Devitt travels, the result is usually a gorgeous new makeup collection. Take a look with Carla at the new Golden Triangle Collection (makeup and fragrance) at Product Girl. Devitt really knows how to tempt us!

Intrigued? November is a great time to check out the beauty department at your favorite department store. Don't have time? The online sites are only a click away.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lash Dip- Would You Take The Plunge?

You know I would!  As soon as I heard about  Lash Dip, "The worlds most perfect coat of mascara", I knew I had to try it.  The fact that it does not just impart color, but adds lush, clump less volume and  lasts for six weeks???...Puh-leaze!  A total no brainer...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Veronica Beard(s)

On Friday at Richards, we welcomed Veronica Beard for their second trunk show for Spring 2011.   Coincidentally,  there is not one, but two Veronica Beards,  SIL's married to brothers, (nephews of the renown photographer Peter Beard).  The fact that they are both tall, blond, lithe, gorgeous, warm and utterly charming, would have me rooting for their collection, even if they were crafted out of Hefty Bags...happily, I love their clothes and their concept...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

Clocks back last night....Uggggghhh, sigh, weep.  Hate that!  Something about sundown at 4:11 depresses the hell out of me and makes me want to run home and eat pot roast.  As of this moment, I am officially counting down to Spring.   In the interim, I will fill my head with sugar plum fairies, Blogging, makeup launches, the arrival of Resort Collections (and on the non fluff side community fundraising, some good books, film and theatre).  Here's what my Beauty Blogging Buddies were up to this week...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Get Glowing Already!!!

I was looking forward all week to having a relaxing Microdermabrasion Facial at the new Kimara Ahnert  Makeup Studio in Greenwich Ct.  It is a large, gorgeous space, located on the heart of, "the Avenue".   I undressed in a spacious dressing room, thoughtfully equipped with a large basket of after treatment fix me ups; blow dryer, flat iron, brushes and styling products.  I slipped into a freshly laundered robe and then sipped tea, in an antiseptically clean treatment room, with crisp sheets, that were gently warmed..This, I can get used to...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What is Your Mantra?

My life mantra is, "Don't sweat the small stuff...really don't".  Having survived a breast cancer diagnosis and the double whammy of discovering I was positive for the breast cancer gene mutation 4 years later, I have gotten a really good handle on not letting minutia and inconveniences unhinge me mentally.  I save that for the big kahuna's in life and I promise, you too would be best served by following suit.  (Hang in there Girls,  this is leading up to cellulite)!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Young and the Restless

In the last few months, I've been approached to share some thoughts and reflections on how I got myself mixed up in the lovely business of Personal Shopping and Blogging.  I don't know whether I'm relevant or a relic, but it's lovely to be asked.

Boop contacted me through the website Fashism.  At 19, Boop has got it... effortless styleShe is studying business, but is already dreaming about a career in fashion.  I have no doubt she will make it a reality:

Interview! - DivaDebbi: Personal Shopper and Fashion Blogger!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

It may be only Halloween weekend, but the buzz is building for holiday beauty! Get yourself party-ready with beauty tips and product finds from this week's roundup. You're sure to find something that catches your eyefor the special season ahead.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breast Friends

I love this day!  For the last 15 years, the Breast Cancer Alliance of Greenwich has worked tirelessly to raise millions of dollars, providing grant money for the brightest and best researchers.  It takes a full year of planning and dozens of volunteer to seamlessly pull of a luncheon, silent auction, raffle packages and the Richards runway fashion show for close to 900 women and I am very proud, to have served on this committee for the last 3 years.  No small feat and a huge round of applause and congratulations to glamour puss Co-Chairs Jill Ciporin, Julia Dunn and Paige Montinaro (above), who looked stunning in Brioni, Lela Rose and Giambatistta Valli.

Speaking of stunning,  this year's key note speaker was Hoda Kotbe,Co-anchor of The Today Show, NBC, Correspondent and Author.  Oh yeah...and breast cancer survivor too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Do You Want to Know a Secret???

What do I have in common with Catherine-Zeta Jones, Brooke Shields, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tinsley Mortimer, Amanda Peet, Meryl Streep and Isabella Rosellini?   Sadly, not much, but we are all fans of the stunning Kimara AhnertKimara, is one of N.Y.'s most prominent celebrity makeup artists.  For the past 14 years, the Kimara Ahnert makeup studio, on N.Y.'s Upper East Side, has been a "secret" address, for celebrities, models, socialites and busy executives. Well not anymore...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

All About Boobs (and not just in October)

My mission to find and report on  fabulous  anti-aging  body products continues.. Cleverly named ones,  tend to get my attention.  When they smell and feel as delicious as Mama Mio's Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer, you may be temped to use it all overI know I am.  "No turtlenecks or turkey neck's"???  Girl tawk!!!   What's the back story???  Read on...

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

I had another event filled week and barely had a moment to write my own or read any other Beauty Blogs this week.  I will catch up a bit over the weekend...The first place I always go is straight to our Weekly Round Up to see what my favorite Beauty Bloggers were up to this week.  I hope you will too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fancy Footwork

I got a much awaited gift from my Orthopedist last week...the OK to  start wearing heels again, "in moderation,  as tolerated".  Translation as I heard it?   Dust of your Manolo's Honey".  The timing couldn't have been better...Mr. Blahnik himself, was going to be at a cocktail reception at Richards for a book and shoe signing event.  What was I supposed to show up in???   Sketchers???

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

Fall is in the air and if you haven't considered changing your palette for fall yet, my Blogging Buddies are always out there trying the latest offerings. We are also starting to see what will be available from the Cosmetic companies for Holiday gift giving. These sets tend to provide an abundance of product at a very sharp price. I love taking advantage of these special values! It fits perfectly with my, "one for you and one for me, philosophy of gift giving. Here's what the Girls were up to this week:

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm So Vein...

My favorite scene in The Wizard of Oz, has always been when Dorothy and Company, get treated to a visit to the Beauty Salon in the Emerald City.  Tired and bedraggled from their long journey, they emerge refreshed and revived...After that, I always wondered, what was Dorothy's rush  to go home???---but that's just me.  

In the last few months, I have been focused on rebuilding from the neck down.  There is no question, that today's face creams, have come a long way because they work!!!  Thank God.  My body is still a work in progress.  I continued to fret over my hands, even though I have seen a marked  increase in plumpness, after using Reviva Lab's EFA's Cream.  Vainly, what still had me bonkers, is the unsightly emerald veins on my hands...well not anymore!!! 

Reviva Labs President and Founder, Stephen Strassler took note of this Blog, and nicely suggested a professional , "Hand Facial" once a week, to improve and brighten the look of my hands:  Apply Light Skin Peel #107 to the back of the hands.  Remove when dry after 3-5 minutes.  Massage in Hydrogen Peroxide Green Papaya Mask and set for 10 minutes.  Wipe off with a warm wash cloth and follow up with EFAs Cream to complete the treatment.  He mistakenly thought my vain vein lament was about my legs, and nicely included  Reviva Labs Varicose Vein Lotion for me to try as well.

Here's the poop on #262 Varicose Veins Lotion ( 8 oz for $23):  "An advanced formula, designed to diminish the appearance of veins, strengthen the vein walls and boost circulation.  Ingredients include:  citrus bioflavanoids, (Vitamin P),  hespedirin, derived from lemon peel and horsechesnut and grapeseed  extract.  It also combats swelling of the ankles and lower legs".   Reviva Labs, also recommends taking Vitamin C Complex with Rutin and Bioflavanoids to, "speed and improve results".  Now don't go snoozing on me lovelies...naturally I decided to take matters into my own hands and started slathering them with Varicose Vein Lotion,  twice daily.  Drum roll... Take a look at the before and afters 10 days in:

So Mr. Strassler, you really are a Wizard and I for one, am thankful!!!  Here's good news for  all of my readers:  During the month of October and November, all products are 20% off.  I am crushing on several of them, so I will keep you posted in the upcoming weeks.

Oh, and if  Reviva Labs, (headquartered in N.J.) has an in house Revival Salon like the one Dorothy got to visit, I will be happy to take my own road trip...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Back in August, when I started melting down, not just about the heat, but the lack of anti-aging products available for the body, I was forced to get creative.  I purchased and Blogged about Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Face Wash, with 2% Salicylic Acid, and used this tangy acne face scrub, (for the pimpled masses), as a body scrub..and loved it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heart & Sole

How can a man go through life with something like 5 pairs of shoes?   Truly, it defies logic.  Most men don't have a clue how we can justify why we would  need another pair of shoes this season.  The truth is, we probably don't, but if your next purchase is going towards breast cancer research and education, than I think we deserve a pass...this is not just a good cause---it's a great one.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Weekly Round Up

It was another exciting week for news of makeup, fragrance, and help for our hair and nails! What impressed our blogging friends? Take our weekend tour and find out!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Almost Pur-Fect

Back in August, I wrote about my second go round with Pur Minerals, after trying a preview of their new fall collection,  (Still Pur-Fect 8/11/10).  I was so enchanted with their 4 in 1 pressed mineral foundation,  face and eye primer, lip gloss, lip liner, bronzer and eyeshadow trio, that  I mused aloud  I could theoretically, be loyal to only PurMinerals.   Since I think of myself as notoriously fickle product hussy, I was surprised I ever gave voice to it....well, good thing I did, because PurMinerals sent me some other key items from  their basic collection to try.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On the Go

I do love when my beauty stars align...September is probably my busiest month of the year.  A few weeks back, in a crisis of  on the go overload, I actually had to run out of my nail salon without polish.  Amazingly,  by morning, I grew to like how they looked.  For the last ten years, I have regularly used Nailtiques (No. 2 formula), several times a week, as a top coat.  As a result, I can probably count the number of times I have broken a nail on one hand.  It's a nice track record, but the whiff of formaldehyde that emanates from that tiny bottle, could anesthetize a rhino and I have never felt really good about that...ya know???

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The NEW Weekly Round Up

I'm always happy when a group of my favorite Beauty Bloggers who do a weekly "Round Up" of their faves, includes DivaDebbi.

Where I tend to focus on new products with moi as guinea pig, other writers present information about major brands upcoming launches, back stage beauty for the season ahead and new companies and products that are not yet on my radar. These girls are some of the best and brightest in the Beauty Blogging world, so when they invited me to now have DivaDebbi included each week, I was honored. It also allows me to present the same information, (I devour)  to my readers each week, in a  "Weekly Round Up" format. Here's what the fabulous Kari of Fab Over Forty has to say this week:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Padding Around

When I put out the A.P.B., that I was looking for effective anti-aging products for my body, I also heard from several companies that had developed some new offerings for the face.  I do love me some Glycolic Acid,  so I was excited about trying CANE+AUSTIN Retexturizing Pads, which uses pure pharmaceutical grade Glycolic Acid, derived from natural sugar cane.  I was nicely surprised to also received their Acne Treatment Pads.   If,  I had a teenage son at home, I could compare their effectiveness, with the Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads, that might be in the medicine cabinet.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's Hear It For The Girls

Ten years ago, when I found out that I had  indeed inherited a fluky BrCa 1 mutation from my Father, I finally knew why I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer at 37.  It was devastating to have confirmation of something potentially so lethal, but it felt like the mystery of my dash of bad luck, had a least been solved...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can It

I don't know why the idea of spraying myself with aerosol foundation is even remotely appealing to me, but somehow, it is.   I envision a misty veil of perfectly placed, flawless, nearly invisible makeup, that does not require the touch of human hands.

A few months back, I was asked to try the Temptu Air Brush Foundation System.  This is what the Pros use, backstage at Fashion Week and what many makeup artists prefer to use on their celeb clients before Red Carpet appearances.  Of course, I accepted.  What I couldn't have anticipated, was that a black case, the size of a dishwasher, would show up at my front door...Neh-vah mind!!! Can you pick this bad boy up???   Nope!  Be careful what you hope for...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hands Down

Last week was crazier than usual...Between work, Fashion Week, Physical Therapy (it's amazing that I have spared y'all the saga of my fractured elbow and foot.  Suffice to say, as I enter week 5 in flats, I am not a happy camper), a committee meeting for a fundraiser I am Chairing and back-to-school obligations, I literally, didn't have a second to spare.  For the first time in my life, I had to scoot out of  a nail salon, without even a coat of clear!!!  By the light of dawn the next day, I was amazed to realize I liked how my nails looked sans polish.  Remarkable.  I swear  my hands look younger, but, that may be the result of a new product I am using on them too...


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