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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Heads Up on the Heads Up

Of course I had to see S.A.T.C. last night. I never completely trust the soundbite reviews, that accompany most TV and print ads for movies... Bold type, overly hyped, glowing praise authored by someone reporting for the Picayune Gazette in Hopewell Junction, Iowa, in type so small you need a monocle to decipher. I started reading the NY Time's review in the morning. I sensed both a kill joy and and spoil plot review, so I abandoned it mid sentence.

I won't spoil it for you, but I will tell you it was funny, poignant, and not entirely predictable. The stars, girls and clothes were stellar. I am glad they did this in real time, not pretending that the gap of time between the series end and the film didn't exist. The girls are grown up women and they mostly wear it well. Cynthia Nixon, looks never better, and has the most sophisticated of the wardrobes. Carrie's outfits facilitate as usual, between dressed up fab and dressed up mad. Samantha still looks like she has a boner for Thierry Mugler, circa 1986, with her bright hued, steeply shoulder padded suits. Charlotte is all post, post Deb Park Avenue primness, in rotating whistle clean sheath dresses. I loved it all.

The only misstep, is in Marketing 101. SJP chose to make this an R rated film, with some needless, graphic sex. We all know that the preteen set was watching it behind closed doors when it was on HBO. The diluted repeats live on, on network television, for viewing by girls still in their single digits. This movie will be a box office bonanza, but if they notched it down to a PG 13, CW 11 Gossip Girl's version (some of which seem pretty, pretty racy to me), they could have had it all...the men, the Manolo's the martinis and even more money.

Girl Mom's, take heed.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

"I'll Have What She's Having"....Maybe

Well, of course I got the skinny on S.A.T.C from Linda...the movie is fab and funny, clothes, TO DIE FOR, and all the girls look really, really good. The MOMA party afterwards was a straight man's paradise...women dressed to slither in a shoe fest that did Monsieur's Blahnik and Laboutin proud. I'm over it...kind of.

Moving on to skin care...By now y'all know how much I relish a good infomercial. Same friend Linda and I have been in lockstep over the years with our "must haves". We have dabbled in Sicily, slathered in Perricone, worshipped at the Prevage altar, worshipped at the faux Prevage altar (Do It Yourself compounds from "Skin-Care Essentials' on Ebay), and both still have some favorites left over from our Arbonne Nutrimin C days (Linda loves the eye creme, I am still tethered to the day creme).

Saturday mornings are my favorite time to troll for infomercials (kids today don't know how lucky they are to have this as an option...anyone else remember "Modern Farmer")? A couple of weeks ago, I came close to pulling the trigger on Victoria Principal's "Reclaim". Do I care that she looks like she is being photographed through a tube sock??? The woman's skin looks terrific! Two days later, Linda is thumbing through her kit at work... She likes it, lots, and is having a love fest with the neck creme. I am almost there...but now I can wait for her to get through her 30 Day, (Bottom of the jar guaranteed) trial period for a full report.

This past Saturday, I happened upon Cindy Crawford's, "Resurgence", created in conjunction with famed Parisian Dermatologist Dr. Jean-Louis Serbagh (Madonna's skin Daddy). OHHHHH!!!!... This has ears are perked and I haven't even had coffee yet. Cindy is a pretty girl, but Dr. JLS involvement is what sold me. I have been reading about his handiwork for years. So, I ordered. And I called, "within the next 18 minutes" and got a bonus and an upgrade to Priority Shipping. (Yah, like this ever expires)...I will be sitting on my front steps waiting for the UPS man with a little gift.

But, uggghhhh!!!! This morning!!! Things were running late in my household, so I woke up to chef breakfast. Hopped back in bed with a cup of coffee and there was Joan Lunden, hawking Dr. Howard Murad's, "Resurgence". Did I jump too fast? Should I be taking my cues from the post menopausal set, or trying to rewind???

Soooooooooo many choices... I got to thinking, "wouldn't "Rewind" be a perfect name for a skin care line"? Somebody must have had the same epiphany... So, I Google it and there it is...Anyone ever hear of Dr. Michelle Copeland? My head is spinning...


Monday, May 26, 2008

Grumpy in Greenwich

My friend Linda, who I have known for 25 years, whose career as a Personal Shopper I jump started, dealt me a crushing blow the other day...Linda's husband and I worked our first retail jobs together. He is now a highly placed executive in Fashion Event Marketing. As a result, Linda has entree to some fabulous events, and she is always generous in sharing unique experiences with her friends. Linda broke it to me straight up, mano y mano...she was only able to get two tickets to the "Sex and the City" premiere and I was out . "Really"???, I whined. "Really", she confirmed.

Apparently, tickets are so tight to the premiere at Radio City, that well known extras in the film were getting shut out. (But I'm still not going)??? Linda did the honorable thing, and is taking our other pal, who had the foresight to beat me to it and asked first. All right, I get it, but I am cranky about it, let me assure you.

I pulled myself together enough to give the nod of approval to the fab outfit she is wearing...of course she is dressing up, who wouldn't? Her outfit has got all the star elements: Shoes; ankle strapped Gucci's a la Carrie, top and flutter skirt; Samantha's saucy, sexiness, color; pure Miranda cobalt blue, pedigree; Charlotte in a wisp of WASP via Mr. Lauren. Me? Grasshopper green, with envy.

So girls, have a fabulous time, suck down a few Cosmo's in the limo for me. Take notes if necessary, pictures, whenever possible. I want all the dirt.

And Lin, just for the record...I have dibs on tickets for S.A.T.C. II.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Intentional Slights

This Thursday's N.Y. Time's Style Sections "Skin Deep" story, was about the newest beauty trend, deliberately chipped nail polish...not a dainty ding on your midweek Mademoiselle manicure, but purposely crude sections, missing from tips like bitten black cherries. It aint pretty.

The subliminal takeaway message, is, that the chippie, "doesn't care", because she has more important matters at hand to attend to... Really??? I thought the message was that she looks hopelessly vulgar and sloppy. Hopefully, this will be a trend with a short shelf life, on the likes of girls like Britney and Lindsay. (We have already seen worse on them...inches of black roots in some places, notoriously missing in others).

Thankfully both nail Guru's Ji Baek of Rescue Beauty Lounge and Deborah Lippman manicurist to the R&F, are not shedding much cred on this trend, either. One of the perks of being a grown up is choice...This summer, I am choosing Essie's Mulchi Gulchi Punch with a Hi-Maintenance chaser, weekly. All sheer pink and perfect, very Carla Bruni Sarkozy and it is pretty.

Et vous???


Friday, May 23, 2008

Thelma and Louise, Too

Life works in wonderfully mystical ways sometimes...Got to spend the day in the City yesterday with our buyers. It is May and I am literally wearing a wool coat and gloves, yet here we are selecting Pre Spring 2009. I LOVE to do's all so incredibly glam, gleaming showrooms, delicious tid bits to munch on, Amazonian models with size 12 shoulders and size 2 hips, slipping on our requests, seeing what is not one but two seasons down the pike (dove grey, blush pink, bark brown and rosie reds). It never fails, that all the designers end up in lock step with the same palette, even if their inspirations come from different places. This is one of the perks of my job and nothing puts me in a better mood.

In a whirl of cosmic timing and location, I was close enough to go see one of my dearest friends from college's uptown art show. Just two months before, we had dinner in N.Y., with another friend who coordinated our mini reunion. Bonni was always a bit of tomboy at heart, with the energy of an 8 year old boy...absolutely nothing as changed, except that she has found herself as an artist. How thrilling it is, that guests not only liked her work, but purchased it! Too my delight and surprise, The Bonz, actually has, talent. Our other pal was already there to support her, which was also great ...Then, to my complete shock, my college roommate, who I haven't seen in close to 25 years walked in. Completely unchanged, in body and spirit. I am convinced I channeled her...(and if this is the case, I will start next on old boyfriends).

Just three nights before at dinner with a friend and her daughter in Florida, I recounted our spring break Thelma and Louise story. Are these moments in life really coincidental?... I think not. (My sister Loren and I have dozens of hair raising tales from our youth, that we have periodically shocked our mother with...we parcel them out, so has not to induce medical emergencies). On our road trip, we did something incredibly stupid and reckless. There were only two possible outcomes to escaping 'Louise's" grandmother's Century Village condo with a stranger, my "Cousin Freddie" ... Kidnapping, rape and being ditched and left for dead roadside or the freedom to come and go, in a comfortable house, with a pool and car at our disposal. Fortunately, it turned out to be the latter...(Aren't you glad I skipped this one Mom)? Can one be both stupid and lucky? 'Louise' always had a bit of a joyful, wild side, which of course attracted me to her, since by nature, I am more cautious. I can't wait to see her again...

So here's to dear friends, old adventures and new ones to find and share. Happy Summer! (I feel like we are getting an extra week, unless of course Labor Day is in August).


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Cautionary Tale

Madonna and her daughter Lourdes were at a benefit in Manhattan recently. I like Madonna. Never more so than when she essentially played herself, in Susan Seidelman's, "Desperately Seeking Susan". Back then, Madonna had love handles and looked like she could have spent a week at a Mikvah, (if I have to translate this, just skip it). I think that anyone who can be not just relevant, but at the top of their game for 25 years, has earned their icon stripes. Women like Anna Wintour and Donna Karan, also come to mind. Madge is in good company and I, for one, like her sinewy arms.

O.K., here's where it is going to get snarky and trust me, my query is not directed to Lourdes, but to Madonna...Why does Lourdes look like the love child of Frida Kahlo and the Frito Bandito??? Could there be a reason that she is sporting a uni brow and a moustache? Surely, I am not the only one wondering about this...can anyone 'splain??? I know from personal experience, that if Lourdes takes matters in her own hands, it may end badly.

I was an "early" bloomer. A foot taller than most of my grade school crushes (except for Scott Wolfe. If anyone knows his whereabouts, do put us in touch), with a coat of dark, downy hair on my legs. In my eyes, I was Neanderthal. A bit of a klutz, my parents wisely forbade my use of shaving with a straight edge. My mother's attempt at appeasement, was to purchase a new depilatory called "Shimmy Shins". Shimmy Shins came in a pretty, bronzed, can with yellow swirls. It had the smell and consistency of deviled eggs, (though compared to "Nair", it was Chanel #5). For a time, I was in heaven, spending countless hours tub side.

My father, went one better, returning from a business trip with a special gift. Inside the prettily wrapped box was a pink Remington electric shaver...I was ecstatic!!! I took to my room, shaving several times a day. When I tired of my legs, I decided to give my arms a whirl. One mirror less evening, I felt a little fuzz between my eyebrows and decided, why not???

As we sat down to dinner, my older sister Loren, (payback), looked up across from me and literally fell off her chair laughing...apparently half of my left eyebrow had been discarded. My newly alarmed parents, demanded a detailed, show and tell explanation. They were not nearly as amused as my sister and threatened to take away my beloved shaver until my eyebrow grew back, unless I promised to stick to legs only, twice a week. Jeez, and intervention at 11...

So Madonna, do the right thing. You have hair removal options aplenty at your disposal and in a pinch, Remington still makes pink electric shavers. Lourdes may take things in her own hands and you can't say you weren't warned... Stranger things have already happened.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Pink Princesses

This whole coming out of the Breast Cancer closet is new for me. When I wrote the blog "Breast Assured", I knew hearing that I was a 12 year bc survivor, was news to many. I did so in reaction to hearing about another late stage bc, misdiagnosed, because her doctors were "watching it". (If you didn't read it, kindly do your self a service and reference back to it, March 28th). I was honored when my friend Susan, this years Breast Cancer Alliance Chairman, asked me to speak about what I wrote, at a breakfast kick off meeting at her home. I am so proud to have made the decision to become more involved with this amazing organization that raised and donated $1.4 million dollars to research and outreach last year. And so, my journey continues, in a new direction.

My "girls trip", is special, not just because I am spending it with women from all over the country that I adore, but because of how I met them...Being diagnosed with bc at a young age, was a lonely, life changing experience. I went to a support group offered through my Radiology group and was the only woman under 65. It was my first and last visit. I was never a why me? person...(really, why not me? or you)? But, I did want to know, why not more, like me? Four years later, when my paternal aunt was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I decided to see a Genetics Counselor, and be tested for a BrCa mutation. Of the four females in my family who tested, I was the only one who was positive for a mutation. (Later, my aunt was tested to correlate my mutation to hers, which was of course, positive). Everyone else's risk was now no greater than the general population. My news, (though not completely shocking since I already had a bout with bc), was no less devastating. I never felt more alone, in my life.

Flash forward, 9 months later, when I stumbled across an Internet support group, called FORCE, (Facing our Risk of Cancer Empowered). Force was founded by it's Executive Director, Sue Friedman, as a support and information network for women at high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. It was such a WOW! moment for me. I am ever grateful to Sue, for creating this amazing website. For the first time, I was not alone. There were 100's of Me's, not just around the country, but around the world! In the 8 years that followed, I have bonded, helped and sought help from my Force sisters, checking in daily. (Yet another shining example of how the Internet has transformed our lives).

The Third Annual Force Conference, ended yesterday. We were 470 women strong! Some of the foremost authorities in breast and ovarian cancer in the fields of research, oncology and surgery spoke. There is always so much to learn, (even if I am at the pool most of the time). There have been some incredible advances in treatment and reconstruction and knowledge to be gleaned from long term studies.

This year, for me the highlight was meeting three beautiful, young, single women, all BeCa positive, who bravely and brilliantly have used their gifts in advocacy, writing and film making, to share their stories; Lindsay Avner, who founded Bright Pink, an online support group for young women, Jessica Queller, who recently published, "Pretty is What Changes", her memoir documenting her journey leading up to her decision to do a prophylactic mastectomy and Joanna Rudnick, who's incredible film, "In the Family", will air on PBS on October 7th. Such guts and talent!!! I am awed and inspired by them.

I look back on those dark lonely days now and my heart skips a beat, knowing that no one will have to dance alone in those shadows, ever again. To the Pink Princesses, Sue, Lindsay, Jessica and Joanna, I deeply thank you.

Health and Happiness to my family, Force sisters and wonderful friends, who fill my world with joy.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heels On Wheels

Despite all rational thought to the contrary, over the years, I have become a skillful packer, capable of managing a week's worth of clothes and shoes in one smallish suitcase. (Needless to say, hair and beauty is a whole other smallish suitcase). This happened by default. Chivalry died, right after our honeymoon, when my husband informed me that I can take as much as I wish, as long as I could haul it. (This was before the Food and Drug Administration must have passed a law, that wheels must be attached, to every woven canvas item on the planet). Thus, my Samonsonite steamer trunks when into retirement, forever.

My formula is pretty simple. One palette. White, black, navy, taupe. One pair of sandals and flats to go with both. No deviations. Thus, white jeans, black tee shirt, leopard print ballerina flats (as a print, they are an excellent addition, breaking up the solid monotony, but staying within the palette) can take you just about anywhere . Add big, black sunglasses, and you too, can channel Jackie O. in Corsica. And so forth. Simple, chic, brainless... Since most of my vacation time is spent with family, or strangers who will never see me again, when it's all said and done, who gives a rat's patootie?

All rules go out the window, however, when you have to pack for a "Girls Trip". Oy!!! The pressure!!! I am leaving on Thursday for four nights. Is it not one hundred times more important, to look adorable for your girlfriends than any man on the planet??? The first step is checking the 10 day forecast for your destination...I am heading south and they are predicting 90 degree days. This will require adding a dress into the mix, something jerseyish, that I can roll in a ball and unpack flawlessly. At least 4 fabulous tops to go with white jeans and carpi's. Shoes will multiply like bunnies, as I will want to have options aplenty. Effortless chic, but laboriously, pre planned daytime wear, must also be packed. At least 2, fresh nighties for late night or early morning room rendezvous'. 3 bathing suits, plus appropriate cover ups and flip flops. Airport arrival and departure outfits. Exercise wear. A few cropped cardigans and wraps, in case the hotel is over air conditioned...Can a girl do less???

I am pooped from the mental gymnastics of packing, and now I have yet to schlep it all. Good thing I am getting away for a few days, and thank God for modern luggage.

I will miss y'all.


Saturday, May 10, 2008

The ABCD's of Ebay

I haven't forgotten my Steals and Deals promise...I stumbled upon Ebay when I was trying to track down skin care products by Dr. Denese. I took a gamble and typed in "Dr. Denese" and hit search. I had no prior experience, and thought that maybe 5 or 6 "gently used" items would show up. Lo and behold there were 667 items, the majority, N.I.B. (for you neophytes, that is "new in box"). Whoa...who knew???

In my minds eye, Ebay was like a giant tag sale...other peoples old junk, that I couldn't possibly be interested in... B.C. (before child), my husband liked to wake up early on Saturday mornings and go to the organized tag sales at large estates in our area. I could not fathom, for the life of me, why anyone could possibly enjoy perusing stuff that people didn't wish to take with them, when they moved...One day, sulking, kicking and screaming, I accompanied him...and of course, had a blast. Within four minutes, I was a convert, scoping out the local paper and planning our visits each Saturday. Over the years we acquired quite a few paintings by listed artists, a pair of antique chairs that I still love, and some lovely vases and other little object d'art, that we still have. You would think I would have learned not to be so judgemental.

The truth is, there are used items of course, but most of what is available is brand, spanking new and available at tremendous discount. I bought a brand N.I.B. flat iron by Pchi for $3.99. Granted, they charged $15.99 to ship it, but it retails for $150. There are a couple of key points: A) Purchase from well established sellers whose positive feedback rating is in the 99% range. If you only want new products, with tags and packaging, read the fine print. B) Check the return policies, since many items are final sale. If you have questions, email the seller ahead of time. "Watch" items you are interested in before bidding, or you will risk raising the auction price too early. They will give you email updates so you now when your auction will be "ending soon". C) Try to determine your maximum bid, ahead of time. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a bidding war, simply because you can't stand to lose, (been there done that). If the temptation is too great, or if you will not be available at the time your auction will commence, you can enter a maximum bid and leave it in fates hands. If it is meant to be, it will be yours. D) Pay for your purchases promptly, and if you are happy with your items, leave positive feedback, which you will get in kind. It is a two way street and sellers get to rate you as well.

What type of stuff have I purchased over the years??? Bobbi Brown and Mac cosmetics, a pear tree, a gold vintage watch, cocktail dresses, handbags, Hermes fragrances, La Perla bathing suits, Victoria Secret bras, fitness equipment, a cashmere throw for my bed, to name a few. All new, (except the watch) and had a fraction of their retail price. Almost anything, you could wish to purchase, is available on ebay. Search it yourself...Have I made mistakes? Absolutely, but I invariably find a happy home for my misses, who doesn't love a bahgin?

So there you have it...a master class from the "Ebay Queen", as I am known to my friend Ginger. Happy shopping and most importantly, to all the Mom's, Happy Mother's Day!


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shopping...The Eighth Deadly Sin

Today was lovely. Went to the city with my darling friend I., (sadly severed out of my Dd picture), to see a Richard Diebenkorn exhibit, in the Village. Too bad it left town 11 days ago. Fortunately, their was an interesting exhibit of some good abstract expressionist work from the 50's and 60's in it's place. We had lots of time to catch up and gossip driving in and over lunch. With my husbands regrets to hers, I. will be test driving a "dimwit" tonight...I've already been cheating and putting mine up the second my husbands head hits the pillow. So far, my bags have not yet been packed on the doorstep, as promised.

Next stop was to my darling colorist Christopher. Erika, his assistant, greeted me with a kiss and hug. She was quite happy to have been mentioned in my March blog, "Color Me Beautiful". Chris made my day by showing me that he has added me to his "favorites" on his I phone. I am arriving! Thrills! I love the opportunity to do some mindless magazine reading, and devour three, while the timer is ticking. Self is reporting their 2008 Beauty winners, so naturally, I am taking notes. 35 winners are under $25.00 and I feel myself getting the CVS itch...Am I capable of not scratching?

Ummm...Olay's Microsculpting Night Creme, Loreal's Skin Genesis Serum, Nutrisse Garnier Lifting Glow Daily Moisturizer, John Frieda's Overnight Hair Mask. Am I no longer capable of staying on task, triple size cotton balls, Degree Little Black Dress approved deodorant and tooth paste??? One of the things my Blog has made me cognisant of, is that I am a bit whacked. All this "stuff" is so ingrained, that until I started writing it down, I never realized how compulsive and obsessed, I truly am with beauty and fashion. No regrets, just stone cold fact...So, could I do it??? A uniquely, utilitarian visit to CVS? I visited, I trolled, I pondered, but ultimately and virtuously, I only purchased the three things, I needed, (was the manager really weeping, or did I imagine it)? Wow, I felt positively prideful. An addicts first taste of victorious abstinence...Will it last?

I doubt it...the BCBG dress I bought on Ebay greeted upon my arrival home. Looking fab!!! What a score!!! And thank goodness, there open for business, 24-7.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Paging Dr. Denese- How I Discovered the Wonderful World of Ebay

I like the term "cosmeceutical". It was coined to describe the phenomenon of skin care products, created by well known Dermatologists. As a result, Drs. Wexler, Brandt and Perricone are like folk heroes to me.

In my Saks years, (read hefty discount), I had lunch with Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone, when he was first launching his pricey skin care line. I loved hearing about the science behind the potions in those glorious amber bottles. Dr. Perricone is a dead ringer for the actor Anthony La Paglia, (Without A Trace), except A.P.'s skin is better than N.P.'s, (doesn't he use his own stuff)? I knew Dr. Perricone really had arrived, when I stumbled on him doing a fundraising infomercial for PBS. Huckstering with the spirit of giving? I liked it. And so began one of my longest skin care honeymoons. Ahhhh....the smell of oranges and alpha lipoic acid, in the morning. But like so many skin care lines before it, I hit the wall at the 7 month mark. Where, did my glow,go?

Enter Dr. Denese, also a PBS celebutant. A Hungarian blond, of a certain age and a definite glow. I was so intrigued by what she was "teaching", instead of selling, that I actually took notes. Dr. Denese's skin care philosophy is backed up with a whole lotta science and boils down to 5 simple steps: 1) Cleanse 2) Tone 3) Exfoliate with glycolic acid 4) Apply a "serum" with a watery consistency to 5) Bind with an application of a "fatty" night creme. It all resonated well with me, and I still follow this regimen nightly, 2 years later.

Dr. Denese seemed not to care if you used her product, Olay's Regenerist, or Dr. Perricones, as long as you followed the sequence of her regime. This resonated well with me, since my goodie closet is the Zabar's of beauty. The only glitch was that 2 years ago, the ever popular "serum" was no where to be found, and glycolic acid pads are the black truffle of the beauty market. Where does she sell this stuff? Not at Saks, Sephora nor my beloved CVS. And then I had an epiphany. Ebay!!! I typed in "Dr. Denese", and up popped 667 listings! At that moment, my world was forever changed.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog, Steals and Deals.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

"I Want It"

That's my standard line...uttered within the first nano second of watching an infomercial...It doesn't matter what is being ab toner, fold up tread mill, Victoria Principals skin care, Leeza Gibbons for Bare Minerals make up, Leigh Valentine's Non-Surgical Facelift...for 30 minutes, they have found their perfect mark ...Me. I sustain all rational thinking, with the hopes that whatever is being sold, will instantly, permanently and cheaply (once they have knocked off that last payment of $29.95, when you call within the next 11 minutes), perfect me.

I am particularly susceptible, when bouts of insomnia hit. I literally channel troll, in hopes of finding them...Guthy Renker, take me away. I usually have a small pen and pad on my bedside table, but in a pinch, have scribbled an 800 number or two with anything handy, including an eyebrow pencil. I fancy myself a bright girl...what gives?

It's hard to pin down. Part of it is just brain numbing relaxation. I also had a thing awhile back for watching Adrien Arpel on HSN. Adrien, is from my hometown on Long Guyland. She does not appear to have aged in 40 years. It's not the face that impresses me...I can't take my eyes off her neck, decolletage and hands. Somehow all three parts have escaped the ravages of time. So, when she stomps all over the co host, not letting them get a word in edge wise, or pummels a grey haired, blue eyed septuagenarian with a make up sponge, she has earned her mettle, in my book, as an expert. I want to believe. No waddle and a tote? Hang on while I find my credit card.

I also yearn to find one magic potion that will fulfill all deed an needs, toning, firming and hydrating, in one vial. These product pitches always have a simple come on, that makes you think you are getting a threefer... 5 minutes in, you learn they also have a special product for cleansing, exfoliating, the "eye" area, and of course a weekly mask. What I am really hoping for is shelf space and bragging rights...I found "it", and I can't wait to share it with you.

So, do I ever really purchase any of this stuff? Yup. Do they honor their money back guarantees? Uh huh. The Hydroxytone operator even laughed when I told her the "reason" I needed a "return authorization" was because it smelled like Limburger cheese... No problem, Madame.

Do I really "want it"? Yes I do. When I find it, I won't hold out on you and vice verse, I hope.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Ding Dong The Dimwit's Dead...A Postscript to the "Olden Days" Blog

Well, my run is over...The "Dimwit" is being officially axed. My husband informed me this morning that he cannot bear waking up next to Ellie Mae Clampett anymore. (I presume he meant Ellie Mae's "Mother", does that make me "Granny")? He was not interested in the fact that I have spared him of this look for the last 20 years, or how shiny and bouncy my hair is when it's released. He asks NOTHING of me, (other than to reign in my spending), so I guess I underestimated my gruesomeness. Damn it!This was so easy...I was literally spending 5 minutes on my hair in the morning.

So Denny, rest in peace. I'll miss you. Single gals, take stock...Denny was one of my all time best beauty tricks. I am already looking forward to my husband's next business trip...



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