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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Hair Masques 102

Long ago, I wrote about my roundabout, for deep conditioning my hair.  If you read the directions of any hair masque, it usually entails washing you hair, getting out of the shower, shivering in a damp state for 5-10 minutes and then hopping back in to wash it out...

Um.  No thanks.

I am now on my third self wash and dry at home, post non-essential closing of my second home, Hott Blow DryWhat I have been doing for a few hours pre-wash, is slathering on a L'Oreal masque, (that had been collecting dust in a beauty bin in my linen closet, 1 of 3).  I then shampoo as usual and use a teeny bit of conditioner in the shower.

Let me tell you Lovelies, that my parched, neglected tresses are loving this.  My hair doesn't just look good post wash, but feels great to the touch for days in between washes. 

I don't think it matters one bit, which one you use, so if you have nothing in the house, your regular conditioner will probably do, until something can be delivered by Amazon, (please do wear gloves when opening all packages).

Your hair will be happy!

Stay well,


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