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Monday, October 28, 2013

Before Angelina- The Women Who Outplayed Cancer

DivaDebbi 10/28/13
Photo by Miller Mobley

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by my friend Sue Friedman, founder and Executive Director of FORCE, an online support group for women who are at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer due to family history.  She told me that Time was putting together an issue for the final week of Breast Cancer Awareness Month on women, "before Angelina". Angelina of course does not need a surname  introduction. Might I be interested in participating?

Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful women in the world had gone public in September, with her decision to do a prophylactic double mastectomy and reconstruction, due to her BrCa 1 mutation. Her mother had died of ovarian cancer and a month after her surgery, her aunt succumbed to breast cancer.  Angelina, mother of 6, was not going to let this be her fate. 

I was moved by  her bravery, not just as a woman who understands it from the inside out, but because she just as easily could have kept this private. Her decision I believe was motivated by her desire to inform and educate.

Bravo Angie.

Sunday, October 27, 2013



Matthew Williamson ombré dress / Oscar de la Renta clutch / Kimberly McDonald diamond jewelry, $18,600

Review: Axe Waterless Foam Shampoo

Axe Waterless Foam Shampoo
$9.99 CVS
I am not above perusing the Men's aisle in the drugstore...year's ago that is how I invented Clairol's Root Kit.  Long before it was offered, I was using Just For Men's Beard and Mustache Kit on my stray grays.  Before my blog, I blast emailed it to all my friends and clients. It worked like a charm. Thanks poured in.

The other day I was in CVS looking for a very specific Axe hair putty for my son. They make over a half a dozen and surprise!, my son is as particular than I am. The one he specified was sold out and nothing else would do.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Axe products, they are popular with young men and include a full line of deodorants, body washes and hair care products.

They are heavily scented with whatever it is that they put in mass market men's products, sandalwood, musk,'s all fairly brutal--Still, when I spotted Axe Waterless Foam Shampoo, I stopped in my tracks.

I have never had any luck with dry shampoos.  Not one. Not ever.  Essentially, they are just powder that neither disappears nor absorbs oil. Could this be the answer to getting one more day out of limp locks???

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review: Bliss Thinny Thin Chin Neck Firming Cream

The "New York Dandy" Patrick McDonald, Diva and
famed jewelry designer Kimberly McDonld

The other day, I saw something in the mirror I never saw before...It didn't appear looking straight on, but from a particular angle, I thought I saw the beginning of some neck creping, which as it turns out, isn't even a word. 'Creeping' pops up as the correct spelling...Ya- 'that'll' do.

Richards was having a large party at a very gracious clients home that night, to celebrate fashion designer Yigal Azrouel and jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald's Spring collections.

I popped into Sephora and asked the first associate I saw in a dramatic stage whisper, "what do you have that will firm my neck STAT?"  It would be terrific if it also would lead to long term benefits, but right at that moment, I would have settled for just a quick fix.

I flashed back to a warm, witty book written by the late, great Nora Ephron; I Feel Bad About My Neck and other thoughts on being a woman. Nora had neck issues, it seems, like many woman of a certain age and spent a goodly amount of time in turtlenecks...Was this what I had to look forward too???

More is More

More is More

Sass & Bide boxy shirt, $350 / Fur jacket, $73 / Gucci red satin skirt / Brian Atwood black sandals / Alexander McQueen leather handbag / Lanvin crystal jewelry / Philip B haircare / BULB flowers plant

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The RealReal is the RealDeal

Are you missing out? You needn't be. Fashionable women, (nearly the world over,) are consigning their unwanted luxury fashion items on The RealReal.

The site is gorgeously curated and easy to navigate. They also pay a generous 70%, higher than any consignment store I know of, based on the prices their team of experts deem equitable.

Your expectations have to be reasonable, with the exception of Hermes Birken and Kelly Bags, few things will maintain anywhere close to the value you originally paid and they have the data based on sales to back it up. Don't fret...every check you receive will feel like found money--- the things you will consign simply languishing in your closet anyway. With over a million viewers a day, things also sell quickly.

The RealReal is discriminating and only accept certain designers. Try not to take it personally. It helps keep the site exceptional and chances are like most consignors, you will also be a buyer as well.

Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance

Burberry cashmere sweater, $1,765 / Pierre Balmain white pants / Manolo Blahnik navy blue pumps / Narciso Rodriguez clutch / Maison Scotch scarve / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics eyeshadow / Topshop red lipstick / Pier 1 Imports floral decor

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spotless Again: Murad Rapid Age Spot Pigment Lightener

Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum

This year marked my third sunless summer. Honestly, I no longer miss it, in fact I shy away from it, seeking shelter from umbrellas on land and sea. Despite being diligent about sunscreen, I did notice a few of the sun spots that I previously banished with Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum had somehow reappeared.

Time to break it out once more, apply twice daily and wait patiently for results...though one of the nice things about Murad's Rapid Age Spot Serum is that it jump starts the process with considerable lightening within the first week.

I also had a second epiphany...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Shu Uemura's Volume Maker

Shu Uemura Volume Maker Precision
 Texturizing Powder $48

My hairstylist Lucas Magnum at Becker Salon in Greenwich, recently returned from some training sessions in Barcelona. I love that Becker appreciates the art of keeping his staff on the "cutting edge" of hair and color... He came back with a few new tricks up his sleeve leaving me with my best haircut years and another that has him nearly possessed...

Lucas knows I love some volume in my hair, particularly at the crown. (If I could surgically implant a Bump-It back there, I would--I would have loved the 60's).  He couldn't wait to demonstrate his new toy, Shu Uemura's Volume Maker on me.


Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shine Un: Sephora Acne-Fighting Mattifying Moisturizer

Sephora Acne-Fighting Mattifying Moisturizer
In my teens, my skin was somewhat oily.  It drove me nuts, but I consoled myself by knowing that my oily skin would probably be an asset as I aged.

Smart kid...

In my twenties and thirties, it was more of a T-zone issue, controlled with prodigious amounts of powder, particularly during the humid summer months.

Once I hit my forties, it became an, "excuse me while I powder my nose" only issue and it has remained that way ever since.

Now, however, I find myself adverse to powder altogether, even bronzers. I find them to be both dull and aging so I sought another solution to manage my sometimes shiny nose...and I wanted it to be cost effective.

Another Cool Chick

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cure Diva: A Timely Website to Share

CureDiva co-founders Dan Vigdor, Ester Gofer, Giuliana Rancic, and CureDiva co-founder Efrat Roman 

DD and Giuliana Rancic

On Thursday, I attended a lovely luncheon for a new website called Cure Diva, on the rooftop of the Bryant Park Hotel. It was an intimate event for press and bloggers. We were introduced to co-founders Ester Gofer and Efrat Roman, who shared the inspiration and behind their timely site.

The key concept here is, "Stylish Living Through Breast Cancer". As survivors, they were thrust into a world where information is readily available, but not organized in one place to help women through different stages of diagnosis and treatment...queue Cure Diva

Additionally, it is filled with quality products that you will hopefully never need; soft sleep caps for bald heads, shower shirts that accommodate surgical drains, post mastectomy bras etc..., If you did,however, it is great to have them available on one site for the first time.

Lastly, there is the ability to connect on the website with other women, going through the same  treatment, fostering a sense of camaraderie among women, who know exactly what each other is feeling.

Brava Ladies! 

We also had the pleasure of being introduced to Giuliana Rancic, TV personality and co-anchor of E News and Fashion Police.  Giuliana was diagnosed with small breast cancers in both breasts nearly two years and opted to undergo a mastectomy and reconstruction.  

Let the Feathers Fly

Friday, October 11, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review: Taut Collagen Infusion Mask

Taut Collagen Infusion Mask
5 masks for $50

My husband is an enormously good sport.  5 1/2 years into writing DivaDebbi, he has seen me try a lot of products, including some that buzz, zap, require goggles and need refrigeration.

When he came home one Saturday afternoon and saw me lying in bed, looking like Hannibal Lecter, wearing a Taut Collagen Infusion Mask, he didn't even cock an eyebrow.

I love pick me ups like this...First of all, it does suggest lying down for 7- 10 minutes and if you are clever, you will just give yourself that respite and unplug.

Taut's Collagen Infusion Mask feels deliciously cool and refreshing.. It is infused with, "a unique blend of Hydrolysed Collagen, Squalene, Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidants.   It reminded me exactly of the uber luxe SKII Facial Treatment Masksthat I have sampled in the past, but would it yield the same plump looking refreshed skin???

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Happiness Always Eluded Her

Happiness Always Eluded Her

Happiness Always Eluded Her by divadebbi 

I saw this beautiful Frida Kahlo painting an a recent issue of Mexican Vogue.  I was unfamiliar with it entirely.

Like her own life, which was rife with pain, as a result of a traffic accident that shattered most of her body and pierced her uterus, it could not be separated from her work.

Her tumultuous marriage to the great Diego Rivera was also a source of her angst.

She did however, enjoy acclaim during her life.  In 1939, the Louvre purchased a painting she loaned for exhibit, giving her the honor of being the first Mexican artist to be purchased by the Louvre. 

Frida Kahlo died at 47, after a year of serious illness.  It is not known whether or not it was a result of an accidental overdose of pain medication as an autopsy was never performed.

I wrote in closing of my Polyvore description for this set: "such beauty and talent. I'm sorry her life wasn't more joyful".

As it turns out, she herself said in her diary days before she died, "I hope the exit is more joyful.  I hope not to return- Frida"

I hope it was and then she found happiness thereafter...


Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Wear Pink For Them (and EDNY for Me!)

I Wear Pink For Them

Red shirt, $13 / Carven pink mini skirt / Armani Beauty pumps / Mulberry tote, $2,490 / Dorothy Perkins black bow belt, $15 / Pier 1 Imports white flower centerpiece / Bobbi Brown 'French Pink' Breast Cancer Awareness Collection (Limited...

I created this set for a Breast Cancer Awareness contest on Polyvore.  It truly sums up why I do what I do, for this worth cause.

I feel a tad guilty that I did not put together a round-ups, of companies who are committing funds and raising awareness with special products this month. It's a bit beyond my tech scope.

Fortunately, The Tend Team, a division of Glam Media, who publishes my blog, featured a great one from the site Style Blazer.

For those of you who wish to shop for a great cause, please follow this link to their site.

And while you have that CC firing, my lovely friend Lisa is extending her Friends and Family 30% discount off her fabulous shirts from Elizabeth Daniel New York.  (Ends tonight 10-6 at midnight, Monday 10-7, for DivaDebbi followers).

I'm crazy about these tops, that layer beautiful, wash and dry to perfection and travel like a dream.  There is always one in my suitcase, anywhere I go.

I'm particularly love one her newest styles which features a lovely bow that is easily slipped on or off with a loop at the neck.

Elizabeth Daniels New York Blouse
Simply enter the code Friends30 at check out.

Happy Sunday.


Friday, October 4, 2013

Mademoiselle C

Mademoiselle C

Closed t shirt / Rochas coat / Giambattista Valli skirt / Chinese Laundry pumps / Cartier beaded watch / Hermès necklace / Le Métier de Beauté black eye makeup / Chloé fragrance, $74 / Accent table / Floral decor

Carine Roitfeld, the Ex-Editor of French Vogue and currently  her most recent creation, CR Fashion Book, still continues to make her stake in the fashion world. In addition, this icon is one rocking Grandmother! I'm looking forward to seeing Mademoiselle C, a recent documentary which chronicles her glamorous, life in Fashion's fast lane. 

She is featured above on the streets of Paris during Fashion Week. I am mad for that Giambattista Valli moc croc patent skirt and the simple clean way she chose to embellish it.



Review: NYX Are you DeprEYEved Lash Serum

NYX Cosmetics Are you DeprEYEved Lash Serum,
Brow Serum,  Eyeliner,  and Mascara

Well, that's kind of a dopey name, donchathink???   NYX's attempt at pithy product name fell flat, but I'm not unhappy with the results I have achieved in just 2 short weeks, nor the reasonable price.

Here's what has happened of late on my lash journey: After two years of using SmartLash, I suddenly reached a plateau.   I had decided to take a chance on Peter Thomas Roth's Lashes to Die For Platinum, when I saw it packaged in miniature at Sephora for $25.  I had heard great things about this lash serum, but was reticent to fork over $125.  I went through two of them in one month and was pleased to see significant growth. So far so good...

Just when I was ready to consider biting the bullet on the full size version, it was pulled from the shelves.  I had heard that it was because Lashes to Die For Platinum contained some of the active ingredient in Latisse, an off label lash growth product that is offered by prescription because it is meant to treat Glaucoma. That would explain the rave reviews. 

Undeterred, I purchased it on Amazon, and hoped that it was a tube originally conceived in 2009.  Fortunately, it did work and I was able to use one tube for over four months.  I was curious to see if Lashes To Die For Platinum was reformulated and back in business.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month:Touch the Ta Ta's

I Wear Pink for All Women!

I Wear Pink for All Women! by divadebbi 

October, International Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great thing. Cities, all over the world alight and align for this cause that effects 1 in 8 women each year.

It also brings with it, a certain wariness for survivors.  Believe me, it's not that we are not grateful for funds raised and donated, but it resonates at times like a sledge hammer and sometimes, rings a bit hollow.

Since August, I have received dozens and dozens of PR pitches to promote products that are donating proceeds from sales of specially issued products.  Forgive me for being weary, it just brings a lot of difficult memories to the fore.

The photo of me above, with my sister Loren, was taken at last years Breast Cancer Alliance of Greenwich annual Luncheon and Fashion Show

For the last several years, my employers, the Mitchell family, have generously underwritten part of this event and provide the fashion show.

Last year, I was asked to share my survivor story, which I did, in front of many special friends as well as over 900 other women and men.  It's taken me a year to write about it...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DivaDebbi Blogs for the New York Group for Plastic Surgery

As a long time patient of the New York Group for Plastic Surgery, I was honored when they asked me to guest Blog for their website in October, honor of Breast Cancer Awareness week. I trusted them when I needed them most, when I chose to do preventative surgery and now, to help me look my best...

Guest Blogger: Beauty and Fashion Expert DivaDebbi Offers Her Perspective on Breast Reconstruction, and a Night of Style!

Trust is everything... 

My name is Debbi O’Shea and I am a long-time patient of the NYGPS.  I am also a Personal Shopper at Richards, a specialty store in Greenwich, CT, and write the beauty and fashion blog, 

My introduction to the NYGPS was as a breast reconstruction patient.  My decision to do an "Angelina," or a prophylactic mastectomy, was made after finding out I was BrCa 1 positive, four years after my breast cancer diagnosis. Believe me, this is not a decision any woman makes easily. 

Ultimately, the compassionate care and the beautiful outcome I received made one of the most challenging times in my life completely doable.  Dr. Salzberg and his entire staff couldn't have been kinder or more reassuring.  I did my surgery 13 years ago, way ahead of the curve and with little support, since prophylactic mastectomy was less common at the time.  NYGPS were my cheerleaders and I am incredibly grateful that my breast surgeons, Dr. Roy and Andrew Ashikari, work in tandem with them. 

Dr. Salzberg has taught his direct to implant, or "one step," reconstruction method all over the world. Though my surgery came right before this particular procedure was available, his brilliant advance saves women undergoing mastectomy fr om having to go through months of uncomfortable breast expansion and a second surgery where permanent implants are placed.  I always encourage friends to call me if they know of someone newly diagnosed. 

Yes, trust is everything… 

When it came time to address my own anti-aging beauty concerns, the NYGPS was the only place I would consider working with. I am always comfortable feeling like we are collaborating on which non-invasive procedures are right for me, and knowing ahead of time exactly what to expect. 

As a beauty blogger, I receive many offers for free services in exchange for blog coverage.  I am never tempted to accept them.  Why would I incur the risk of looking frozen or unlike myself by unknown hands?  Besides with the NYGPS costs are competitive, generally less than NYC and with their new rewards program, loyalty and referral "points" accrue quickly — a win-win for all. I am also excited that they are adding a full-time aesthetician to address additional aging concerns with facials, peels, microdermabrasion and resurfacing lasers. 

On Tuesday November 12, the NYGPS is once again joining me at Richards in Greenwich, CT from 6—8 pm for a presentation on looking your best for the Holidays and beyond.  We invite you to join us for this fun and informative night of fashion and beauty.  The event is complimentary, but reservations are necessary. We would love to see you there! Please feel free to bring a or

Lily Land: Lily Collins Named Lancome's Brand Ambassador

Lily Land

The Row sweater, $1,040 / Loro Piana sailor coat / The Row pull on pants / Charlotte Olympia cat flat shoes, $755 / Sonia Rykiel handbag / Hermès bracelet / Loro Piana scarve / Hermès hair accessory / Cutler and Gross eyeglass, $480 / Lancôme eyeshadow / Lancôme waterproof concealer

The lovely Lily Collins was just named Lancome's newest Brand Ambassador.

I love her fresh, feminine look.  She rarely flops on the Red Carpet, which to me, speaks to an innate sense of good taste and style.  

Something about her classic look has an "Audrey" vibe.  I can imagine them both in this cozy cashmere sweater and cropped pant by the Row, Loro Piana coat and Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats...

Can't you???...



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