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Saturday, August 31, 2013

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2014

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2014

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2014 by divadebbi 

I have been attending New York Fashion Week for well over twenty years now and I can honestly say, it's always a thrill. It's more hyped now then ever, with people instantly sharing views from inside and outside the tents on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and tweeting the good, the bad and the ugly on Twitter, in real time.

Some things however, remain constant.  The wonderful presence of Bill Cunningham and his inestimable eye for deciphering trends, long before they are main stream. The hush of excitement as the house lights go down and the first model takes their exit. The buzz of the celeb sightings, and the fun of seeing original styling a special few, who in one whoosh, can make all your slavish outfit planning seem dull and staid.

Two words:  Pure Joy...


Friday, August 30, 2013

Review: Organix Moroccan Smooth Perfection Blow Out Cream

Organix Moroccan Smooth Perfection Blow Out Cream

I recently tried a shampoo and conditioner by Morocannoil, one of the first companies to introduce  Moroccan Argan Oil into hair care products.

I am a fan of Organix hair and skincare products, so when I received product information about Organix Moroccan Smooth Perfection Blow Out Cream, I asked to sample it.

Typical of August in N.Y., it's been muggy and humid...not the best time to test a new product to tame frizz, or perhaps it is...



TCFW by divadebbi 

Too Cool For Words...'nuf said.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Joy of Styling

The Joy of Styling

Brunello Cucinelli pintuck top / Chanel blazer / Alice + Olivia brown stretch pants / Lanvin ankle boots / Yves Saint Laurent leather handbag / Brunello Cucinelli necklace, $1,335 / Hermès wide bangle / Gorgeous Cosmetics palette eyeshadow / Ilia thickening mascara, $29 / Tocca fragrance 

It's the calm before the storm time for me...I'm enjoying the last of summer, along with my clients this week, but I'm already bracing myself for September's marathon.

Let's face it, women love Fall clothes.  They are rich and substantial in color, hue and fabrication.  They literally caress the senses; think buttery suede, luscious cashmere, fluid silk velvet, richly textured brocades and crisp cotton.

I'm so fortunate to love my work at Richards of Greenwich, where I have been their Personal Shopper for the last 12 years. I have the most loyal and wonderful clients, who trust me to help them every season to cull our collections and style them individually, to meet the needs of their busy lifestyles.

When I think of women like Olivia Palermo, who are incredibly versed in fashion and completely confident in her choices, I reminded of several of my own clients who have just that sort of knack.  

Don't think for a second that Olivia does it alone...there are lots of me's out their helping her do the legwork.  Lucky Girls--they have the second best job in the world...


Review: Benefit Gimme Brow

Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel
$22 0.1 oz.
Brow Wow!!!  

I read about Benefit's latest brow product in September's InStyle. It was tested and reviewed by their beauty editorial staff, who swooned over Gimme Brow's ability to create lush full brows. 

Added bonus??? The gel fibers fill in sparse spots and adhere to the brow...

Think magic.

Naturally, I had to check this out for myself, STAT.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review: St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Wash

St. Ives Purifying Sea Salt Exfoliating
Body Wash  $4.99  24.oz
I have always had a soft spot for St. Ives products. Who among us has never had a tube of their much loved Apricot Scrub in our shower???

Probably, some of you still do.  And why not? It smells great, exfoliates beautifully and the price is so modest it seems implausible.

I am always on the hunt for a great body wash. I tend to go through it rather quickly, so if it's budget friendly, so much the better.  I had a good feeling about St. Ives new Purifying Sea Salt Exfoliating Body Wash after reading their press release from my friends at Kaplow P.R., so I asked to sample it...

I'm so glad I did.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Look for Less: Lily Collins

Look for Less: Lily Collins

Mango sleeve less shirt, $11 / Influence long jersey knit skirt, $16 / Christies black lingerie, $92 / GUESS t-strap shoes / Forever New beige leather purse, $90 / Stella & Dot stella dot jewelry / Gogo Philip curb link chain necklace /

I entered this set in a Celebrity "Look for Less" contest.  I had to look twice when I first saw this shot of Lily Collins. She not only looks nearly twice her 24 years (sans the midriff), but she also looked vaguely Asian to me in this shot.  Perhaps she was channeling Fan Bingbing:

Lily is wearing Paper London and Halston Heritage. No explanation about which is which, with a vintage curb link necklace.  I found the look for less no doubt, with the crop top and jersey skirt weighing in at a mere $26. For the fun of it, I went all out, styling it with shoes, a clutch, a necklace and a cuff, a good bra and eye makeup.

It came in under $350! Of course in person, it's probably highly flammable, but I got a kick out of doing it anyway...


Thursday, August 22, 2013

TwinLab 'Skin Within': Do you need your daily dose?

TwinLab Skin Within
$29.99 on sale at the Vitamin Shoppe for $18.49 

I have been receiving a lot of information about alternative ways to think about skincare, essentially from the inside out.

Some of the things that have been presented to me are getting celeb buzz, others are things like daily "shots" of liquid concoctions that promise to significantly boost collagen.

When I received an offer to sample TwinLab Skin Within for 30 days,  I felt more comfortable. For starters,  TwinLab  is a respected Vitamin manufacturer whose products I have purchased and have been satisfied with.  Secondly, I know for a fact that certain vitamins and minerals I take do make a difference. Ie.  when I take a daily dose of 500 mg. of magnesium, I am no longer troubled with agonizing foot and leg cramps at night.  As soon as I get lax about taking them, they return.

Why shouldn't a supplement be a viable source of improving skin health?  Here is a bit more about what is in Skin Within and what has been "clinically proven" to improve:

Rosie Rocks the Jumpsuit

Rosie Rocks the Jumpsuit

Rosie Rocks the Jumpsuit by divadebbi 

For me, the true measure of celebrity style is not what she wears on the Red Carpet, but what she looks like day in and day out, left to her own devices, sans stylists.

 'Steet Style".

Women like Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr, and Rosie Huntington-Whitely consistently look chic, effortless and completely confident in their choices, making the rest of us look like Ellie Mae Clampett, (if you don't know, don't ask or of course, Google).

I loved how Rosie cuffed this Gerard Darel jumpsuit and paired it with a fabulous baby George blue Giorgio Armani tote (since I do act as their Brand Ambassador at Richards.) Killer sandals, Miu Miu tortoise sunglasses...yup, she just rolled out of bed.

I'm utterly gob smacked by these creatures.  Ladies, I bow to thee...


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Leather Leggings: This Season's Must Have

Leather Leggings: This Season's Must Have

Leather Leggings: This Season's Must Have by divadebbi 

Polyvore asked us to create sets based on leggings for a recent contest  To the dismay of pear shaped women everywhere, leggings are the most ubiquitous trend of the season.  (Sorry Girls, you will just have to sit this one one out).

Since Polyvore is essentially my fantasy closet, my sets are always based on my personal style.  The designers in this set are available at Richards in Greenwich,(my other fantasy closet), where I am their Personal Shopper. The temptations are endless...

I love these incredible burgundy leather leggings from The Row paired with one of Veronica Beard's, long shaped blazers with detachable cashmere tweed insets and this seasons other must have, the black ankle boot.

My Mediterranean blood runs hot, so I frequently wear sleeveless tanks under blazers and long cardigans, layered with long or chunky necklaces. I have always adored sleek clutches and have collected a stylish assortment over the years. This burgundy and black Michael Kors python clutch would look amazing with black, grey or navy.

Win or lose, a Girl can dream...Can't she???


Monday, August 19, 2013

Grey is the New Black

Grey is the New Black

Grey is the New Black by divadebbi 

After a zillion seasons of black as the most formidable wardrobe staple, this season we are seeing a lot of grey, as well as navy, Spring's traditional fave. 

I love this flared Cavalli pencil skirt paired with a cropped, smokey blue McQueen  turtleneck, "tuxedo" trimmed pumps and this mixed matte and metallic double sided leather, Proenza Schouler clutch.

My lottery win awaits me...


P.S. For Q.- I told you I would work that fabulous Veranda bathroom you reported on into a set. I repeat...My lottery awaits.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Prevention Magazine's 2013 Beauty Awards: Skincare

Prevention Magazines 2013 Skincare Winners and Runner-Ups
Prevention Magazine's round-up of skincare winners for 2013, were selected after rigorous evaluation.  They recruited 125 testers, evaluated 1500 products and put together a panel of top U.S. Dermatologists to review the results.

The Panel:
  • Marguerite Germain, MD, dermatologist in Charleston, SC
  • Stuart H. Kaplan, MD, dermatologist in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Mary Lupo, MD, clinical professor at Tulane Medical School/Prevention advisor
  • Marina Peredo, MD, clinical professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Joel Schlessinger, MD, dermatologist in Omaha, NE
  • Howard Sobel, MD, dermatologist in New York City
  • Joshua Zeichner, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center/Prevention advisor

(Both of the N.Y. Derm's are well known to me).

I was surprised and delighted to see the highest rated anti-aging body lotion, was also the least expensive; Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Body Butter is only$10 and is available at Walgreen's.

I intend to fill a my bathtub with it...

To see the complete list of winners, please click this link:


Mila Moto's

Mila Moto's

Mila Moto's by divadebbi 

The "Moto", short of course for "motorcyle" jacket, is an absolute must have this fall.  

Wear it over everything, jeans, as Mila Kunis does above, pencil skirts, shorts,tuxedo trousers or a LBD.

From leather to "pleather" they are available at every price point from Luxe to Low.

No excuses...Rev your engines.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Moroccanoil Shampoo and Conditioner

$21.80/ $22.80

It seems somewhat impossible that I have, here-to-fore, missed the Moroccanoil Mania.  It's been tweed-ling around in my brain for awhile, but with a closet full of shampoo and conditioner that can rival the a mid size CVS, I didn't feel compelled to purchase it.

This week I spent some quality time in the Berkshires, with one of my BFF's Barbara Newman.  Even we can't believe how many years we've been friends. Though the number seems staggering, where on earth have all the years flown by?It's a testament to the power of an everlasting bond, that has and will, always withstand time and miles.

We spent a good chunk of Wednesday at the Spa at the Cranwell Resort & Spa in Lennox, Mass., finishing in the evening with two glorious massages.  I like showering after a massage, and if the facility is scrupulously clean and filled with good products, I never hesitate.

I was excited to see their showers were equipped with the original Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.  The only glitch was that we both forgot to take our hairbrushes and with us. As well, the temperature had taken an unexpected dip, so it seemed unwise to leave with soaking wet hair.

Oh well.

So I thought...Knowing I was disappointed, Barbara  thoughtfully filled two mouthwash cups with shampoo and conditioner and packed them carefully in a shower cap to surprise me with when we got home.

Hooray! Love you B.!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Send Me to New York Fashion Week

Send Me to New York Fashion Week

Send Me to New York Fashion Week by divadebbi 

Besides being my  playground for creating the fashion sets that I often post on my blog, Polyvore is also one of the worlds largest retail fashion websites.

Fashion Week Spring 2014 is just a few weeks away, but already I'm starting to plan what I will be wearing.  Everything should appear effortless, but like countless other Fashionistas, it's  carefully choreographed dance.

Polyvore is running a contest to be selected to represent them at Fashion Week.  FW is not for sissies, so I'm hoping my being seasoned at attending and reporting on it , will work to my advantage.

Fingers crossed please...

My entry above highlights 'Pastels', a strong Fall Trend from many of the European houses.  Pale pinks, peaches and blues were often shown as outerwear.  

I like them best paired back to black, navy and grey, as a pop of color.  Keeping the lines and the accessories crisp and linear will read chic instead of sweet.

I hate sweet...


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: SteriLid Eyelid Cleanser

$19.99 at Drugstores 

I recently was diagnosed with a double eye infection. I woke up one morning and started fantasizing about scratching my lids with a spare toothbrush...not a good sign.

I managed to keep my hands off my lids all day and did a mental inventory of any new products I might be allergic to (none).  I sensed this was not an OTC situation. Fortunately, my friend Linda Levy was able to arrange for me to see her client, Dr. Donna Densel of Greenwich Opthamology Associates for a proper diagnosis.

Dr. Densel did a comprehensive exam and diagnosed a bacterial infection as well as a condition called, "Blepharitis", essentially oily eyelids that can be a magnet for bacteria.  In addition to prescription eye drops to clear my infection, Dr. Densel recommended using an OTC eyelid wash called SteriLid.

SteriLid is easy to use.  It's a foam that is applied with clean (SteriLidded) fingertips, on closed eyes for 60 seconds.  It's both gentle and pleasant smelling and contains "Linalool" a plant based oil used in many personal care products.  It is pH- matched to maintain healthy skin oils but wash away bacteria. I use it after removing my eye makeup every night.

I tell you this tale because of some lovely unexpected side effects from using SteriLid; uber clean lids, bright clear eyes in the morning and lush, super long lashes.  Obviously, I was unaware that I apparently had gunky, clogged follicles, because the difference is startling.

Might yours be too???

SteriLids can be used by anyone and is also recommended for people with chronic dry eye and is frequently recommended for use before and after eye surgery.

This is a good product to tuck in your mental filing cabinet and Dr. Densel is a great Dr. to care for your eyes.

I'll be back to see her again...infection free, I'm sure.


*P.S. Though I did, somehow, manage to live through two days without wearing eye makeup, I was ecstatic to learn from Dr. Densel that I  DID NOT have to throw out all of my current eye makeup!  The bacteria does not live beyond 48 hours.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

C.Z. Guest American Style Icon

C.Z. Guest American Style Icon

C.Z. Guest American Style Icon by divadebbi 

I was inspired to create this Polyvore set after reading Susanna Salk's latest book, C.Z. Guest American Style Icon, on Quintessence, my favorite lifestyle blog.

C.Z. Guest was one of Truman Capote's "Swans", a group of impossibly stylish, beautiful women that included Babe Paley, Gloria Guiness, Slim Keith, Marella Agnelli and Lee Radziwill

The image of this luminous group, from a time gone by, has always intrigued and amused me. Their shut out of T.C. was lasting and final, when he allowed Esquire to publish "La Cote Basque" a thinly veiled chapter from his unfinished novel Answered Prayers, that chronicled William Paley's veracious appetite for women other than Babe.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review: Too Faced La Creme Lipstick

Too Faced La Creme

I am utterly blessed with some world class Girl friends.  Life without them would be unimaginable.  One of the most special bonds I share is with the women I grew up with in Great Neck, Long Island.

Our town was very different from the one it has become. Though it was a fairly homogeneous affluent Jewish Community, we were oblivious to who had what, skin color or ethnicity.  Our biggest concern was who was going to win the annual North-South football game, (North of course...) and what party we were attending on Saturday night.

I spent part of this week with two of my GN besties, Barbara and Alison.  Alison lives in  Massachusetts, so we spent some time in the neighboring town of Wellesley, which is utterly charming.

I was amused to see how many of my DivaDebbi picks dotted Alison's dressing table. Alison is an actress and will be filming next week. She was in search of a good, lightweight primer, so we stopped into the next best thing to Sephora, a little gem of a shop called Beauty and Main.

The owner has some seriously good taste in skincare and makeup with the likes of luxurious brands like Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy, Too Faced, Nutura Bisse, Darphin, Murad and Fresh.


Alison ended up with a new Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, (that I was offered from LM to review, but since I'm a little primer heavy at the moment took a pass on it.  I will definitely be getting Alison's take, particularly since it will be worn for film purposes).

Naturally, I couldn't leave empty handed either...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: Drybar The Chaser Shine Pomade

3.4 oz. $28

After reading some splendorous reviews about Drybar's The Chaser Shine Pomade I knew I had to try it for myself.

Plenty of products tame flyways and frizz...I own a half a dozen myself, but I have never heard of one that actually adds shine.

I recently purchased Drybar's Shower Cap and I am happy to report that the too tight elastic band eased up with in or day or two.  Dry hair, without a crown of indentations in my forehead is a plus and as promised, it thoroughly protects your hair in a way that no other shower cap can.

Whenever possible, I now sample before purchasing anything I am contemplating purchasing at Sephora.  They encourage it graciously and it has saved me from making costly mistakes.  On the plus side, they often win, because I do go back and purchase products I like frequently.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind

Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind
$24 (available in 5 shades)

Hydrate. Restore. Enhance. Protect... An Anti-Aging Lip Treatment?  Sounded good to me.When I received information about Miracle Skin Transformer's new Advanced Peptide Lip Treatment with an offer to sample, I happily accepted. Especially after seeing the Berry shade, which looked lush, ripe and natural.

I was hoping that this "tinted" lip treatment would have enough pigment to use on its own, instead of as a gloss over lipstick.

It does.

It's got good stuff in it; anti-oxidant rich pomegranate, shea butters, Coconut, menthol and peppermint oils, Vitamin E, white rose moss extract and broad spectrum SPF20.

I'm crazy about the minty fresh taste.


The Country Weekend

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review: Drybar's Morning After Shower Cap

Nope! Not a calf's brain.
Drybar's Morning After Shower Cap
$15 Exclusively at Sephora

Are you familiar with Drybar? Drybar is the brainchild of founder Alli Webb. Though oft imitated, Alli was truly one of the first people to develop the concept of affordable "blow out ONLY" salons.

No cuts. No color.  Ever.

Drybar now has several locations within 6 states, with more to follow.  I have not been to one yet, but I have been to two copycats.  Both times I went home and redid my hair.

I want to believe, really I do, but so far I have yet to get lucky.

In addition to their Salons, they have also launched a line of hair products and accouterments dedicated to achieving and maintaining the "perfect" blow out.


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