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Sunday, November 27, 2011

La Peau: La creme de la creme

Timing is everything, it it not??? I like to test my skin care products, one at a time and minimally, for a full 3-4 weeks before assessing them.

Lately, I've noticed how bright, tight and glowing my friend Linda Levy's skin has been looking bright, tight and glowing...

"What have you been up to Missy"???
"Have you heard of  LA PEAU"?
 (I had not).
"I think it's amazing"! "It's getting spectacular press.  Raves from Beauty Editors and it's already developing a celeb-cult following.  I can't believe I'm telling you about something that's not already on your radar"!

Linda was so intrigued and impressed with her results that she met with LA PEAU's owner's, sisters Carla-Maria and Irma Khanjian,  when they were in N.Y. last week. She spoke with the sisters about my blog DivaDebbi and they kindly decided to send me their three step LA PEAU program:  Night Cream Gel ($90), Day Cream Gel ($85) and Eye Contour ($65) to try for myself...perfect timing. (click on the LA PEAU links to purchase).  Inconceivably,  I'm  out of new skin care products to review.
This is my equivalent of winning Lotto.

Here's the scoop on LA PEAU:

"Citizens of the world", Carla-Maria and Irma Khanjian were born in Lebanon and live in Switzerland.  Carla and her sister Irma are now the proud owners of LA PEAU.

The company developed an anti-aging and antioxidant skincare range based on the usage of a new proprietary molecular complex - the BeCell. Stabilized after 4 years of research by prominent scientists & biotech experts from Geneva and Stanford Universities, the BCell complex, is the basis of the 3 products. LA PEAU's revolutionary complex helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Easily absorbed, it stimulates cellular metabolism to nourish and regenerate the skin after 28 days of daily use.

LA PEAU exhibited the highest antioxidant properties vs. 18 anti-aging products (*Including some of the real heavyweights: La Prairie,Sisley and Cellex-C).
The abstract of the study reports that the product LA PEAU exhibited the highest antioxidant activity level, much superior to the other 18 anti-aging products that were tested. The results represent a real breakthrough in cosmetics. "LA PEAU is the best antioxidant product on the market today and the most efficient anti-wrinkle treatment, " concluded Edel Therapeutics (EPFL-Lausanne). 


The La Peau website included some impressive testimonials.  This one, by well known N.Y. dermatologist Dr. Elias Michael, particularly caught my eye:
(Dr. Elias Michael is a board certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. He completed his dermatology residency at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City).

"I am a dermatologist and after many years of attempting to find the "perfect" skin care line for my very particular patients to use, I came upon LA PEAU. I always use my products myself before dispensing them to my patients. Well I was stunned! Immediately the LA PEAU line, which is completely non-greasy and ultra smooth, gave my skin a radiance and exhilaration I never felt previously from ANY of the hundreds of creams and lotions and gels I'd tried previously. My office staff was next to use the line and the reaction was always the same, in fact, my esthetician threw out our current excellent line and demanded an order immediately as she would no longer want to use anything else on herself or our patients. I and my patients are indebted to you LA PEAU for finally ending my ceaseless quest for that "perfect" skin care line."
I can't wait to share my LA PEAU experience with you....27 days and counting.



  1. Wow - pretty impressive words!! Clearly I need to stop by when Linda is back to check out the revitalized visage. Will be curious to hear your review!!

  2. I think you will be blown away Q., not that our Girl doesn't always look great, but I really gave her the DD look over and knew something was afoot!
    I am also loving that this is just 3 simple steps. Honestly, it can be so cumbersome to feel like every feature on your body needs its own skin care treatment!

  3. Yes, LA PEAU, the antioxidant skincare from Switzerland is the new rave. The 3 products (Night, Day & Eyes) have an amazing, fast absorbing texture that melts on the skin. All vitamins penetrate well into the skin to regenerate it - without any messy greasiness. Face appears radiant. The secret behind it: years of Biotech research from prominent Geneva & Stanford University scientists to derive the BeCell (the new active ingredient found in the 3 products). Once you try LAPEAU - you'll adopt it for life! And you'll receive compliments from all your friends!

  4. Will look forward to reading your thoughts about La Peau. I wish they had included sunscreen in the Day Cream Gel. Another step, one that can't be skipped living in Houston!

  5. Good point Lisa, though it would certainly change that dreamy gel like consistency. You might like Dr. Jart's Beauty Balm. It has spf 25, and acts as a primer and colorless foundation. I like the one that is water fused. You put it on over your day cream.

  6. It is not possible to add a sunscreen with SPF in an anti-aging formula. LA PEAU formula is very absorbing - all vitamins penetrate into skin. SPF by definition acts as a barrier therefore stops any penetration. We suggest you apply first la peau ... All vitamins get into your skin; then when leaving house apply any sunscreen on your face.

  7. Dear Debbi, I just received a message from Andy Port, Executive Director of THE NEW YORK TIMES: "Dear Carla, your products are amazing. My hats off to you"!

  8. Oh my goodness Carla! How exciting! Congrats!
    I already see a different kind of glow bouncing off my cheekbones and it's been 2.5 days!

  9. Carla--thanks for the info. Certainly makes sense. La Peau sounds amazing. Am on the hunt for a product to help with the fine lines beginning to show around the sides of my mouth.

    Debbie--have tried Dr. Jart's BB (water fuse, SPF 25) but it did not apply smoothly and I ended up with small beads of product on my skin. I really like iS (Innovative Skincare) treatment sunscreen with SPF 25 for everyday use. Most days, the sun is intense here in Houston!

    Enjoy reading your blog! Keep us posted on your results with La Peau.



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