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Friday, April 30, 2010

Leave-In Leave-Off

Am I a total dope??? I still don't know the answer to this question, so hopefully someone can chime in...When you use a Leave-In Conditioner, does that mean you left it out after you shampooed? Or, is it being used again to perform some type of double duty?

I have always assumed the latter, though I never thought to purchase them myself. I have used two Nexxus Leave-In Conditioners Dualiste for "color protection and intense hydration" and Botanluxe, a "nourishing botanical". I prefer the former, though I never knew I needed it. Admittedly, my hair does feel spectacularly silky after blow drying.

Todays TotalBeauty Bits compiles the top rated Leave-In Conditioners. Naturally, I went to TB to see how my Leave-In's fared...apparently not at all...neither had been reviewed. Now of course, I need to know how mine stack up...I'm dithering between the Neutrogena and the Charles Worthington, though several others also won rave reviews.

Insane, I know. I'm not sure how it's used or why I need it and I am all ready planning my next purchase. Anyone know of a good 10 step program for Beauty Addiction???

8 Must-Have Leave-In Conditioners

Read all about these dreamy detanglers and frizz tamers

8 Must-Have Leave-In Conditioners

This is a hair care article readers sorted through the good, the bad and the worthless to bring you this list of only leave-ins that successfully moisturize hair and tame frizzies without weighing strands down.

See products

No. 8: Bumble and Bumble Leave In Conditioner, $23 average reader rating: 8.3

"If I had to make a stranded-on-a-deserted-island type of list for beauty products I can't live without, this would be …"

No. 7: Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness Smoothing Leave-In Creme, $3.99 average reader rating: 8.7

"It keeps my hair manageable when it wants to frizz out …"

No. 6: Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner, $7.99 average reader rating: 9

"This works really well and makes my dry hair feel so soft even on days I haven't..."

Want to see what other products made the list? Click here!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everything is Looking Rosy

When I think of Revlon Lipsticks, I think of a an aspragus colored tube of their still classic "Cherries in the Snow", that always tasted vaguely of Jean Nate.

I am not a fan of perfumed lipticks, so Revlon, Chanel, Estee Lauder and Maybelline's new Color Sensation Lipcolor, do not usually share face time with my face.

On a whim, during a CVS run last night, I spent a few minutes perusing Revlon's new Colorburst Lipstick display. Pre-tay, pre-tay colors, I must admit. I also liked the updated square, matte, quilted, "tube"...Quelle Chanel, shall we say.

For 8.99 and a guaranteed return policy, 04 Soft Rose was looking, well, rosy. For once in my life, I decided to hold off till morning to test drive it, when my lips were void of all product and I could get a true read on the taste and texture, (normally I am applying it on the way home, while I steer with my knees).

What a hugely pleasant surprise!!! It had a delicious gel like consistency, that glides on like silk, and a deeply infused "burst" of color. The added kick was long wear. I also adore the color, which is a bit on the coral side of rose. I've been trying to figure out how to introduce this Spring's coralmania into my lip wardrobe, without looking like an extra from West Side Story. 04 Rosy, fits my Playbill to a tee.

Revlon's Colorburst , is an $8.99 lipstick, that feels and wears like a lip product that could be three times the price. If you log on to Revlon's website you can theoretically get a three dollar coupon, (I couldn't even access more information, which was all I was after), but maybe you will be luckier.

I am already feeling lucky enough, just to have found it at all.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spot On

I spent at least a third of my youth, working on my tan. Cracking open a new tube of orange gelee Bain de Soleil, was like rebirth each spring. Afternoons spent on rooftops with Marlboro 100's, Tab, sun reflectors, a stack of Cosmos and a couple of Gal Pals, was my idea of heaven, (particularly if said events were happening during school hours).

I still love a little cuh-lah, but hate paying for it with freckles and age spots, that sprout up like dandelions, while I am asleep. I have had every spot zapped off my body, not once, but twice! Does it hurt??? Kinda...but if you've experienced childbirth, your pain meter gets re calibrated, so being snapped by a flaming rubber band a 100 times or so, didn't phase me much. Next came leprous wounds, and 10 days of long sleeved turtlenecks, which is not such a burden in January. For several months, I was spotless and happy. Of course, I would only remain that way, as long as I was willing to do the turtleneck thing in August...not likely.

I have tried the gold standard, 4% prescription strength Hydroquinone and good old fashioned Porcelana lightening cream, with tepid results. Part of the problem is that you must be scrupulous about sunscreen, to keep any progress from becoming moot. It's exhausting.

When I was asked if I wanted to sample REphase D-White, from the Italian based line of anti-aging Cosmeceuticals, naturally, I jumped.

REphase, consists of a total of 29 products, developed to meet a woman's differing needs, as she "transitions" from 25 to mid and mature years, in 4 stages. All REphase products are natural, hypoallergenic, and are rigorously tested in clinical and University settings . The ingredients are "just a small step down from pharmaceutical-grade prescription-authorized products. If this is code for strong, me likey.

The information I was sent, included an untouched photo of a patch of melasma on a forehead and a side by side shot, of a greatly improved forehead, 60 days later. Impressive. The key ingredient in REphase D-White is Arbutin, which works to safely inhibit the production of excess melanin, that leads to dark spots. The cleverest idea is partnering it with SPF, so all that hard work, doesn't work against itself.

I am two weeks into my trial and I am thrilled with the visible improvement I already see on a dark spot the side of my cheek and three on my chest. Rephase D-White is recommended to be used on clean dry skin 3 times a day. This is virtually impossible with my schedule,(and yours too, I imagine), so morning and night it is. I can't wait to see continued results.

D-White Skin Whitening Treatment is available in a 30 ml jar that should last 3-4 months. The cost is $60. It is available at, or toll-free at 888-580-4650. There are 5 other anti-aging products in the 3/4 Mid-Mature range. If they work half as well as D-White, they would definitely be worth a try...

Hint, hint.

P.S. I received several concerned emails about "my chest", as pictured above.
Kisses for your concern!!! NOT MY CHEST!!! Just a stock photo.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Start Spreading the News

I am quite lucky, to have access to sample a lot of terrific anti-aging products through my Blog, not to mention, all the product I buy on my own. This suits my fickle nature really well, since I do find, that even my most beloved skin care regimes, hit the wall after a few months. It is a similar phenom to shampoos losing their ssssshuushhh after too many uses...ya, you know what I'm talking about. Besides, there is a ridiculous amount of exciting new stuff, under constant development to entice us. Who can blame us???

I bet you have a lot of creams you no longer use, or generous samples lingering in your medicine cabinets too. What to do??? Well, I have taken a good hard look at the rest of my body and their are plenty of other areas that need Vitamin C, Retinol, Hydraquinone, Licorice Root, Glycolic Acid, Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid and all the others anti-aging ingredients jam packed, into modern potions.

For starters, I have been using an Avon Anew Ultimate night cream (actually it's a gel) on my hands, morning and night for the last two weeks. The difference is nothing short of miraculous. This is a huge step, since I am paranoid about my hands looking like a pair of old moccasins. (If you noticed me staring at your hands, I probably am).

What's up next??? My knees, elbows and my upper arms (if you are not already treating your neck and decollete like your face, I suggest you adjourn to the bathroom immediately and get cracking Girl).

If my hand experiment has any validity, there is simply no downside...tidier extremities, tidier cabinets, more space for new schtuff.

That's all.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take Off

I just received new TotalBeauty Bits about makeup remover "towelettes". I was hooked for a very long time on Olay's Total Effects towelettes, but like most beauty items, no matter how deep my devotion, I have strayed... Good for them! They made the readers top 10 list.

I think I just realized that I am equally obsessed with taking off my makeup, as I am putting it on. Yes, I do like to start with a towelette. At the moment, I am happily getting the ball (of wax) rolling, with CVS's cleansing and makeup remover towelettes. The package reminds us to "compare to Pond's Clean Sweep" need. I will take their word for it and save a few nickels in the interim.

Having finally reached the bottom of my Burt's Bees Radiance Cleanser, I was seduced by a sample of Dr. Jeffrey Dover's Skin Effects Glycolic Cream Cleanser. Anything that drops the "G" word has my rapt attention. Residual mascara is whisked away with Lumene's Sensitive Touch Eye Makeup Remover on a triple size cotton ball. As back up, I do a face sweep with L'Oreal's HYDRAFRESH Toner. Every other night, while brushing my teeth, I do a one minute application of Peter Thomas Roth's Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads. Rinse-rinse.

All that Dahlings before I haven't even gotten to the serums, spot remover, eye cream and night cream. Geez! This is insane...get a life Diva!!!

My Mother Joan, a Dove and Nivea Gal, will be shaking her head as she reads this, wondering for the millionth time, if I was switched at birth. I'm pretty sure I'm all yours Mom. I think you should read the Beauty Bits, this "towelette" thing, suits you perfectly...start to finish.

Readers' Top-Rated Face Wipes

See which facial cleansing towelettes topped our list

Readers' Top-Rated Face Wipes

This is a best and worst skin care products article

Nothing quite takes the place of washing your face with cleanser and water, but the next best thing is a face wipe, no? readers share which towelettes are their BFFs for removing grime post-workout, after a late night of partying, etc.

See products

No. 9: Almay Makeup Remover Towelettes, $1.45 average reader rating: 8.2

"I am in musicals and wear a lot of makeup, so I need a good remover pad …"

No. 8: Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Detoxifying Wet Cleansing Towelettes, $5.99 average reader rating: 8.4

"These remove all my makeup/gunk and …"

No. 7: Dove Daily Hydrating Cleansing Cloths, $5.69 average reader rating: 8.4

"They cleanse my skin with a gentle scrub and leave it …"

Want to see what other products made the list? Click here!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second Chances

I remember a few years back, when Jergens blew up the beauty world, with Natural Glow. The concept, that a daily moisturizer infused with self tanner could provide a natural, gradual streak-free "tan", was received well, glowingly. While their competitors played catch-up, Natural Glow was perennially sold out, with pent up demand fueling hysteria...(well, mine).

When I finally got my hands (legs, arms, back) on it, I was horrified by the smell. Why was no one talking about the fact that the stuff smelled like Dow's Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner???. I never did realize my gradual tan, because I couldn't bear to use it twice.

I have Blogged about my friend Linda before. We speak in a staccato beauty language all our own, requiring few words. "Woman, look". A delicate turn of her ankle revealed she either zapped her spider veins or tried a new self tanner. It was the latter but Jergens. "Looking good. Smell"????..."Doable".

Good 'nuf for me!!! Off to CVS. I teetered momentarily between L'Oreals Sublime and Jergens Natural Glow Firming. Naturally, Firming won out. I will also confess to sneaking a mid-aisle sniff...Doable.

I am now 4 days in, and to my delight, I am brown as a peanut--everywhere, including the soles of my feet...not that I'm complaining. I will save that for future products that smell like janitorial supplies. Promise!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why Cheat???

I do make a consistent effort to deep condition my hair, it definitely does make a difference...I just never do it as directed. Why would I want to get out of a warm shower, to immerse my hair in conditioner for 20 minutes, chilled and tapping my foot, only to have to basically start over?

To get around this, I cheat. I microwave some deep conditioner and apply it to my hair, pile it loosely on top of my head and go about my business for 20 minutes or so and THEN get in the shower and wash it out.

I like John Frieda Collection hair products. Quite simply, they work well, without breaking the bank. I have always loved how my hair looks after it's professionally colored, partly because of the finishing glaze, that imparts a mirror like shine. On my last CVS run, John Frieda's Luminous Color Glaze Clear Glosser Shine Booster, transfixed me. Might it be possible, to replicate a glazed glow at home???

Clear Shine can be used like a regular condition or as a weekly treatment, applied to dry hair for 20 minutes, before shampooing---that's the ticket. They also claim the shine factor improves with continued use... Sold!!!. I had to control myself from applying it in the car.

Clear Shine is formulated for all hair shades. It smells delicious like the high end salon products they use at Warren Tricomi. It is less gummy and masque like than most deep conditioners. I could actually imagine using Clear Shine at the beach, when all bets are off and my tresses become my distresses. (Try growing up with a sister who looked like a Geisha). It rinses out easily and left my hair shiny, manageable and full of volume.

Do I love it??? Clearly I do!!! See you at the beach this summer, Sis.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Please!

At the urging of several good friends, I have decided to participate in More Magazine's Most Fabulous contest...sure. Why not???

I think my story resonates with other women. Some of the things that surviving breast cancer for 14 years teaches you, is the deep appreciation of every healthy day, the importance of giving back and helping others, when it's within your grasp.

Admittedly, I had a meltdown last year when I was turning 50! Rationally, I knew how lucky I was to be able to celebrate it. Emotionally, I was convinced I would lose my mojo. Nonsense!!!

I look and feel fit and happy and with the help of all of the anti-aging products I heap on, younger than my years. I know longer upon aging, with fear and dread.

I am so glad I started writing DivaDebbi two years ago. It's a fresh chapter in my life and I am glad that you are a part of it. I would be so honored, if you would take a few moment to vote for me!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fake Bake

The longer I am back from vacation, the darker my tan's an odd phenomenon, one that has its roots in self-tanner, deep bronzers and denial.

Naturally, everything in my current makeup repertoire was too light, so I went cruising for a cheap and cheerful fix at CVS. I happened upon Revlon's Spa Illuminator and was immediately drawn to the golden glow emanating from the Bronze Light the darkest shade offered. Who wouldn't want to look like Halle Berry??? SPF 18, oil-free, $12.99 and downside, whatsoever.

I like the applicator, (just make sure to click it to the "off" position, when you are done). The product squeezes onto a (washable) foundation brush, that can be used to sweep the product all over your face, or as a highlighter. The "micronized crystals" do impart a subtle amount of luminosity, which is good, since I am all about "the glow", as you know. The texture feels exactly like tinted moisturizer. I am using it in place of foundation and finishing it with a dusting of Christoper Drummond Bronzing Powder in Sun and a pop of Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge in Pale Pink on the apples of my cheeks.

Is Revlon's Spa Illuminator up there, with the new Big Kahuna, Nars Orgasm Illuminator??? I honestly don't know yet, because I haven't tried it, but of course I will keep you posted...after my next vacation.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Has Sprung...Again

What recession??? I think we have turned a corner Girls, not just with the luxury consumers, (who are my scones and clotted cream), but according to yesterdays reports on March retail results, across all sectors. Yippee!!! I just wish my feet were happier about it...what a week!

I am late in reporting Spring trends this year, (particularly since I am now focused on Fall trunk shows). This season just seemed at tad rinse and repeat to me. For example:

Do you really need to hear that nautical striped tee's and tanks are a must with shorts and cropped pants? Or that florals are blooming all over the dress market? Trench coats? How novel. Animal prints? Metallics? Safari influences? Short of bonnets and gloves has much of anything changed for Spring in the last 50 years???

What is looking fresh are the amazing shoes!!! For the first time since 7th grade, when I towered over most of my boyfriends, I actually wish I was shorter than 5'7. The heels on platforms, wedges and clogs are staggeringly high, but fantastically whimsical and look great with everything for day. For evening, wrapped and laced up versions look divine with cut-out LBD's.

The influence of the palette and silhouettes of Brunello Cucinelli are everywhere, (see photo above). His elegant, casual Italian sportswear is extending its reach into every price point of the market, (which is a very good thing, if you are not the type to pay $650 for the perfect cotton tank top). I am gravitating to more relaxed silhouettes in shades of smoke, bark, taupe, khaki and ivory all tossed together and shuhzzed up with a pop of something metallic or Lucite.

I am thrilled that the handbag designers have heard our cry; We are not interested, in carrying a bag that can accommodate a matched set of clubs. We also prefer our hardware and logos discreet and weighing far less that a set of dumbbells. I guess the consumer finally hit them right in the pocketbook...there are fabulous choices out there this year.

I haven't take the coral lip plunge yet, but it is looking fresh and new. In fact, if your wallet still hasn't sprung back this Spring, you can do what women have always yourself a new lipstick. Yves St. Laurent's Tangy Orange looks particularly tasty. Pair it with a big smile and any of the re-treads trends I mentioned and you will be the picture of fashion...

Trust me Dahlings!!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Length Times Width

Now that I've got my lash length issues back on track, (thank you neuLash), I started obsessing about their width. I was thinking about a fibrous mascara that I used in my youth. I'm pretty sure there were carpet fibers in it... literally, little woolly bits. Loved it!

Trolling the aisles of CVS, you can't help but notice the dizzying array of mascara options, often with a half dozen offerings within one brand, plus the waterproof versions. Oy. Nothing rang a bell though.

I decided to try Maybelline's new XXL Pro Volume, primarily because I like "primers"... There is something about haphazardly slapping on that first coat, with reckless abandon, that I find oddly liberating. The primer is white, just like most, but this one thickly coats every lash from root to tip. Definitely the porker phase. I kept looking for a bit of bits, but this is clearly a shag free formula.

After experimenting with: 1) Priming the one top only and immediately adding the mascara coat. 2) Priming one top and bottom and then applying the second coat and 3) Priming all the lashes and then applying the second coat, without a doubt one wins. This product works best when the lashes are still wet and tacky from the primer.

Result??? Nice. Fat lashes, skinny price. All good. Oh and I finally remembered that mascara from my youth. Drum roll...Revlon's FabuLash. Will I be rushing to buy it? Nah. It's unlikely it could ever measure up to my expectations...unless of course it's still infused with uh stuff.



Monday, April 5, 2010

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's Neu???

Hi Y'all. Just back from vacation and I am feeling rebooted...maybe because for the first time in years, I was work, no Blog, no Facebook, no Twitter.

Maybe it was the warmth of the sun, but like buds, 7 weeks into my neuLash trial, my eyelashes have blossomed!

Those of you who followed my Latisse journey on my Blog and You Tube, know that I ultimately did grow spectacularly lush lashes. The downside, was wanting to scratch my cranberry eyeballs out with a toothpick, (granted, a normal person would have "discontinued use", as warned). I also found out, this is not a finite experience. Once you stop, all that new growth, sadly, will end up on your cheeks.

I then started using RevitaLash, in the hopes of stemming the fallout, after being enchanted by the tale of the developer creating it for his wife who lost her lashes during chemotherapy. I believe it helped just didn't help me.

I first wrote about neuLash last summer, after noticing a dramatic change in my Aunt Dee's lashes. They hadn't looked that long since her Pucci clad days, when she was never without false lashes. Total De ja vu. Both she and my cousin Karyn were using neuLash nightly, without any ill effects. neuLash is completely drug free, thus Karyn was not at risk for permanently darkening the irises of her hazel eyes, a rare but documented complication with Latisse. Her only drawback was having to cut back on use after she was forced to trim her abundant growth with a cuticle scissor...I'm in!

neuLash, was developed by Skin Research Laboratories. It is applied to clean eyelashes, (or brows), before bedtime from an eyeliner like applicator. The super skinny brush, delivers just the right amount of product. The peptides, vitamins, proteins and licorice extract condition and strengthen the lashes beautifully...without the harsh side effects.

Best of all??? My bats are back!!! Rather than having nagging doubts about using an off-label glaucoma drug in my eyes for the rest of my life, I actually feel great about using neuLash and I think you will too! (It is available from the following websites:, and

It is a little pricey??? Yes. But wear your lashes everyday. What else can you say that about???

And your worth it....



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