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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let's Hear it for the Girls...

Of all the beautifully packaged Holiday Gifts Sets this season, I thought this  Benefit promotion "I'm Glam Therefore I Am", was nearly perfectly executed and wonderfully priced.  Adorably packaged, it includes almost everything you need for day or night.  If they had included a black liner pencil, they would have completely knocked it out of the park, but for $36, one can't do too much grumbling.

The eyeshadow colors are subtle, apply like silk and it even comes with instructions on how to create a perfect look for daytime or evening.  It also suggested a fabulous tip.  If you want to achieve perfect placement of your crease shadow, tip your head back while applying.  It works like a charm!  I also adore they youthful flush the, "Glamming Face Powder" provides and it lasts all day.

When the opportunity presented itself to "steal" this and snag the additional bonus of my new Holy Grail mascara--Benefit's"They're Real", I leaped at it...but up until then, I feigned only vague interest. Was I committing petty larceny???  Nope, just having some fun at my annual Book Club Holiday Dinner, at what I now know is called a, "Yankee Swap", (thanks to the power of Google). What on earth is a Yankee Swap?  Read on...

It's a clever and entertaining way to exchange gifts with a large group.  Here's how we do it:
  • Prior to the party, we agree on a price range and everyone attending brings a festively wrapped gift
  • Everyone draws a number randomly
  • Number one has the least advantage, they get to choose any gift, but the second and subsequent numbers can either "steal" what's been revealed or choose a new one from the pile
  • If your gift is "stolen" you choose a new one from the pile
  • There is no limit to how many times any gift can be stolen (so if you stole it and love it, hold your breath until the last person goes, because it may be going bye bye).
  • Everyone goes home with something
Generally, nice girls don't steal, so you can draw your own conclusions about my moral compass:

A photo of me at left, on Richards stairwell, one of the "iconic Greenwich photos" that line the Bar area

The amazing trivia whiz, Maitre'd Tony Capasso.  Winners get a back massage!

The gift swapping festivities at Gabriele's of Greenwich

I have written about this fabulous group of funny, bright and savvy women before.  We try to meet once a month in one anothers homes to discuss our book du jour, which usually lends itself to contemporary fiction, we don't have too many airs about being high brow.  Our bonds were forged through our commitment to our children and our community.

10+ years later, it is both amazing and joyous to hear about early college acceptances, upcoming wedding plans and the lovely surprise that a daughter is expecting twins!

I have always been a, "Girls Girl".  I am so thankful for the fantastic women who are my friends, past and present.  They span from childhood, through high school, college, volunteering, clients, co-workers and now my blog. Their friendship and support is a gift that I cherish with all my heart.

The best part?  It's a gift that can't be swapped or stolen...

xox to all my Girls,



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