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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Atopalm Cleansing Wipes: Do They Take it ALL Off?

I have not had much luck with cleansing wipes in the past.  They just don't seem to get that clean thing done. Seriously, what is the point if it requires intense follow-up? 

When I received information about Atopalm Cleansing Wipes,  available at, I was skeptical, but optimistic since they are steeped with nutrients and other goodies like Vitamin E, calming Allantoin and Grape, Olive and Jajoba seed oils.  Not only were they promising clean, but deeply hydrated as well...Oh and no rinsing required. 

O.K!....twist my arm.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to Sell Boots in the Dead Heat of Summer

How did we all function before cell phones?  The ability to email, text and send pictures in a nano can be both a blessing and curse, but I must confess--I love being this plugged in.

One of the things I use it for most, is to send pictures of things I know my clients need or would adore.  After 17 years of wardrobing many of them, my instincts are honed like an ax..  I sent a picture of these Rocco P. boots to my friend and client Abby.  She bought a similar pair from Duccio Del Ducco last year and lived in them.

Something about this smokey grey boot with cocoa undertones just looked new and neutral to me... so I snapped this photo and attached it to a mobile text and said, "You MUST come visit these"!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A DivaDebbi Give-A-Way Contest for My Loyal Readers

I hope those of you in the East fared well  through Ms. Irene.  I'm happy that for the most part, she did not live up to her hype.  We were fortunate not to flood or lose power, but as of this writing, the Internet and Cable are still on the fritz.

So, how did I spend my time yesterday?  The old fashioned way...kind of.  I don't know how many pages of Maine, our book group selection I read, but according to my Kindle, I'm 54% finished, (this drives me a bit mad...about you)?  I also, did some cleaning and took a really good look at my "goodie closet".  Suffice to say, my shelves runneth over.  I have many extra or barely used products that have been sent to me to sample.  How would you like to win some of them?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pushing 50? Who looks Older Lindsay or Dina Lohan?

OMG!!!  Every now and then I remember to check in on one of my guilty pleasures,  the website Awful Plastic SurgeryIt's a who's who of  wtf, no other way to put it. They don't update all that often and sometimes they feature starlets that may or may not be Jersey Shore regulars, I have zero way of knowing.

But this is a travesty! (And naturally, I must share it with you).  Check out these photo's of Lindsay Lohan:

I literally gasped when I saw this photo.  A once beautiful young woman (20 at left), looking harsh, mottled and old at 25!!!

But it gets worse!!!

Take heed!!!  A true cautionary tale to be shared with all teenagers and young women...this is what drugs, alcohol, too much sun, bleach, botox and restalyne, will do to a person.  Frightening!!!

Lastly, a picture of Lindsay and her mother Dina (48).  I have the feeling that Lindsay, with her blow fish cheeks, thinks she's looking like an ingenue...frankly I think Dina looks fresher:

There has been a bit of turmoil over on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills set recently, with the untimely and sad suicide of  reality star Taylor Armstrong's husband Russell Armstrong.  Rumor's are swirling about editing out many of Taylor's scenes, which focused heavily on her failing marriage to Russell...

Take heed Bravo: 

I'd bet a bottle of peroxide, that one or both of the Lohan "housewives" just might be available...

On a less silly and snarky note,  please be smart and safe this weekend if Irene may be crossing your path.  She's a going to be a bitch.


Shape Up for Fall: Shape's 2011 Beauty Award Goes To:...

I am a sucker for Annual Beauty Award lists.  I appreciate that well known panels of experts are assembled, staff members weigh in, and good hearted readers  (4000 of them in this case)! fill out surveys, so that the rest of us get to find out which products are getting gold stars this year...and why.

Shape Magazine just released a partial list of their beauty all stars for 2011.  I love that this list carries a wide berth from  $98 at the high end to Colgate Max Clean SmartFoarm Toothpaste for 3 bucks, with many products in between.

Primer: Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Matte Finish ($35;
Why it won: Besides giving makeup staying power, it’s lightly tinted, allowing you to wear it on its own.

FoundationLOréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Magic Smooth Soufflé Makeup ($16; drugstores)
Why it won: The whipped formula has microscopic air bubbles that make it feel weightless on skin while providing just the right amount of coverage.

Tinted Moisturizer: Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 ($25;
Why it won: This stays put for up to 12 hours and has a hydrating dose of aloe.

Powder: Smart Shade Smart Balance Pressed Powder ($14; drugstores)
Why it won: The product intuitively adjusts to your skin’s tone and texture, moisturizing dry spots and mattifying oilier ones.

Concealer: Maybelline New York Fit Me! Concealer ($6; drugstores)
Why it won: This has a creamy consistency and won’t cake or sink into fine lines around the eyes.

Eye Shadow: Revlon CustomEyes Shadow and Liner ($9; drugstores)
Why it won: Our makeup pro loved the texture of this jojoba-packed palette—and our staffers concurred.

Eyeliner: Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Gel Eyeliner ($20;
Why it won: It lasted through one tester’s teary wedding without a single smudge or streak.

Mascara: Lancôme Définicils Precious Cells High Definition Amplifying Mascara ($29;
Why it won: Conditioning botanicals thicken and fortify lashes over time, so your fringe looks fab even after the makeup comes off.s

Gloss: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lipcolor ($16;
Why it won: These 12 intensely pigmented hues have your lips covered—literally! One swipe is all you need for a perfectly opaque yet shiny pout.

Lip Liner:  Guerlain The Lip Liner ($29;
Why it won: This pencil glides over lips as you outline—plus, the attached sharpener makes it a breeze to keep the tip pointy and ready to use.

Balm: CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balm SPF 15 ($6; drugstores)
Why it won: Our makeup maven called the lightly pigmented mango- and shea butter–infused formula one of her favorite finds.

Blush: YSL Crème de Blush ($38;
Why it won: its featherweight feel, this creamy cheek rouge blends easily and dries to a powder finish.

Bronzer:  Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Sun Stones ($15; drugstores)
Why it won: Most bronzers have only one tone, but this incorporates several. The result? A very flattering (not flat!) faux glow.

Makeup Remover:  Wate roof Eye Makeup Remover ($10;
Why it won: Even the most stubborn mascaras don’t stand a chance against this nongreasy formula.

Body Wash: Nivea Touch of Cashmere Cream Oil Body Wash in Orchid Blossom ($6; drugstores)
Why it won: Testers enthused about the rich lather and seductive scent—and how silky-smooth it left their skin post-shower.

Body Scrub: Burt’s Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub ($13; drugstores)
Why it won: Effective yet gentle, this fruit-infused buffer polishes skin to perfection. Sweet!

Body Lotion: Jergens Overnight Repair Nightly Restoring Moisturizer ($7; drugstores)
Why it won: The rejuvenating blend of evening primrose and jasmine extracts makes skin touchably soft.

Hand Cream: Curél Hand & Cuticle Therapy Cream ($6; drugstores)
Why it won: This nongreasy and fast-absorbing moisturizer boasts sweet almond oil to prevent dryness.

Self-Tanner: Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Custom Tan Adjustable Self-Tan Lotion with Shimmer ($14;
Why it won: The specially designed pump lets you customize your color: Turn the dial to the right for a subtle look or to the left for a straight-from-the-tropics tan.

Sunscreen:  Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Spray SPF 85+ ($11; drugstores)
Why it won: “Genius,” said our dermatologist of this broad-spectrum screen. Because it adheres to wet skin, there’s no need to towel off before applying post-swim or -exercise.

Face Wash: Dr. Brandt Skincare Time Arrest Crème Cleanser ($50;
Why it won: Some washes just clean and stop there; Brandt’s incorporates anti-aging properties with a blend of peptides to stimulate collagen production and restore skin’s texture.

Night Cream: Avon ANEW Platinum Night Cream ($38;
Why it won: It’s never too early to protect against sagging. This rich formula for the face and neck contains skin-tightening proteins that work while you rest; glycolic acid helps improve texture and tone.

Eye Treatment: Elizabeth Arden Prevage Eye Advanced Anti-Aging Serum ($98;
Why it won: The ultimate multitasker, this idebenone-packed product (a proven, potent antioxidant) helps smooth crow’s feet, minimize age spots, and reduce puffiness.

Acne Treatment:  Zeno Heat Treat Blemish Prevention Kit ($40;
Why it won: A salicylic acid solution unclogs pores, while the battery-powered device warms and vibrates to massage the treatment deeper into skin.

Sunscreen: Clarins Sunscreen For Face Wrinkle Control Cream SPF 50+ ($32;
Why it won: We were happy to apply—and reapply—this light, nonsticky block, which offers potent protection against skin-aging UVA rays.

At-Home Hair Color: Clairol Nice ’n Easy Color Blend Foam ($10; drugstores)
Why it won: Our colorist loved the way this mousse-like dye coats strands evenly—no drips, no fuss.

Hairspray: Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray ($26;
Why it won: A spritz that locks in your look without flaking or feeling crunchy to the touch? Yes, please!

Heat Protector/ Shine Spray: Pantene Pro-V Fine Style Heat Protection & Shine Spray ($6; drugstores)
Why it won: A shot of this ultra-lightweight formula prevents hot-tool-induced damage—without making locks look limp.

Nail Treatment: Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum ($10; drugstores)
Why it won: Used daily, the biotin-fortified formula strengthens weak, peeling nails. Our expert was amazed by how quickly it worked its magic.

Mouthwash: Listerine Zero Mouthwash ($4; drugstores)
Why it won: This alcohol-free swisher kills germs and fights plaque for a clean mouth—minus the sting.

Toothpaste: Colgate Max Clean SmartFoam Toothpaste ($3; drugstores)
Why it won: This minty paste impressed our dentist. Tiny bubbles from the foam loosen up plaque between teeth and around your gums, leaving your mouth with that just-had- a-pro-cleaning sensation.

Women’s Scent: Calvin Klein Beauty Eau de Parfum Spray ($65;
Why it won: The powdery, lily-laced fragrance is feminine without being cloying or overly girly

I for one will be printing this list and trying several.  For a complete listing of all the winners, pick up a copy of September Shape on your newstand....If you add it to all the other September books you will be hauling home, you will also get a nice work out for your biceps.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dark and Lovely- Nuance by Salma Hayek at CVS

I have been looking forward to visiting some of the things on my wish list from Sephora's HOT NOW Fall catalog...too bad my visit this past Sunday forgot to take into account that they close at 5:00..On the dot. (The nerve)...

What to do???  Well, there's always CVS, open and just a few doors down.  Thank Godness, because the beauty itch must be scratched, one way or another...

Monday, August 22, 2011

And the M.V.P. Go's to BENGAY Cold Therapy

Dara Torres Olympic Champion and BENGAY Ambassador

I receive a lot of product information, not just from the world of beauty but health as well, pertaining to new or new and improved products.  I would bet there isn't a person on the planet who hasn't had to use BENGAY for muscle aches.  It is a staple in most medicine cabinets...It's actually in a staple in my bedside table, believe it or not...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cuckoo for Coco

Friday was Coco Chanel's Birthday.  It matters little how old she would have been.  In my mind's eye, she lived eternally, as she is photographed at left.

My friend Jane Daly,  a beauty blogger from Ontario wrote this marvelous tribute  that I wanted to share with you:
Happy Birthday Coco Chanel!

Whether you love the glow of pearls on your skin,  the essence of your signature fragrance, or the confidence your feel in your favorite Little Black Dress, we owe a nod of appreciation to Coco.

Happy Birthday Madame...and many more.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Misses and Hits- Two out of Three Ain't Bad

I tried two Maybelline products this week.  One was a miss and the other a hit.  I am a sucker for any makeup technique that helps create a "cats eye".  If you have ever had individual false eyelashes applied to the outer corners of your lashes, you know how dramatic the difference is.  Look how divine Linda Evangelista looks in this photo channeling Sophia Loren or Gina Lollabrigida.

I tried Maybelline's The Falsies when it was launched last year.  I was reasonably happy with the color, consistency and brush.  For a drugstore offering, it could go to the head of the class.

When I heard they created The Falsies Flared with a curved spoon shaped brush to create length and volume in the outer corners, I knew I would have to try it...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Falling in Love: Fall Trends at Richards 2011

Giorgio Armani Milan Runway Fall 2011
How can it be? Poof! Summer is nearly gone...What can I say to cheer me you up???  Well, for starters, Fall is looking mighty luscious!!!  As the new collections pour into Richards, the prevalence of certain trends becomes obvious.  It's always interesting to see which collective fabrics and colors seep into the consciousness of the design community and how cohesive the results are. Great like minds do think alike.

Here are some of the trends you can look forward to seeing at Mitchells Stores:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Melting...Melting!

I don't think it's a coincidence that 6 people have asked me if I have lost weight in the last few days...the scale is also looking good, thank you.  I'm not much of a foodie, primarily because I have little interest in cooking,  even though I come from a long line of great ones and do appreciate eating beautifully prepared food.

The only thing I can attribute this to, is the Body Melt treatment I experienced at the Equinox Spa in Greenwich...  When I told Gentry Long the always enthusiastic and professional General Manager that I was a Beauty Blogger, he was excited for me to sample some of the advanced treatments the spa has to offer like the Body Melt and the Hydrofacial.  Naturally I was game and excited. 

Here is the skinny on my incredible experience with the Body Melt Treatment:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spa-tacular! Equinox: Greenwich

What's the next best thing to LOSING 9 INCHES in 2 hours, with the popular Ionithermie treatment, aka "The Body Melt" at the luxurious den of serenity at the Equinox Spa in Greenwich???  Maybe taking 8 years off my face with a Hydrofacial, featuring "diamond tipped" microdermabrasion.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Surfing Sephora: Fall Wonderlust on a Summer's Eve

There are a couple of things that signal the end of summer, my favorite season; dusk creeping in at 7:42, The Fashion of the Times arriving on my door , Vogue and all the other September Bibles books hitting the newsstands and Sephora's Fall Beauty ReportIt always triggers a simultaneous feeling of sadness and excited anticipation...ya know???\

Sephora does a spectacular job of highlighting new launches, reviewing the must try trends and bringing us the latest beauty breakthroughs each season.  If you didn't get your catalog yet,  don't fret!!! Click this link and pick your faves from the HOT NOW catalog.  Here's what caught my eye:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miracles do Happen: A Sexy Dress WITH a Sleeve

Why do most dresses look better without a sleeve???  How is it possible that a few inches of fabric can make a fabulous "Audrey" dress look like something  June Cleaver would wear, while scrabbling eggs for Wally and the Beave?

As Richards Personal Shopper, I can tell you it's a universal conundrum.  There are times, like mid-January or when you are slacking at the gym, when a sleeveless dress just won't do.  

That's why I was thrilled when this gorgeous, versatile cashmere dress from German designer Talbot Runhof arrived...with a sleeve:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Travelling in the "Parallel Universe"

One of the websites I subscribed to is Rachel Zoe's The Zoe Report.  I receive it daily and love reading her cheeky take on all the things that inspire her.  Two features that I especially love is that 1) she is operating in "real time", meaning if it's summer, she's raving about a bo chic sundress you can wear tomorrow and 2) she  makes suggestions that are available by link to a similar but more affordable style in the "parallel universe".


I often ebb and flow back and forth between high end luxury cosmetics and my CVS hauls.  I also receive newly launched products from the P.R. companies that represent them. Often they will send me more than one shade, so I bring the non-match with me to work, to see if I can match up who it is best suited for.

"I'm Done"!!! Do you hear me Andy Cohen???

One of my guilty pleasures has been Bravo's Real Housewife franchise. I got hooked on the original O.C. series in its second season, when "real" girls like Jeanna, Tammi and Laurie, actually interacted as friends and supported one another. O.C. was followed by Atlanta, N.Y., N.J., D.C., Beverly Hills and Miami.

My inner snob did not embrace any of the fauxsocialites other than the N.Y. and B.H. casts.  Despite departures, new faces, cancellation, and escalated  bickering and hair pulling I still endured.

So what made me play the "I'm Done" card???

The two part R.H.O.N.Y season four finale.  Three hours of vitriol, name calling, outing, screeching, backstabbing, denying, accusing, berating and insulting.  WHO ARE THESE WOMEN???

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fashion Passion at Richards

Yesterday I posted about writing more about my "truest passion"; fashion.  Summer is always a quiet time in retail, as clients are busy "summering" abroad, out West, in the Hampton's and Nantucket.  True to the strangeness of the delivery cycles in fashion, it may be 92 degrees out, but we are already ga ga over the full out fall collections that are arriving daily at Richards.

This week we received some new cocktail dresses from J. Mendel  that simply took my breath away.  While Gilles Mendel was originally best known for his exquisite furs, his evolution into Ready-to-Wear as followed a meteoric path.  Here is how N.Y. Magazine describes the J.Mendel label:

Founded in 1870 in Paris by Joseph Breitman, a furrier to the Russian aristocracy, J. Mendel is one of the rare luxury brands to remain family-owned. Today, the fifth-generation Gilles Mendel acts as CEO and head designer, and the label is now based in New York. In addition to fur, the brand now encompasses a full women’s ready-to-wear line, which originated practically by accident; to detract PETA protesters from staking out his first flagship boutique on Madison Avenue in the mid-nineties, Mendel created simple sheaths to display in the store windows at night. Collections now run the spectrum from luscious chiffon dresses and sleek canvas trenches to tweed suiting and red-carpet gowns.

Talk about silver linings!

I fell madly in love with this new chiffon and satin cocktail dress and I styled it as I would dream of wearing  or selling it:

J. Mendel Cocktail Dress ($2990)

I would wear it with this gorgeous Rene Caovilla platform evening shoe:

Rene Caovilla Evening Shoe ($1075)

And accessorize it with this Irene Neuwirth `rainbow moonstone and pale amythest bracelet set in pink gold:

Irene Neuwirth Bracelet ($6535)

For earrings I would prefer something dangling and would have a hard time choosing between the Kimberly McDonald pink geode earring, set in rose gold and surrounded by pave diamonds or the more delicate Sylva & Cie rose gold, hand wrought  diamond scroll earrings:

Kimberly McDonald Geode Earrings($9800) Sylva & Cie Earrings (7500)
Beautiful, no???  Which would you choose???

A girl can dream, but she can purchase too!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sometimes The Glass Slipper is a Dress...

I had a wonderful Girls Day in NYC on Monday.  My friend Jeannie organized it and in addition to our mutual pals Nancy and Abby, I  got the chance to know Mona and Julie better.  We took advantage of Restaurant Week and chose something relatively close to the Met, which in response to enormous demand,  was opened to allow  more people to be able to see the extraordinary Alexander McQueen exhibit (round two for me), before it closes on August 7th.  Our lunch was delicious, but was marred by a most unfortunate snarly waitress with hygiene issues. In a nutshell, OY VEY!

Mona works for a major beauty corporation and nicely, is a fan of my Blog.  She asked me why I write so much about beauty and if I feel more passionately about it than fashion.  To her point, it would appear that way, but in reality, I've never wept over a new moisturizer, or broken out in spontaneous goosebumps over a lipstick launch.  I have, however,done that many times, when I have been overwhelmed by the beauty of a new collection.  I cried and hyperventilated just the other day, so I thought I would share it with you what got me so crazy:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ultherapy: Keeping a Stiff Upper Lip

I no longer subscribe to magazines.  Much of my eyeball time is now devoted to reading them online, devouring other blogs and  new book downloads on my Kindle.  Of course there are times when nothing less then a good glossy will any salon visit.  I immediately jump to the table of contents to peruse the beauty articles.

Sometime last month, I was reading an article on the latest "cutting edge" anti-aging treatments.  Famed N.Y. Dermatologist Pat Wexler,  (who was featured on a recent cameo on The Real Housewives of N.Y.  wielding a syringe instead of scalpel  performing  a "liquid facelift" on Jill Zarin), has also embraced using Ultherapy. Ultherapy is the FDA approved non-surgical, no down time procedure that lifts and tightens without cutting. I blogged about my own treatment in November and included my interview with Dr. Andrew Salzberg and Courtney Dunavant to explain this non-cutting cutting age procedure in "Are You Heading South"?

Sooooo, why did I speed dial Courtney???  I had just read that Dr. Wexler has been using Ultherapy on the upper lip, successfully banishing  those pesky, hard to treat lip lines.  In fact, she believes it is the single most effective treatment available.  While lip injections are sometimes used for the same purpose, it not done expertly, can result in dreaded "trout pout", so women often won't risk included.  Botox can be effective, but because our mouths are in near constant motion, the results can be short lived.


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