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Friday, November 11, 2011

John Frieda's Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer

Lately, I've noticed a new beauty woe that I never had to deal with in the past, short, broken, flyaway strands in the front of my hair.  According to Harry Josh, John Frieda's International Creative Consultant, they are the result of, "over-styling, over-coloring and generally overdoing it".  Guilty as charged.

I have read expert tips to suggest controlling these little buggers in the past; using hair spray on a toothbrush or hand cream to keep them at bay...uh no.

My friend Laurie, a book club buddy (with  thick, shiny hair that has never had a bad hair day), mentioned John Frieda's Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer to me months ago as a "must have".  It is intelligently packaged in a convenient wand that easily fits in your makeup or handbag and "instantly" tames flyaway's.

I immediately set out to find it at no avail.  I don't want to mislead you new best friend may be something you have to have sent from the likes of, Ulta or CVS...hate that--but it's worth it.

The star ingredient of the John Frieda Full Repair Collection (which includes, Shampoo, Conditioner, Root Lift, and Perfect Ends Deep Infusion for thicker hair or Sheer Mist for fine hair) is something called Inca Inchi oil.  Here is how they describe it on their website:

Ancient Tradition Meets Modern Innovation Growing in the Peruvian Amazon for thousands of years, the legendary SACHA INCHI PLANT possesses nutrients prized for their healthful properties. Ancient Incan women used the precious oil from seeds sheltered in the plant's star-shaped fruit as part of their daily rituals. All FULL REPAIR™ hair care products contain the weightless, non- greasy Inca Inchi Oil derived from the SACHA INCHI PLANT.

A Little Miracle For Overworked HairRich in omega-3, Inca Inchi Oil helps FULL REPAIR™ hair care products infuse damage strands, weightlessly reversing the look and feel of damage and protecting against breakage from heat styling. For silky, shiny hair that's renewed and full of natural movement.

I requested and received a free sample of (Kao Brands) Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer.  Since I have the patience of a toddler, I had to keep from ripping the package open with my teeth.  I was hoping for immediate results and lo and behold, was amazed at how quickly it worked.  Not only that, it kept every hair in place all day, requiring even less the following morning.

Before Touch-up Flyaway Tamer (virtual bed-head)

After Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer
Impressive...Yes???  Naturally, I want to test drive the full collection to see what else Inca Inchi can do for my stressed tresses.

You know I will keep you posted...


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