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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Hair Care

Nexxus Youth Renwal Hair Care

Nexxus has just created a new line of products, specifically formulated for aging hair...Genius!!!  Youth Renewal Rejuvenating targets what they refer to as the 8 Visible Signs of Aging Hair: volume loss, breakage, less shine, roughness, dryness, brittleness, unruliness and loss of color vibrancy.  I would say I'm 5 for 8.  Until they pointed it out, it honestly, just kind of crept up on me.

I happened to see Youth Renewal at CVS last weekend and made a note to touch base with my friends at Kaplow P.R. who represent Nexxus to learn more. With my beauty stars in full alignment, they reached out on Monday morning and asked me if I would like to sample Youth Renwal, (as well as their other new launch Hydra-Light.)

Yes please!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spring Beauty Trend: The Matte Red Lip

Untitled #363

The Red Carpet is always a showcase for new trends in fashion and beauty.  One of the key looks that emerged on Sunday night at the SAG Awards, was the matte red lip.  Top makeup artists fell in love with with the idea of featuring creamy porcelain skin and highlighting it with saturated matte lipstick, sans gloss.

Whenever the red lip emerges as an important trend, I always give it another go.  Net, Net, I look in the mirror and see nothing but lips.  I have tried every hue, but it's just not me..Like so many women, I would love to fashion myself as a classic Parisienne, red lipped, whippet thin, travelling the world in a tightly belted trench, an Hermes scarf and a ballet flat.

Will I give in one more time???

Sure.  Maybe "matte" will make it all come together.

Maybe not...


Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Monday, January 28, 2013

Summer White

Summer White

Summer White by divadebbi featuring 

DivaDebbi's Red Carpet Report card: SAG Awards 2013

I will confess to paying scant attention to the SAG Awards last night. That doesn't exempt me though, from playing Monday morning Quarterback.  As I reviewed the Red Carpet photos today, I was aghast at some of the gowns chosen. Dang!  I missed all the fun...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Things aren't always black and white...

Review: purminerals "Beautiful Creatures" Palette

puminerals Limited Edition "Beautiful Creatures" Palette
$100 Value for $39

This year, when I did my DivaDebbi's Best of Makeup for 2012 roundup, I purposely did not include eyeshadow, because despite my best efforts, nothing wowed me. I waffle between prestige brands and whatever catches my eye at CVS. Unfortunately, nothing caught my eyelids with any special effect, so I left them out.

For a few weeks, I even stopped using shadow.  Could I be the chick who just wears liner and mascara?  I was, but as a life long shadow wearer, my eyes lacked definition, so I went back to my so so collection.

When I received an email from one of my P.R. friends about purminerals Limited Edition"Beautiful Creatures" Palette, with a picture of 8 gorgeous, wearable shadows, I immediately asked if I could sample it. In addition, it also includes a rich charcoal liner and a pretty pink lip gloss. The Beautiful Creatures Limited Edition Palette is inspired by the film of the same name, which will be out in February.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Top Sets and Top Stories on Polyvore January 26th, 2013

Aqua, Gold and Bronze

It is always a nice feeling to be chosen as at "Top Set" by the Polvyore Editorial team.  I am so glad they like this set, because it was fun to create and brought me good cheer just to be thinking ahead to Spring.

Polyvore also creates a "Top Trends" page, which I always review. The amazing Fashionista's from all over the world, who create sets, definitely have their finger on the pulse of fashion.  As a result, my eye is sharpened and I see trends long before they hit the runway or street.  I adore this amazing medium and I am grateful that it has allowed me to express my creativity with my hands, where paintbrushes and crayons always failed.

Here is a link to "Spear a Mint Dress"  , a trend they sited and included this set in.

Today I received an email from a dear Blogger friend, Charleston Girl from Best Things in Beauty, one of my daily reads.  In addition to having a penchant for only the finest, CG, as I call her is a great writer, photographer and technical whiz.  She has helped me out of many a glitch.

She wrote me to tell me how much she liked my Polyvore sets and for advice on how to add them to her Blog.  It was delightful to have the shoe on the other foot for a change!

CG is a lady of taste and talent, and I know soon I will be seeing her on Polyvore, where I look forward to seeing her creations. In the meanwhile, do visit her Blog for news on, well, The Best Things in Beauty.

Word to the wise...hide your credit cards.  And they say I'm trouble...



Review: Maybelline's Rocket Volume Express Mascara

Maybellines' Rocket Volume Express
$8.99 Drugstores

My ears perked up when I heard a recent commercial for Maybelline's Rocket Volume Express promising 8x the volume. 8x.  Really???

Longtime DivaDebbi readers know I am always on the hunt for a cheap and cheerful mascara to usurp my usual standby, Benefit's They're Real (which yes, I have returned to yet again.) It's expensive, $24 and is a wee difficult to remove, but ohhhh those lashes!!!

Like Benefit's They're Real, the applicator on Rocket Volume Express has a rigid core with "micro" bristles instead of a brush, so I was hoping it might deliver similar results.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kimberly McDonald

Kimberly McDonald

Congratulations to the amazing and talented Kimberly McDonald!!!  The First Lady chose to accessorize her ruby chiffon and velvet Jason Wu gown with Kimberly's jewels to the Inaugural Ball.

Kimberly McDonald is one of our top selling jewelry designers at Richards and Mitchells, as well as our West Coast Stores. I love her designs and frequently feature them in my Polyvore sets. Kimberly and her staff are always gracious and fun to work with and we look forward to their visits.

I am so very happy for her to be honored with this tremendous recognition. Good things to happen to good people!


It's Better in the Bahamas...

It's Better in the Bahamas...

Let's just leave it at I wish... 



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