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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Michelle Our Bell

Michelle Obama looked incredibly wonderful as she stepped out with the President to enjoy the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday night.  Mrs. Obama's  elegant, strapless sapphire Vera Wang tulle and chiffon dress was a knock out, gently accentuating her curves and highlighting her assets. I think she looks especially good in jewel tones, this being no exception.

My preference with strapless dresses is almost always an important earring and a bare neckline, (and I will never object to a gorgeous cuff on the arm or a President for that matter).  Mrs. Obama's radiant skin is the only other adornment this dress needed.  Her hair and makeup are pitch perfect as well.

I was in total swoon mode until I caught this photo which displayed her sparkling silver flats:

Ohhhhhhhhh....Really????  Frankly, I'm a bit crushed.  From this angle, they remind me of Aladdin's slippers. If they had to be flat, I would have much preferred sapphire fabric or Swarovki crystals that would have almost disappeared with a whoosh of fabric as she walked.

I've decided to photoshop them out of my brain.

Michelle Our Bell, well done.  All politics aside, thank you for representing us flawlessly to the eyes of the world.

What are your thoughts???



  1. Usually appalled by Michelle Obama's "fashion sense". This dress was actually a winner, until you showed those Aladdin shoes. Ugh! Should have known she would find a way to sabotage that beautiful dress.

  2. I think she needs to stand up straight too. Be tall, be proud! Even when your significant other is shorter. That is one gorgeous dress.



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