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Monday, March 31, 2014


Sebamed Everyday Shampoo and Repair Conditoner

Sebamed Everyday Shampoo & Repair Conditioner
$12.99 each

Sebamed has been on my radar for a long time as a "soap free" soap, often recommended by Dermatologists. Respected, effective and the first skincare product to be considered "medicinal".

I had no idea Sebamed was also in the hair care biz. When I received information about this pH balanced shampoo and conditioner that was gentle enough for everyday use and paraben free, I asked to sample it.

What could be bad?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fashion Flash: The best of beauty, fashion and fitness

I am delighted to be hosting my first Fashion Flash this week. I always learn something new from my Flash Flash friends. Check out what our power bloggers are sharing this week about beauty, fashion and fitness:

Prime Beauty has found that matte eye shadows are sometimes  more flattering on over 40 eyes. Tarte's Be MATTEnificent  Amazonian Eye and Cheek Palette has 6 soft shadows, 2 liners and a fab blush to keep you looking fresh and youthful this spring! 

Deb at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  offers a free 3 page  guide to Retin A.

Could eating green make your teeth white? Jackie Silver from answers that question and more.
Want to lose weight?  Women’s Health & Fitness Expert, Mirabai Holland, says try

Studies have found that sitting at your desk all day is very unhealthy. Fab Over Forty shares some fit ball exercises that can be done at home and at the office.
Wondering if spring’s sheer trend is right for you? Deborah Boland shows you “how to tastefully wear these floaty see-through blouses and edgy panels”. 

Positive Living Advocate Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks we all spend too
much money on health and beauty treatments . . . when all we have to do is dig around in our kitchen cabinets a little. Check out her tips for getting healthy and beautiful with a few things you probably already have
on hand!

Jodell from Black Cat Plus shares a new twist on a classic button down, with suggestions on how to pair it, available  at Comfy USA.

DivaDebbi shares how the trends and colors of the season for Spring 2014, took shape at Richards in Greenwich, Ct., where she is their Personal Shopper.



Just Peachy

Friday, March 28, 2014

Not Your Grandmother's Skin Care: Avon Anew Clinical Infinite Lift

Avon Anew Clinical Infinite Lift

Back in November, The New York Times ran an article in their Thursday Style section, on skincare that has it roots in Grandma's kitchen, like Salma Hayek's Nuance line for CVS.

Here's the thing...I prefer every drop of science that can be squeezed into my skincare.  Why?  Because I find it more efficacious, (though I will admit natural stuff sometimes smells fantastic.)

I think all of the OTC peels, exfoliants and serums plus the wide use of lasers and Botox have done a superb job of keeping our fine lines and wrinkles at bay and I don't think there is a thing Granny could have cooked up that competes with it. 

What this has left the beauty industry wide open to address, is the other bane of women's aging concerns; SAGGING SKINYes, gravity is our enemy and the longer we stick around the further toll it takes on our necks and jawlines.

When my friends at Tractenberg PR sent me the press information on Avon Anew's new breakthrough Clinical Infinite Lift, naturally I requested a sample be FedExed overnight. I couldn't wait to try it.  Here's all the good stuff:

Less is More

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Ahead...Finally!

Despite the continued cold temperature, my spirit is still blooming looking at all the fabulous, fresh fashion at Richards in Greenwich.  This month, I will celebrate my 14th anniversary as their Personal Shopper, working exclusively by appointment clients who prefer complete one-on-one attention. 

To all my lovely, loyal clients and friends who have been with me for nearly 20 years in Greenwich, I think you know, you mean the world to me, and I have enjoyed every moment of assisting you and your families with seasonal wardrobes and milestone occasions. 

Here's to many more...and of course, I always enjoy meeting new clients so if you have always thought you would like to work with a Personal Shopper or Stylist, call me! The beauty of having a relationship, is trust. It is my solemn mission to only sell you what fits you and your lifestyle and flatters you perfectly. (203-622-0551203-622-0551). Why would we do less?

Before each season everyone always asks me what are the major trends of the season? 
It's always amazing how key colors and ideas find their way into every important collection. Here is how Spring 2014 took shape:

Go Global 
Designers the world over created dresses and ready-to-wear with ethnic prints in rich, saturated hues:

The Row

Peter Pilotto

Oxford Bound
The allure of cool crisp shirting, showed up in many designers collections in dresses, over slim pants and pencil skirts:

Brunello Cucinelli
Giorgio Armani


Pop Art
Echos of Roy Lichenstein, Peter Beard, Frank Stella and Jean Miro could be found in designers collections.  Bright pops of color were woven onto knits and printed onto silks, with photo prints also popular:
Akris Punto

Alexander McQueen

Phillip Lim

Flower Power
Lush blooms were featured prominently adding a dreamy feminine glam to many collections reminiscent of exotic locations:

Giorgio Armani

Dolce and Gabbana

Stella McCartney coat

Miranda in Bloom!

Monday, March 24, 2014

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Natural Lipstick

Make Up Forever Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick

I can't remember the last time I used a lipstick down to a nub--until now...

This is my third, recent purchase from MAKE UP FOR EVER at Sephora, and I have to say, their products impress. For starters,  this is a lipstick that purports to provide 8 hours of coverage.  Given that, it is fairly moisturizing, imparts a ton of color and does leaves a glaze of  shine. (If you are not looking for a long lasting lipstick, you like my sister Loren, may feel it's way too drying and a bit thick. For me, it's the next best thing to a tattoo.)

Second best part???

Fashion Flash Monday

This week Jodell Raymond, who writes the Plus Size Fashion and Beauty Blog Black Cat Plus  is hosting Fashion Flash.  Please click on this link to see what the Girls are up to this week.  The topics include:

  • Have you ever been tempted to sign up for a monthly beauty box? Find out what was in Ispy Glam Bag this month
  • 6 fabulous beauty and skincare products, all under $40
  • An informative video on everyday makeup for women over 50
  • Flower up! How to wear one of this Springs hot trends, dark florals,
  • Would you spend $49 on a Tom Ford Lipstick? What makes them irresistible to some women?
  • 10 Tips for getting and maintaining lush locks
  • Weight loss apps, find one that's right for you
  • New  Spring tops for plus size women
  • Temporary root touch-ups; to powder or spray?


Sunday, March 23, 2014

DivaDebbi Turns 6!

DivaDebbi Turns 6!

It occurred to me that I just had an Anniversary---DivaDebbi turned 6 years old this month.  I thought it would be fun to re-read my very first blog.  The sentiment of why I created it still rings true to my ears. During this time, some wonderful things have happened:
  • My blog has had close to 1,000,000 page views from seven continents 
  • DivaDebbi is published by two giant media companies Glam Media and TotalBeauty
  • I have reviewed hundreds of skincare and makeup products and have developed great working relationships with many beauty and PR firms.
  • I've and written dozens of DivaDebbi Red Carpet Report Cards, critiquing my flips and flops with a dash of snark as well as covering Fashion Week and reviewing shows
  • I became a contributing fashion editor for WAG Magazine and Women's Voices for Change.
  • I was asked to be a Brand Ambassador for La Peau Skincare and RoC Skincare, who I represent proudly.
  •  I was invited to join Fashion Flash, a group of top bloggers who post together weekly to help share our combined monthly page views by 700,000 readers.
  • Since joining Polyvore 18 months ago, I have the opportunity to share my fantasy closet with my blog readers and have posted hundreds of fashion sets. I have nearly 11,000 followers and my sets have been viewed over 4 million times. I hope you enjoy them.
  • Nearly every day, I share my blog with over 1000 blog subscribers and FaceBook and Twitter users
I'm so appreciative of all your support, friendship, comments, emails and for sharing me with your family and friends. For those who would like to read it, my very first blog is below.

As I said then, I will say again now.  If you will read, I will write.



March 9, 2008

Just Getting Started....

O.K., I have no idea what I am doing yet, not even sure how I will find my own blog again, but gotta give this a whirl...I have been consistently obsessed with all things beauty and fashion related for the last 30 years or so. Happily I have dear friends who can attest to it and fabulous new friends and clients over the years who have all been on the receiving end of my blast emails about my latest discovery that must be purchased pronto. If you will read, I will write...

My first wrinkle creme was Dorothy Grey Night Creme. It came in a lavender jar and I purchased it at age 12. I think even then, it was marketed towards mature skin, but in the spirit of sooner than later, I slathered.

I googled Dorothy Grey and would you believe there are still some 5000 products out there??? I imagine they all have an inch or two of dust on them...scary.

I soon graduated onto pilfering my sister's Clinique 3 Step System nightly (which she will learn about first right here)....ooohhh that fabulous cucumber colored sliding soap dish....As I contemplated taking this on, I mentally went way back and remembered many of my early obsessions...

Yardley Lipsticks, in those adorable orange and pink striped tubes with black scrolls ( I actually found one on ebay)!, Love's Baby Soft and Fresh Lemon Perfumes, Misty Mocha and Misty Lilac Revlon nail polish, Karen Graham of Estee Lauder ad fame, Psssst dry shampoo, Sun In Highlighting spray, Calgon take me away....

So, if any of this rings a bell, I am the girl who thankfully gave up suntanning with Reynolds wrapped double album covers long before I hit my 20's and has learned a thing or two along the way.  I will share all that I try and scour reading, with you, my readers.

My business is fashion, so if you think I will resist writing about Stars on the Red Carpet, I couldn't possibly, not. I am nearly in hives waiting in anticipation of Stars who blow it, despite having the best designer offerings and stylists at their disposal...think Tilda Swinton accepting this year's Academy Award in a Hefty trash bag....

So, I hope you will check in and if you like my blog, share it, put me in your favorites (I would, if I knew how)...

Dish with the Diva anytime....what were some of your earliest, fondest beauty memories and products???


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Korres Greek Yoghurt Primer

Korres Greek Yoghurt Primer
$30 Sephora

I am such Korres fan and their original anti-aging primer was one of my all time faves.  I thought it was perfect and never new why they reformulated it.

I do believe that primers make a difference. They moisturize a bit, blur imperfections, set a nice canvas for foundation and usually helps makeup stay put longer.

Many primers are silicone based, which have an odd slippery yet dry feel, that I don't care for. I was thrilled to hear that my friends at Tractenberg PR are now representing Korres, since I will now have the opportunity to sample their products and launches.

Confidence is Beguiling

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sensai Cellular Performance Recontouring Lift Essence

Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance Recontouring Lift Essence
Neiman Marcus $180

Last month, I wrote about Sensai Intensive Hair Mask. It was my first introduction to Kanebo products, which I thought, mistakenly, were limited to hair care.  

It's such an incredible product.  The first thing you notice is the scent of beautiful flowers; it's infused with 10 different kinds--The second thing you will notice is your lush, thick, shiny hair.  I loved it so much, that I took to scooping out little goodie jars to share with my Gal Pals.

When my friends at Tractenberg PR, wrote me about Sensai Cellular Performance Recontouring Lift Essence, I hadn't  realized that they also have an extensive skincare collection.  Divine!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

L'Wren Scott April 28 1964-March 17, 2014

L'Wren Scott

L'Wren Scott by divadebbi

Both the fashion and music worlds were rocked on Monday, at the news of the tragic suicide of fashion designer L'Wren Scott, equally well known for her 13 year relationship with rock royalty, Mick Jagger.

L'Wren's collection was never a commercial success, but she dressed many of the world's most famous women and always garnered praise on the Red Carpet for her exquisite creations. L'Wren's loyal followers included close friends Nicole Kidman and Ellen Barkin, as well as Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Sarah Jessica Parker, Christina Hendricks, Naomi Campbell, Penelope Cruz, Michelle Obama, Allison Williams, Jennifer Lopez and many others who appreciated her elegant, dramatic designs.

The long, lean, strong yet feminine lines of her clothes, took root in her childhood, when out of necessity, she sewed her own clothes to fit her 6'3 frame.  I have long admired her designs and wish I had at least tried one on.  She recently collaborated with Banana Republic on a collection for them.  As of this writing, I would guess there is not a piece to be found anywhere.

Spring Ahead!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Dermaplaning: I finally went under the knife

Julie Pipilo's Dermaplaning Scalpel

Julie Pipilo owner of Skin NY
914 -213-5724

I don't know what took me so long to finally meet the fabulous Julie Pipilo, a skilled aesthetician, with over 30 years of experience.  Half the women in my book club are devotees of Julie's and have entrusted her to care for their skin for years.

Elegant and cozy, Skin NY is located in Rye at 269 Purchase Street. More than just a place for facials, Julie has created a comprehensive Beauty and Age Management Center. Every client is treated to her warm, knowing expertise, where customized treatments and long term skincare are discussed to help you reach your skincare goals. As part of Julie's total approach to health and beauty, she also has a team in place, that includes a nutritionist, acupuncturist, a dentist who does teeth whitening, a laser specialist and a Plastic Surgeon who does Botox and fillers.
You can read more about Skin NY here, as well as see a menu of services.

So what did Julie perform on me?  A dermaplaning session. What exactly is dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is a safe and simple procedure that exfoliates the top layer of skin and "vellus" hair or peach fuzz. It also is the most effective exfoliator, skin smoother and glow getting treatment I have tried to date.


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