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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Blow Dryers etc...

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer

Often what sparked my interest in purchasing and writing about new products, was the 911 I would receive from one of my Gal Pal"s, who had just tried something fabulous.  I recently received a call from dear friend Linda Levy, who received Revlon's One Step Volumizing Hair Dryer as a gift...Did I know about it???

Of course dear Linda! I had blogged about it back in 2017.  Shortly after I did, Allure also discovered how amazing this inexpensive, fast working dryer could replicate sleek locks that almost looked salon created. It literally almost broke the Internet....  My issue with it was that it almost made my hair too sleek.  I have since learned to manually spin the brush around my roots to create some lift.

Which brings me during the pandemic, to my goodie closet, which embarrassingly houses 4 blow dryers plus the Revlon One Step, Con-Airs Infinity Pro Styling Brush, 2 heat styling brushes, 2 flat irons, two texturizing irons and one ionic smoother. UGGGHHHH!

I'm strictly in simplify mode right now, (and hopefully, you are doing as I blogged about previously, and deep conditioning for several hours before washing your hair). Tonight will make #5 and I'm pleased to say I have significantly improved the state of my previous parched locks in the process.

My hair is super long now and styling it is not a high priority.  So I'm back to my Revlon One Step and I'm satisfied for now, with sleek straight hair.

For the finishing touch, I dusted off my Infiniti Spin Brush Dryer. This has very little juice and would probably take and hour to dry your hair with it. What it is effective for, it adding root lift to the part and crown hair.  Pay attention, or it might suck your hair into a tangle with the dryer still firmly attached....Not something you want your housemate having to whack out with a poultry shear.

Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Brush
Both are available from outlets that are still delivering like Amazon and Ulta.  How are you handling your hair woes in the absence of your beloved stylists and colorists?

Apparently at home hair dye has now outpaced t.p. and Lysol purchases.

While not fun, at least we are home and well, so I'm doing my very best to keep my whining to a whisper and continue to be awed and grateful to every health care and essential worker who are out there working selflessly to restore good health and a semblance of normalcy to us every day. Bless them all.

Be safe.


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