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Monday, December 12, 2011

Swept Away

Of all the drugstore beauty brands, L'Oreal is probably my fave.  They are technologically innovative and the colors are always on trend. Dollar for dollar they deliver consistent, quality makeup that rarely disappoints...until now.

As a brown eyed Girl, I've always felt a bit short changed, compared to my blue, green and hazel eyed sisters. For me, only a few girls stand out, Mariska Hargitay and Eva Longoria for example, are brown eyed beauties, with distinctive makeup.

I went so far as watching a YouTube video on how to put on eye makeup in Mariska's particular Law and Order style, (which I frankly believe is starting to look harsh, as her years playing Detective Olivia Benson wane on). I did get down the basics, but resorted to "mute" after listening to tales of the YouTuber's personal strife and problems with her difficult, "Mum" and n'er do well boyfriend....surely there is an easier way.

I thought I hit upon it the other day during a CVS/Pharmacy run.  L'Oreal  has created and eye shadow system called "The One Sweep".  It consists of 3 shadows in one pan, with a large, flat sponge applicator, that is supposed to insure perfect placement, including my dreams of  smokey eye, a la Mademoiselle was not to be.

For those of you who missed my prior post, following written directions is not exactly my forte.  I wasn't helped by the fact that the ones attached to the back of this package were hermetically sealed, thus sending me to their website to learn how to apply this. (I also saw a YouTube video was available for viewing, but I wasn't going there again).

I won't bore you with the dirty details, but despite several persistent tries, and a few soiled makeup remover cloths, I failed to achieve anything even close to a smokey eye. Instead, I looked more like I had gone a few rounds in a boxing match...Knocked down, not knockout.

Curious if I was alone in my misadventure,  I went to a website called Makeup AlleyMakeup Alley is a fabulous site.  Women of all ages, submit extensive product reviews on anything and everything beauty related, completely for their own interest and satisfaction.  I was heartened to see that on the 1-5 lipstick scale, The One Sweep Eyeshadow garnered a lowly 1.9, and these chickadee's were hopping mad about it!

They imagined L'Oreal execs, giggling around the water cooler, discussing their success in duping women into thinking this "one size fits all applicator" was going fit everyone and deliver a sophisticated look in one fell swoop.  They wanted their $10 buck back too.

I want my $10 bucks back also, and I intend to get it...That's one of the many reasons I always do my drugstore beauty shopping at CVS/Pharmacy.  I never throw out my packaging or receipts, until I know I am completely satisfied.  If not, they will 100% take them back. 

I'm not crying for them, believe me.  My monthly spending is akin to a mortgage payment, so they will never lose money on me, but it's nice to know I don't have to hold back on trying things or lose money in the process.

What's next up?  I simply could not resist buying L'Oreal's Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara.
It did fare better with the Makeup Alley Girls, 3.3 Lipsticks, but I will try it myself and let you know, wand in one hand, receipt in the other.



  1. If only a smokey eye were this easy.

    Beautiful colors, epic fail on the applicator.

  2. Aint that the truth JoElla!




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