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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow

Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow

I never reapply eye shadow during the day, but when I'm going out after work, I rarely come home first.  I wanted an inexpensive natural looking palette of shadows that I could pop in my makeup case and forget about.

This Revlon quad filled the bill nicely.  The one I purchased at CVS above, "Not Just Nudes", was one of several that tempted me. The subtle combinations are gorgeous.

Wrap it Up

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mama Mio Skincare on Sale: Summer Beauty to Fit Your Budget

Mama Mio Skincare
On sale at

I love Mama Mio's luxe and effective skincare line! Mama Mio Skincare was founded by four friends, who were looking to address their changing skincare needs during pregnancy.   Their first product, Tummy Rub is  still an award winning best seller.  

While their initial products were centered around pregnancy, others that followed were created for woman to heighten their beauty, not just in 9 month spurts, but through all phases of a woman's life.

I have used adorably named Skin Tight, Boob Tube and Nexercise over the years.  I still do the neck firming exercises I learned Nexercise daily.   Now is a great opportunity to treat yourself to one of their targeted products or delicious body moisturizers and also enjoy a 30% discount.  A prettier you awaits...


Beachy Keen

Beachy Keen

Peridot London crop shirt / Cosabella / Cosabella neck tie / B Brian Atwood black flat / ONLY shopping bag, $27 / Belly button ring / Hermès Chaines D'Ancre

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Beauty on the Cheap

It's been a long time since I have shopped for makeup at CVS. Between products that are sent for me to review and my Sephora addiction, my needs are generally well covered.

Last week I misplaced my recently edited  thank God makeup case.  Have you ever lost one that is full to the brim and had to go out and replace every item??? It's a costly bit of business.

Still determined to successfully retrace my footsteps and find it, there were a few dire things that needed replacing.  With this hope in mind, I went to CVS to replace my MAC brow pencil and lipstick and Josie Moran Coconut Water Color Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape.   I was particularly perturbed to be out the Josie Moran blush, since it was two days old.

Simple Pleasures

RG-Cell Concentrated Restorative Skin Serum: The Caviar of Serums

RG-Cell  Conentrated Restorative Skin Serum

I receive so many interesting updates on cutting edge anti-aging skincare advances.  Many of them are "discoveries" born by researchers and doctors, who then team up with Cosmeceutical companies like Timeslip Solutions to bring them to market.

RG-Cell Concentrated Restorative Skin Serum is the first product I have ever heard of that used caviar as it's star anti-aging ingredient:

Ingredient Spotlight: Caviar 

Caviar has become a sought after ingredient in some of today’s most advanced anti-aging formulas as it’s been found to speed up the natural production of collagen up to 67%.

The mixture of vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and amino acids glycine, lysine, histidine, arginine and asparagine, work together to intensify the process inside the skin cells while at the same time, slow down the aging process by moisturizing the skin. A light moisture-retaining film protects the skin against external effects, including UV radiation, climate, dehydration and pollution. This protection fosters the reduction of superficial lines and wrinkles, thereby improving the skin's appearance.
Caviar also stimulates the regeneration of the skin and its components are well absorbed without allergic reactions.
RG-Cell is a new anti-aging serum formulated with the latest, technologically advanced ingredients, including caviar extract. This serum works to stimulate the production of collagen, increasing skin firmness and elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a smother, silkier, vibrant, younger looking complexion.
Available online via for $99.99.  Delivery is free and discounts are available for monthly orders.
Definitely food not just for thought...but for the face.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Does Benefit's Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer Stay???

Benefit's Stay Flawless 15-Hour Primer

As I drove away from Sephora last week, giving up a coveted space on Greenwich Avenue, I realized I left without picking up a new Benefit They're Real Mascara, (my Holy Grail.)

For a moment I actually thought about retrieving the spent tube I deposited in my bathroom wastebasket rather than go and circle back...and I do mean circle.

Then I remembered Benefit has a free standing store a few blocks down the street in a less crowed part of town.  The parking gods must have been smiling down on me, as I pulled into a spot right in front. The sales associate who helped me was both friendly and speedy.  Love that!  Mission accomplished.

The next morning I noticed that she had slipped a generous sample of their new and improved Stay Flawless Primer, which promises of 15 hours of fresh looking makeup.  It's been unseasonably warm in the N.E. so I couldn't wait to try it.



Short dress / Brian Atwood high heels / Mango metal jewelry / Antica Farmacista lilac perfume / Nature Girl body moisturizer, $53 / Pier One Artificial Dogwood Branch

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Act III: The BB Cream Wars

Garnier's BB Cream and CVS copycat Version
$12.99 vs. $9.99A

Last June, I had an epiphany.  When I first gave up the sun a few years back, I fretted about my too pale legs. My solution was to use Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs, a waterproof leg spray on leg makeup.

It effectively did the job on my legs but unfortunately tanned my grout in the process...messy business.

My epiphany was to use Garnier's BB Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector on my legs.  To their credit, they scooped in on the BB cream mania that had swept Europe and were one of the first to bring it quite successfully to the U.S. market.

Here's what I said in what is still one of my "most popular posts":

Just Cut It Out...Top Sets June 23, 2013

Just Cut It Out...

Top Sets today! Thank you Polyvore!  This was the set I created after my NY Polyvore meetup, freshly inspired...It was a truly a win-win.


Thursday, June 20, 2013



NEW YORK POLYVORE MEET UP by lidia-solymosi on Polyvore

It's been a very busy week, and I am way behind on my posts. Apologies!

Last Friday was a really special day.  Those of you who are long time readers know about my Polyvore addiction. Since I discovered this amazing fashion site, (which is also one of the worlds largest retail website), I have found a way to use my brain to create in a way that my hands never could. It is deeply satisfying and very relaxing. It has also helped me hone my eye and stay ahead of the fashion curve.  

I am not alone in my addiction.  Like minded Fashionistas from all over the globe also create sets on Polyvore everyday. It's a sisterhood of sorts and we are kindly supportive of one another. Friendships blossom from all over the world. How spectacular!

On Friday, I had the opportunity to meet some incredibly talented women at the first New York Polyvore Meet Up. Spearheaded by two amazing creators with huge followings, Lidia and Rosina. their idea became a reality. The Polyvore team, headed by Chrystal Chan, who flew in from their San Francisco Headquarters took us to a wonderful lunch at Mercer Kitchen, around the corner from their office on Broadway in SoHo. We had the opportunity to learn how each of us found "Poly" and what it is about it that fuels our shared passion.

We visited stores and designer showrooms, including that of stunning handbag Dareen Hakim.  We toasted the town at the 230 Fifth Avenue, a rooftop bar with panaromic views of the City and dinner at SaraBeth's. It was a blast!

And it continued for two more days!

Thank you for letting me share my fashion passion along with my beauty musings with you.  Girl Power rocks!



Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: IT Bye Bye Under Eye

IT Bye Bye Under Eye

There are so many niche cosmetics companies these days.  I had never heard of IT Cosmetics (aka Innovative Technology Cosmetics) before reading product reviews on two beauty blogs I subscribe to, Best Things In Beauty and Musings of a Muse.

Based on recommendations, I tried an illuminating highlighter that sadly, looked artificial and garish on me.  I wrote to them and they kindly offered to exchange it for a blush.  The day I wore it, one of my colleagues started a conversation with me about how as we age, when it comes to makeup, "less is more".

I knew instantly she was talking about my clown cheeks and pointed to them.  She laughed and nodded yes, as I recused myself to the ladies room to scape my cheeks with a razor blade.

My experiences with IT Cosmetics were not promising, but when I read this rave review by Muse (, who does have issue with dark circles, I made note of it.  She is refreshingly candid in her reviews and I trust her.

Just Cut It Out...

Just Cut It Out...

STELLA McCARTNEY embroidery dress / Tory Burch handbag / Diamond earrings / Chanel volumizing mascara / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics / Lanvin eau de perfume

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Travel In Comfort and Style

Photographs by Bob Rozycki

Recently Georgette Gouveia, WAG Magazine's Editor interviewed me for their June issue, "Open Road."  Georgette wanted to know if there was any method to my packing madness.

Fortunately, there is.  Friends who travel with me are always surprised that I'm a light packer.  My husband is amazed at the strides I've made over the years.  He actually went looking for my "other" suitcase on our last vacation...there wasn't one.

Frankly, it's a relief.  Biggest hurdle?  As I told Georgette, "I've given myself permission to repeat outfits".   For more, as well as advice from Personal Image Agency owner Kendra Porter, read on...

There’s a terrific moment in “Pride and Prejudice” – not the one with Keira Knightley but the definitive version with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy – where Maria Lucas (sister of Charlotte, who’s the BFF of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Bennet and wife of the fatuous Mr. Collins, whom Lizzie has rejected even though he’s going to inherit the Bennet estate, which has been entailed away from the female line) packs and repacks her trunk, because she fears it is not up to the Olympian standards of the imperious Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mr. Darcy’s aunt and Lizzie’s nemesis. Whereupon the self-possessed Lizzie informs Maria (pronounced Mah-RYE-ah) that since it’s her trunk and her dresses, she should pack anyway she wants and no one will ever know.

Way to go, Lizzie. Still, you sympathize with Maria. You plan the perfect vacation. You have your mode of transportation and lodging all lined up. And then you’re almost done in before you even depart by the daunting challenge of what to wear and how to pack it. It’s why some people hate to travel.

We know the feeling. That’s why we asked style gurus and WAG alumnae “Diva” Debbi O’Shea and Kendra Charisse Porter for some tips to help us put our best (sandaled) foot forward:

1. Travel light. As the child of an over-packing mother, Kendra never checks luggage and went all the way to Mexico for a cousin’s wedding with just a carry-on and a book bag. Debbi, too, says, “I’ve given myself permission to repeat outfits. You want to look chic, but you’re not going to be able to take everything with you.” With that in mind, what you wear on travel day is important, because it sets the tone and foundation of your vacation wardrobe. “There are no orphan pieces,” Debbi says.

2. Layer your travel-day look. Debbi likes a light cashmere tank, long jersey cardigan, Ali Ro skinny jeans in a color other than the traditional blue, a lightweight microfiber raincoat that rolls up, a medium-size purse and sturdy Yosi Samra packable flats in a neutral color. Kendra likes to wear the bulkier items that would take up space in her suitcase, traveling in jeans, sneakers, a tank, a button-down shirt, sweater and jeans jacket. (Obviously, the number of layers you wear will depend on the season and destination.) Key for both women – a big scarf that ties the outfit together and can serve as a cover-up, shawl or blanket.
For the guys, the stylists say, same idea. Debbi says a man can’t go wrong in dark-blue boot-cut jeans, a polo shirt, a good-looking travel shoe, a nice belt, a Zegna microfiber zip fleece pullover and a lightweight jacket. Kendra adds that light sports, track or cargo jackets are all good options for them.

3. The carry-on is all that stands between you and disaster. Veterans of the Lost or Misdirected Luggage Wars, Debbi and Kendra swear by their carry-ons. Debbi even recently treated herself to a woven hemp tote with leather trim by Fairchild Baldwin. In general, your carry-on should always contain your valuables and necessities should your checked bag be delayed – jewelry in a jewelry bag, electronics and chargers, overnight toiletries and makeup in TSA-appropriate bottles (look for sample sizes), medication in a multiday pill container you can find in any discount drugstore, a change of underwear and top, nightwear and socks to keep the tootsies warm, dry and clean in any environment.

4. Try the pyramid approach to packing. Having selected a palette of no more than four colors – say white, taupe, navy and black – Debbi and Kendra pack from the heaviest items to the lightest but in different ways.
Debbi, who is checking her suitcase, begins with her beach bag, umbrella and toiletries, contained in those heavy zippered bags that sheets come in, on the bottom. Next go her beige wedge sandals and pewter flat Jack Rogers sandals in cloth sacks. Then in go two pairs of shorts – one white, one bright; three bathing suits; one Calypso St. Barth cover-up; one pair of white jeans; one cardigan (white or taupe); two tanks; two Ts; one V-neck long-sleeve sweater; two pairs of yoga pants; two exercise tops; a neutral clutch; three jersey dresses on one hanger in a dry-cleaning bag; two oversize scarves; two nightgowns in different weights; and a packable hat with tissue in the crown. (No, we didn’t forget the undies. They line the sides of the suitcase.)

Kendra, who is using her carry-on as her suitcase, favors unlined, washable linen pants in white and taupe, corresponding blouses, a linen jacket, sundresses, a nightgown, two bathing suits (in ziplock bags) and a cover-up that can be transformed into a dress, top or towel. To these, Kendra takes the military-style approach, folding and rolling each article. She places her toiletries on the top or side of the bag in a clear cosmetic case so airport security doesn’t have to hunt for them. But doesn’t linen wrinkle? “It will have creases anyway,” Kendra says. “Besides, I’m OK with a little ironing.”

5. And for the guys: Kendra and Debbi favor a pair of dress shoes and something they can be comfortable in – mules, good-looking leather sandals, water shoes; a couple of pairs of shorts; a bathing suit; well-fitting khakis (try olive green and navy, Kendra says); chinos; cargo, convertible or running pants; a dress shirt; some polos and Ts; and a blazer in a garment bag on top.
And don’t forget a tie, guys. You never know what fancy place we’ll wind up in.

For more on Debbi O’Shea, visit For more on Kendra Charisse Porter, visit


Style for Style

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dark Circles: Is there Hope in a Jar?

Murad Instant Radiance Eye Cream

I must admit that I have gotten dozens of queries from friends and readers about the best eye cream to combat dark circles.  May I admit to a smidgen of smugness, when I got to say I wasn't the best person to ask, since this was not my problem...until it was.

It became apparent to me on our last vacation.  Usually by night two or three, I suddenly no longer require under eye concealer.  Apparently, the R&R is working its magic.  Not so, this last trip.  I appeared tired, even when I wasn't.

Ruh Roh.  

That's why I was so delighted to receive Murad's newest product Instant Radiance Eye Cream.  I saw absolutely no results with the first two products I diligently used.

All in a days work...

All in a days work...

SELECTED denim jacket, $100 / Ravel studded denim shorts / Lanvin short boots / Yves Saint Laurent logo bag / MAC Cosmetics orange eye makeup / Christian Dior / Louise Young Cosmetics lip brush / Ciate nail polish

Lovely Indeed....

Lovely Indeed....

RED Valentino long sleeve shirt / Dolce & Gabbana dolce gabbana / Chinese Laundry gold heel sandals, $100 / By Malene Birger stretch belt, $125 / Topshop fake belt / Clinique sugar lip treatment

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Burt's Bees Radiance Day Lotion: Protect Me, Protect Me Not?

Burt's Bees Radiance Day Lotion

I had received a sample of Burt's Bees Radiance Day Lotion recently, with their lovely Radiance Cleanser and Body Lotion which I reviewed glowingly.  I put Radiance Day Lotion on the back burner because of the low SPF.  "7" seems and odd and arbitrary number for SPF in a moisturizer.

Curiosity definitely got the best of me, when the temperatures spiked to the 90's last week.  I could see this would be a lightweight moisturizer, which is always my preference in warmer months.

The Good Life

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dr. Howard Murad Presents: A Younger You

Dr. Howard Murad M.D. FAAD
I frequently have the opportunity to sample Murad anti-aging products. I can honestly say I have never used one that I haven't thought was tops in its class, be it a serum, moisturizer, toner, pigment lightener, exoliator, peel or mask.  What makes me such a fan???


Last September, I was among a group of top beauty bloggers who were invited to hear Dr. Murad speak at a cocktail reception at the St. Regis in NYC.

His credentials are so impressive.  Dr. Murad is a,  board-certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and best-selling author of four books including The Water Secret. Dr. Murad holds 19 patents for advances in the science of skin health.

It was a fascinating evening and a delight to hear this vibrant International authority on health and wellness talk with us about cellular health and how much control we have over our physical and emotional well being.  He is truly someone who believes in treatment the patient wholly, not just their skin concerns. I was mesmerized.

Now you can hear Dr. Murad speak about his philosophies on how to slow down and in some cases, reverse the aging process. This June, Dr. Murad will be helping PBS in their fundraising efforts and is one of their featured experts presenting , A Younger You." Generally, WLIW and Channel 13 run identical programming during these drives so if you miss it on one you can catch it on another. (Check your local U.S. markets as well for times in your area.)

New York6/7/13FridayWLIW3:00 AMET
New York6/7/13FridayWLIW2:00 PMET
New York6/8/13SaturdayWLIW4:30 PMET
New York6/9/13SundayWLIW1:00 PMET

I was recently sent some new Murad products and I am already crazy about Murad's new Instant Radiance Eye Cream.  Buh Bye dark circles!!!

Stay tuned for my upcoming reviews and more importantly, tune in to see Dr. Murad.  When it comes to skincare and anti-aging, I think he is the 8th wonder...



Perk Up! Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish

Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish

I have long been intrigued with the idea of using coffee as an anti-aging beauty product.  I have even gone as far as concocting my own body scrub with coffee grounds... It's messy business...

When I received some information from my friends at Kaplow PR about Nyakio, a new line of products with Kenyan coffee as the key ingredient I was particularly intrigued with the idea of less mess.

Nyakio  successfully launched on HSN in May and founder Nyakio Kamoche Grieco will be featured again in August. You can purchase Nyakio products through HSN and shortly on their own website

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shades of Blue


Today by divadebbi 

I have written often about my friend Stacey Bewkes, who writes the award winning lifestyle blog Quintessence.  Stacey's eye is unerring and her prose is pitch perfect. I adore this stylish Minx!

Every morning with coffee, I read about her latest globe trotting adventure. Stacey has been a past online contributor to Connecticut Cottages and Gardens.  Her first print article and photos appear in their June issue. It highlights the "blue trend" in interiors that she first noticed in Paris this January at the Maison et Objet and Paris Deco Off.  I look forward to reading it.

As soon as I spied this stack of gorgeous Limoge porcelain cups by Marie Daage,
I was inspired to create a Polyvore set featuring them. Interestingly, many of my sets that Polyvore, retailers, cosmetic brands and designers have chosen to highlight and promote have featured photographs from Quintessence.

Thank you for bringing out the best in me Q. and congratulations on CCG!


A Stroke of Genius: Philip Kingsley's Swimcap

Philip Kingsley Swimcap
Here's a product that might actually get me back in the pool...

I loved to swim. I loved to float.  It's been a long, time since my double processed hair with carefully placed caramel highlights, by my long time colorist Christopher Hornauer, has touched chlorine.

Oh well.

For the rest of you who still take the plunge, I thought that Swimcap, developed by Philip Kingsley for the Olympic Synchronized Swimming team would be a great  addition to your summer beach bag.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Are you Finished?: Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Finishing Spray

Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer Micro Finishing Spray

Last week was, (pray God,) unseasonably warm in the Northeast. I save all my weather complaining for the Winter---you can't have it both ways, but my hair woes are another story.
I have noticed of late that all of the hairsprays I have tried have been leaving my hair with a dull finish...not pretty. I need the control, particularly with some of the flyaways that drive me mad, but still want hair that looks reasonably shiny.

Peonies and Roses

Peonies and Roses

Madewell cut out shirt / Bow shorts / Witchery patent leather shoes, $145 / Mulberry evening handbag, $1,215 / Beaded necklace / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics / Aesop

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage by divadebbi 

These minimalist sets are very popular on Polyvore.  This is my second attempt.  It's more difficult than it would seem to select just a handful of items and have them stand out.

Consider mine a work in progress...


Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Apple Day May Keep the Wrinkles at Bay: Ageless Derma

Ageless Derma
$65 (less 25% and free domestic shipping
on their website)

Since I do focus a great deal on anti-aging beauty, I get many requests to sample and review products.  One of the things that will get me to tip my scale to say yes is if I think a product is well priced and if it is jam packed with cutting age ingredients like bio-peptides, stem cells, antioxidents, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid in high concentrations.

Such is the case with Ageless Derma.  Ageless Derma and 5 other skin care products were developed at the behest of Dr. Mostamand a California based Medical Spa owner and author.  Dr. Mostamand assembled his own team of Bio chemists and estheticans, to find which ingredients work and which don't and when they do, in what concentration.


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