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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Portable Potions???

In a pinch, Sephora rarely disappoints, and the fact that my local Sephora is free standing, only increases my drop in rate.

Having recently fallen in love with Jimmy Choo's fragrance, I needed a tidier way to refresh my fragrance mid-day, without dragging a 3 oz. flacon around in my already overburdened handbag.

Does anyone make a sleek "empty" purse atomizer anymore???...

YupSephora does.  This adorable 4.5 inch pink aluminum
was exactly what I was hoping for!  The $10 price tag makes a perfect mini thank you gift...I could see giving these to all my Gal Pals as a parting gift for a big Birthday Bash or a similar occasion.  Who wouldn't use it???

Um nobody. 

Feel free to borrow the idea...Your Gal Pal's will love it too.


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