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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

L'Oreal Age Perfect Cellular Golden Serum

L'Oreal Age Perfect Cellular Golden Serum
$20.99 - ish

I honestly can't remember a colder winter in the Northeast.  Winter is my least favorite season, except for the clothes.  Between the freezing temperatures and being pitch black at 5 pm, I don't have much motivation to anything besides eating beef stew in my pajamas.  Another lament???  My face is falling off...

I told you recently about my discovering of Rose Hip Oil. The obsessions remains unabated.  I have used a serum under my moisturizers for about 9 years now.  One of my favorites is Instanatural Vitamin C Serum , which I have ordered from dozens of times.  With this extreme cold,  however, my face has not been feeling hydrated enough, so I decided to look for a serum with a richer consistency on my last CVS run.

(BTW- kudos to CVS! They have decided that any beauty ads that they shoot will only include photography that has not been retouched.  It's a nod to the women's empowerment movement, to not perpetuate presenting unrealistic beauty standards to its customers. It's bold and interesting and I do think more companies will follow suit.  Good for them!

Monday, January 8, 2018

DivaDebra's 2018 Golden Globes Report Card

The Black Out of 2018

Well, it was an interesting night, no one can deny that.  The politics absolutely trumped the fashion, which was the point, of course...But Lord, it made for a snoozy Red Carpet -just sayin.

The night no longer belonged to the "mani-cam" an embarrassment that will not be missed, though boy, I wish I knew who on earth, they were, "wearing"!!!

It was the night where woman had there say and in tandem and groups the solidarity and message loudly sounded was # Time's Up; sexual harassment and inequality, your days are numbered.


Thursday, January 4, 2018

AuraGlow Tooth Whitening Pen

AuraGlow Tooth Whitening Pen
$18.99 on Amazon Prime

Minutes after reordering this little gem on Amazon, I received a reach out to try one of those charcoal whiteners from an Australian company.  I will admit to be curious about them, so I bit and accepted their offer to try their product for review...Let's see how long if ever it takes to receive.

In the meanwhile, I did want to share this very effective whitener, that is gentle and works without triggering gum sensitivity.   AuraGlow recommends using it daily... That seems like overkill to me...I can firmly attest that once a week will nicely remove surface stains from coffee, tea, wine etc. and will leave your teeth looking whiter.

I apply it to freshly brushed, tissue dried teeth, before bed and avoid drinking any liquids for at least 30 minutes.  I guarantee you will like what you see in the mirror in the morning!

The active ingredients are as follows:

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy Healthy Beautiful New Year!!!

Hello Lovelies!
Long time no see, I know, but my new venture in the last year, has occupied much of my time and thought.  Co-Owning my own women's luxury store has been a dream come true!  I am blessed with an amazing partner, Anastasia Cucinella, a wonderful staff and two incredibly talented dressmakers, who make everything fit like couture!

For those of you in the Northeast, I invite you to drop by and visit us at Mary Jane Denzer.  We are conveniently located at the Ritz Carlton in White Plains, N.Y.  and valet parking is validated.  It would be a joy to see you!


Onto my latest beauty find...I have noticed that every inch of my skin feels extremely dry, as we slog through a long patch of unseasonably freezing  cold weather.


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