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Monday, October 29, 2012

Beautiful South Beach

Beautiful South Beach

Away for a few days...its beautiful in South Beach, but I'm concerned about all those at home in the Northeast.  Be safe.


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Review: Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation

Laura Mercier Moisture Supreme Foundation

You know when the seasons change and you look in the mirror and have
who you are???  All of sudden, every product you were using seems to be the wrong texture and color.  Your hair feels limp and misshapen and wouldn't be a good idea to do your base color darker next time???

Tell me I'm not alone???...

I can't ever remember being disappointed with a Laura Mercier purchase.  The quality is lovely, the palette is classic and though they are not inexpensive, they certainly last a long time.

One of the reasons I am such a devoted Sephora shopper, is that the knowledgeable staff are always cheery samplers.  Whenever possible, particularly with something like foundation, I much prefer to sample than buy and return.

Because my skin does have some olive tone to it, I do prefer a yellow based formula.  Of course, when I was younger, I tried to "correct" this by purchasing all the rosey beige tones--bad idea.

I asked to sample Laura Mercier's Golden Beige foundation and used it the next morning.  This is a medium to full coverage foundation, something I would normally never consider using.  I just wondered what my skin would look like if I took the coverage to the next level.  After all, I could always thin it with a damp sponge.  How did it look?

The Chrysler Girl

Friday, October 26, 2012


13 Best Body Washes

I like to use body washes in the shower, though I always end up using moisturizer after anyway, no matter how much they promise to multi-task. Most of the highest rated products were under $10 bucks. Cheap and fave!

 If you do use a body wash with a shower or bath sponge, please remember to touch the ta ta's!!! Years ago, I missed my own breast lump this way. Palpable breast lumps are easy to feel on soapy breasts in the shower. Please do yourself and me a favor and remember to do this every day.


Say goodbye to shower clutter. These 13 body washes are so good, they'll replace every cream, oil, and gel in your caddy

13 Best Body Washes
This is a body article
You know you have too many bath products when you accidentally mistake your body wash for your shampoo. But the solution to your crowded caddy isn't a complete overhaul -- it's a good body wash. The best body washes can do more than just cleanse; they can replace your body scrub, shaving cream, lotion, and more. See the 13 most amazing, multitasking body washes now. average reader rating: 9.0

"This body wash really makes my skin super velvety. What a find!" average reader rating: 9.2

"It provides such a gentle exfoliation that I think anyone can use it without it being too harsh." average reader rating: 9.3

"The scent is relaxing and it leaves my skin silky smooth."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Warren Tricomi's Super Hold Hair Spray...Does

Warren Tricomi's Super Hold Hair Spray
I may have been born in the wrong era.  I would have had no issue with suiting up every day with false lashes and a fall...

Why shouldn't one look their best at Stop & Shop???

Yes, I'm a sucker for a little height at the crown.

I recently tried one of those ingenious Blow-Dry bars, that seem to be popping up on every street corner like banks and Starbucks.

No cuts. No color. Just shampoo, conditioner and blow dryers.  In theory it sounded great...
Who doesn't like a cheap and cheerful blow out?

Well me apparently.

A Perfect Pair Indeed...

A Perfect Pair Indeed...

I must say, I am enamored with all things VB.   Yes, she's whippet thin, but she looks spectacular in her designs and I am always charmed when she is in full sartorial splendor toting a quietly attired child, who may just match her exact shade of greige...

Anyway, I had dedicated this to some of my dear Polyvore Pals, who have really been kind in mentoring me in the ways of Poly.  Like everything else, you get better with experience and a little guidance.

I am very pleased that Polyvore's Editorial chose to honor me by selecting this as one of their Top Sets for October 23rd, 2012.  I really liked this one!



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