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Monday, October 31, 2011

Simply Smashing: Smashbox Holiday Eye Liners

It was a krazy weekend on the East Coast.  Snow before Halloween???  Definitely more trick than treat.  This was the scene outside my kitchen window yesterday. I am soooo not ready

Last week I went into  N.Y.C. to see Smashbox's Holiday Collection.  At the time, I was feeling like "I am soooo not ready",  but as soon as I entered the Penthouse Davis Factor and his team set up to introduce it, I melted.  Davis, the Creative Director, is so passionate and excited about both product and  image, his energy lit up the room.  In case you are unfamiliar with his storied pedigree and the history of Smashbox, here's what Wiki has to say about them:

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do At-Home Wrinkle Reducing Lasers Work?

We are about to find out!

There is about a lot of buzz in the beauty world about PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser,  the first FDA approved at-home laser clinically proven reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.  It's been discussed on The View and The Doctors, written about in Bazaar, New Beauty and The N.Y. Times and reviewed in Makeup Alley, Truth In Aging and  Beauty Stat.

In addition, it was Allure's 2011 Beauty Breakthrough Winner.  Here's the scoop:

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Breast Cancer Alliance Luncheon 2011

My 15 seconds of fame!  I made the front page of Friday's Greenwich Time.

Breast cancer survivor Debbi O'Shea, the personal shopper at Richards since 2001, walks the runway.  Photo: Helen Neafsey / Greenwich Time

Though it was unusually cool and rainy yesterday, it was pure sunshine inside the tent at the 16th annual Breast Cancer Alliance benefit luncheon and fashion show at the Hyatt Regency in Greenwich.
This was the sixth year that Mitchells/Richards sponsored the fashion show and nearly 800 women were treated to a whirlwind of exciting fashion from Valentino, Brunello Cucinelli, Michael Kors, Akris, J. Mendel, Giorgio Armani, Jason Wu, Yigal Azrouel, Lela Rose and exquisite coats from the Oscar de la Renta Couture Collection.

In a word: Swoonworthy even if I did just make it up.

Festive Tables

The Runway
All of this is the culmination of a year of hard work of dozens of volunteers, chaired this year by Patricia Burns and Amanda Davis, with the great support of  BCA President Debbie Black and Andrew Mitchell-Namdar of Mitchells/Richards.  This was my fourth year on the committee and I am proud to be associated with this incredible organization

This year's Guest Speaker was Cokie Roberts, whose list of accomplishments is so long it could comprise another blog.  As is tradition, she is also a breast cancer survivor. The finale of the fashion show always includes survivors and often, the people who helped them achieve it.  My supporter, was my friend Michele Penque. We know well in our hearts, that our dear friend Lorraine Millar, a 20 year survivor who lost her battle in 2009, was looking down on that runway with joy. I was also extremely proud of my colleagues Patricia Cinquemani and Iwona Kelly who walked the runway together.  Both received breast cancer diagnosis' last year, fought hard and won. Their smiles say it all...

Michele, Patricia and Iwona
This is such a fun and glamorous day, but what is really impressive, is the mission of the BCA and the breadth of their accomplishments.  Fundraising, has allowed the BCA and their dedicated Board of Directors to disperse over $13.5 million dollars to some of the most brilliant researchers in the country.  In an average year, 75% of their grant funds go to research and 25% to early detection programs in the communities they serve. The distinguished cancer specialists on their Medical Advisory Board, together with outside experts, help them to make quality grant decisions.

Over the years, the Alliance has funded a variety of cutting edge research grants and one-year post-graduate breast surgery fellowships at 25 of the nation's leading research institutions. They have also funded community outreach programs and education initiatives in nine communities in Connecticut and New York.

In a word:  WOW!

What can you do to stay on top of your breast health?  Know your family history (paternal history counts equally). Get annual mammograms beginning at age 40 (earlier if you are at high risk), with a manual exam by a Radiologist. If you have dense breasts, insist on a bilateral ultrasounds. Exercise often. Drink moderately. Be in touch with your breasts in the shower.  If you need a biopsy, seek medical help from a Breast Specialist.

If you do ever hear the dreaded words, "You have breast cancer", I promise, you will not go it alone. Family, friends, survivors and organizations like the BCA will help see you through...

I promise.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Benefit Benefits

Apparently, I'm on a Benefit binge...In addition to my new mascara, (for the rest of my life), They're Real!, I am delighted with three other new purchases...

I have always enjoyed Benefit's cheeky packaging and cleverly named products, I have had my share of disappointments over the years.  Two of the products that I am so happy with now, are kinder, gentler versions of two well known bestsellers; Benetint a deep rouge cheek stain left me looking like I was harboring a high fever and High Beam highlighter that made me fluorescent instead of incandescent.  On to better days...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Love and Lashes

On Saturday evening, I had the great pleasure of being a guest at a most extraordinary wedding.  Over the years, I have had the privilege of attending some spectacular benefits, events, and celebrations.  Of one thing I can be sure, nothing can or will match the beauty of the union of Taylor Sites and Thomas Grothe, at the legendary Frick Museum, (one of the pre-eminent small art museums in the Country).  In a word?  Spectac. (Pics to follow).

So, how does a Girl who wouldn't scoot out for a quart of milk without full maquillage notch up for an important event???  Slim pickings...a pretty dress, a decent blow out and false lashes.  I have already 'fessed up that D.I.Y. lashes are not within my pervue. I thought I recalled that the Benefit Brow Bar at Bloomingdales in White Plains, where I have my brows groomed, also applies lashes and extensions. I also have a sweet spot for any retail establishment that does not require me to enter a mall.  Bloomies it was.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Choosing Choo

Every Fall, dozens of fragrances are launched and every year, I think maybe this will be the one where I find, "the one". My signature scent. 

I more savvy now then I was in my impetuous youth...much to the crushing disappointment of the salesperson who smells my longing, 5 feet before I even reach the counter. Nope, despite my sighs and smiles, I am not making a purchase until that spritch settles in with my personal chemistry.  I won't be back in an hour.  I might not be back for days...and if you were kind enough to provide a sample, it will be even longer...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not Fade Away: Kerastase Chroma Sensitive "Cleansing Balm"

I think the last time I "lathered, rinsed and repeated", I was a single Girl, living in N.Y.C.  I barely made my rent each month, but somehow I managed to buy myself a new fur coat...que sera sera

The light bulb went off when I started coloring my hair professionally. Who said it's necessary to lather, rinse and repeat??? My good friends at Proctor & Gamble???  It just seems like part of what I was paying for was slipping down the drain, hence, I have been a "lather and rinse only" Girl, for quite some time.

The last time I visited with my amazingly talented  Colorist, Christopher at Warren Tricomi  Greenwich, he gave me a present...

"This is a very different kind of shampoo".

"Really"???  "How so"? I pondered.

"Well, it doesn't really lather".

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dr. Jules Nabet's Zen Lotion: A BeautyStat Review

Why is it that anything French always piques my interest? No matter what the medium, art, architecture, film or fashion I am instantly enamored.  For sure, it is that intangible je nais se quoi that gets me every time... 
From time to time, I am asked by BeautyStat the wildly popular online interactive community for the beauty obsessed, to review products. " Might I be interested in giving Dr. Jules Nabet, latest anti-aging gem Zen Lotion a trial"?  Zen Lotion is rich in texture, and uses micro-encapsulated pure oxygen and vitamin C to reduce the visible signs of aging.

 I took one look at his handsome picture and impressive bio and immediately said, "yes". (Please send stat).  Here's what I learned:

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Latest Anti-Aging Options: Luxe and Less

Have I have seen an A-A article that I haven't stopped in my tracks to peruse???


I received this information from TotalBeauty today, one of my favorite beauty websites, who also nicely publish DivaDebbi.  It's a tidy review of treatments and key anti-aging ingredients that are being used  professionally and are available for you to use at home.

It's sponsored by Loreal, hence the pitch for three of their products.  It doesn't offend me... they all sound cutting edge, user friendly and sweetly priced.  Any-hoo, thought I would share them!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

They're Real! The BEST Mascara...Evah!

As fate would have it, right on the heels of my outreaching for some ideas about new mascaras to try, I found The One... While I was having my brows groomed by the lovely Dahlia at the Benefit Brow Bar at Bloomingdales, I asked her if Benefit had developed anything new since Bad Gal, a good mascara with an obese brush, that I had tossed.

"Yes".  "It's called They're Real! and I think you are going to love the results".

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bliss Fabulips: Nothing to Pout About

When exactly did women amongst 7 Continents, become obsessed with their lips?   I can't help but think that Ms. Jolie, got the whole ball of fillers wax started.  She's been on most of our radar for well over a decade now...mine perhaps a little longer with her extraordinary 1997 portrayal of Gia Carangi, the drug addled Super Model, who died of Aids.

The thing about this particular set of lips, is that they only work on this particular's just the way the gene pool crumbles.

What can you do to optimize your own pucker?  I love Bliss Fabulips, a tidy treatment kit that packages value ($74 worth of product for $45), with results.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Carrie Fisher Has a Brand New Head

I was rendered speechless when I saw this picture of Carrie Fisher.  My eyes were trying to convince my brain that this was in fact Carrie Fisher.  True, we haven't seen her 50 lbs. lighter in quite some time (she is the new Jenny Craig spokesperson), and we have never seen her with a chocolate brown bob, but neither of those two facts  deflect from the fact that Carrie Fisher has a brand new head!

How does this happen???

To me, this is the epitome of scarily, overdone work.  This is not a 57 year old woman getting refreshed, (this, I have no issue with)  This is a 57 year old woman getting a major overhaul, that has left her with that vaguely generic, over blown, Hollywood  look.  It's not just the facelift (and chin implant,, I suspect), it's the nose work, cheek implants, lip enhancement, Botox and short the full Montag Monty, and all I can think of is why???

Who are my Poster Girls for "Good Work"?  Here are some examples; some are great beauties, some simply attractive women like Carrie.  A few are a few years younger than Carrie, several a few years older. 

To me, this is how it should be done:

There is no need to identify anyone, because everyone still looks like themselves!  Carrie???...not so much. Ultimately, we need only please ourselves.  So I truly hope she is happy with her results.

 One of my favorite Carrie Fisher films, is the still hilarious When Harry Met Sally with Meg Ryan (don't get me started)... Billy Crystal and the wonderful Bruno Kirby, as desperately lonely singles looking for love in N.Y.C.

In my minds eye, I will always remember her best as "Marie", fresh faced and funny.

And I will leave it at that...


Let's Tawk About: Mascara

I have been musing lately about  how much I enjoy hearing from my readers about your favorite beauty finds.  Many of you email me privately about them and I often try them or get fodder for new things to blog about. I was thinking that it would be fun to hear more from all of you, particularly as a conversation on FaceBook (simply "Like Me"on FB on this page or leave a comment ). Every week, I am going to put a new topic out there for discussion.  I know we can learn from each other and have some fun in the process. Whaddya say??? Let's Tawk Girls!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Closet Closure: The Bi-Annual Switch

URRRGHHH.  I can't procrastinate much longer...can you?  I loathe this chore...mainly because I could be better at it. From time to time, clients from Richards will ask me to come help them edit their closets.  In less busy months, it's my pleasure.  There is one caveat and I always give fair warning, "I'll do it...but I'm ruthless.

To date, no one has turned me down.  Whether they actually end up donating  all of the, "that has got to go" pile,  I will never kow. If there anything like me, they will slip a few pieces back in their closets, giving them one final reprieve. 

Why is it so hard to part with things?  I have a few theories:

1) It cost a fortune.  You felt a little guilty when you bought it, now your giving it the boot. Pit meet stomach.
2) You wore it to your rehearsal dinner (a couple of thousand Fridays ago). 
3) When you lose the 6 lbs. you put on over the summer, that skirt, ____.____ is going to fit like a glove.
4) It's Chanel, Armani, fill in the blank, it will be back in style---eventually.

Pretty much, it should all go.

How do you know when you really must part ways?

1) If it's faded, tired, pilling, too short or has Amazonian shoulder pads.
2) If you haven't worn it once in three years, you never will again.
3) If you felt old, fat or dowdy in it the last time you wore it.
4) It's an orphan and you never did find the perfect blouse, sweater or jacket after years of searching.

Honestly, I have never missed or regretted donating anything. 

What should you keep?

1) Your evening wear. Long, cocktail dresses, evening blouses, beaded tops, tunics, silk, satin and velvet pants, elegantly cut wool dinner suits.  I may always crave something new, but I have things that are as beautiful now as the day I bought them.  This is a category where things can actually be timeless.
2)  Your little black dresses. Ditto.
3) Suede and leather skirts, pants and dresses.
4) Coats. As long as they are in perfect condition.
5) Belts. It's either a skinny belt year or a wide belt year. Either way, next year your good.
6) Clutches and evening bags.  If they were classic and elegant then, they probably still are now.
7) Shoes that are chic, comfortable and in good condition. If they are stylish but tired, find an excellent shoe repair store to breathe new life into them. 

So, this is it.  I can't put it off any longer.  Sunday I will roll up my sleeves and sort and schlep.  Have any tips to add??? I would love to hear them!

C'mon Girls...we can do this.  Let's be ruthless...



Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Flawless: Laura Mercier Smooth Cream Foundation

It's official...overnight, Fall arrived. Sandals and bare legs were replaced with nude fishnets and Prada pumps. My unworn (take it in case the office feels like a meat locker) cardigan was replaced with a lightweight coat and  I wore foundation...


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