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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beware the Boogeyman - Mid-Face Sink

Oh-Tay...Let's tawk about "Mid-Face Sink". I don't know what it is, I don't think I have yet succumbed to it and I don't think I want to. M-FS sounds awful, doesn't it???

Filextra Facial Revolumizing Treatment with Collagen, was developed by Good Skin Labs, which is under the Lauder umbrella of companies, (I'm a sucker for a little major cosmetic giant cred.). For reasons that are unknown to me, their products are exclusive only to Kohls and can be purchased at retail or online. I am assuming their clientele is bilingual and Repulpant Visage Booster de Toncite will also be curing M-FS for the Latin American market, if they know what it was.

Anyway, we know I am also a sucker for anything that vaguely promises a wade in the fountain of youth. One of my favorite Beauty Bloggers, Kari Solyntjes , who writes Faboverforty is one month ahead of me in her Filextra trial. Kari has no idea what M-FS was either, BUT, she did see a significant difference in the hollows under her eyes, (and I am also a sucker for a little fellow Beauty Blogger cred.)...if Kari can detect a difference, I'm in!

This is Good Skin's explanation of of M-FS and what it is Filextra
can do to counteract it:

"As the skin ages, loss of natural collagen in the "mid-face sink"- a sunken and hollowed look to the cheek and under eye area and unhealthy, sallow and thin looking skin. These signs are as much an age indicator as wrinkles, dark circles and uneven skin tone. To address this specific anti-aging concern, Good Skin Labs introduces Filextra Facial Revolumizing Treatment with Collagen, its latest skincare innovation which visibly corrects the "mid-face sink" with a potent mix of technologically advanced ingredients and a rebuilding system that improves skin's translucency and radiance immediately while stimulating natural collagen production to help support skin structure over time".

Holy Pacholy what a mouthful!!! However, I am also sucker for a press release that makes me want to try a product immediately.

Filextra usually retails for $42.99. I checked the Kohls website and Filextra is on sale for $37.99, in case you want to try it to.

I will give you a photo update at the 4 and 8 week mark. We will all be able to see if there is any difference...after all, I am a sucker for a good "before" and "after" story...aren't you???


Friday, January 29, 2010

How to Diffuse Curly Hair

This TotalBeauty Bit caught my eye...I have used diffusers before and always end up with hair that looks like steel wool. I am also getting a little tired of straight hair and have been allowing some of my natural curl to show when I blow. I don't think I am ready to do the Melina Kanakaredes thing, (and quite frankly, I am dying to see her with a good blow out), but when I am, at least I will know how.


How to Diffuse Curly Hair -- the Right Way

Follow this step-by-step guide to get frizz-free, defined curls

Curly hair guru Ouidad shares the exact steps you should follow to get gorgeous curls. She covers the products to use, the temperature of the blow dryer and even exactly what to do with your hands. Pretty sweet, huh?

See guide

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Small Wonders

The other half of the Beauty Blogosphere, are the P.R. execs, who keep us on top of the latest launches and sometimes introduce us to products that are a bit out of the mainstream, but nonetheless wonderful.

A few weeks ago I received an email from Sircuit Cosmeceuticals, an L.A. based, all natural, "Green" skin care line that I was not familiar with. They asked me to look at their website and see if there were any products I might want to sample. Uh... SURE!!!

The first thing I noticed was that I loved the cheeky names and copy that accompanied the products, eg. Fixzit(blemish drying serum--duh)!, Day Care (protective day moisturizer) and Sircuit Weapon (10% vitamin C therapy serum). Adorable (and yes, I am available to write copy).

So many things to ponder and OH, as the mid-winter pasties have kicked in, didn't Sircuit Soleil, their firming mineral bronzer sound. dreamy??? At their suggestion, they would send me a mini sampler of their bestselling products called the 7 Essentials Collection, a complete morning and evening program with an exfoliator to be used 2-4 times per week. Brilliant!

Sircuit Cosmeceuticals has a techy scientific history. The products work at the "molecular level" based on Chiral Technology.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... now where did that cheeky copywriter go??? I glazed past the sciencebabble and reviewed the rest of their brochure which turned out to be even more tempting than the website.

Cut to the chase...did the 7 Essentials Collection live up to its hype??? Absolutely! It smell delicious, cleans without stripping, moisturizes deeply but without heavy oils, is hypo-allergenic and good for all skin types. I can imagine these products gracing the bathroom's of Hollywood's A-List.

What was my favorite??? The 8th Essential. Sircuit very kindly included Sircuit Soleil, the firming self bronzer I was coveting. The label says, "If this doesn't "babe-ify" you I don't know what will" of all, it did!!! A beautiful, beachy, bronze. It smells like the islands and leaves a rich glow, unlike any other self bronzer I have tried.

In my little beauty world, it's the Eight Wonder of the World. What will be yours?


Monday, January 25, 2010

Batting .424

I took a mini makeup moratorium yesterday...not a stitch!!! (Of course I didn't leave the house, either).

Whenever I am trying a product for the first time, the optimist in me, expects to love it. I want to believe the hype, just as much as the next girl...I promised to follow up and tell you how Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes mascara worked out. The claim is that it boosts lash length and thickness by 424%.
Makes one wonder just how that was measured and what it would have taken to squeak out another 76% to get us to batting our lashes an even 500%.

Nevertheless, I tried it on my very tired eyes this morning. Two coats on top, one coat on the bottom. No noxious smells, a user friendly brush, some good for you ingredients and a $19 price tag.

I'm happy...judge for yourself.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tarte Art

Essentially, I have been doing some variation of the same "eye" forever...liner, top and bottom, light shadow on the lid, dark shadow in the crease, highlighter and mascara. The only variation is the thousands of products that have make up my makeup. What about you???

Last week, my friend Angela said, "your eyes look amazing today". "Really"??? I had to think if I had done anything differently and realized I had indeed tried something new...MAC Liquid Last Liner.

How could I forget??? I had just spent 20 minutes putting it on (and trying to correct the mistakes without removing everything else) that same morning. Despite the divinely skinny brush that appeared manageable, when it comes to liquid liner, I am still a klutz. When the formula is as indelible, as Liquid Last is, you are begging for trouble, unless you are a female Neurosurgeon, (or Angela, who inherited the handiness chromosome) Yes Ang-- you can have it.

Still, I did love the effect... cleanly defined eyes, with a surprisingly lightly made up look.

Off to Sephora in search of my Holy Grail: A super skinny gel pencil, that would deliver a lot of long lasting pigment delicately and something I could master, without a trail of Q-tips.

How I love the concept of Sephora!!! Knowledgeable help if you need it, freedom to browse, try and play without scorn, if you don't...

One hour later, I emerged victorious!!! Tarte's EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil. This is my first ever Tarte purchase and I like the idea that their products use natural "skinvigorating" ingredients, are cruelty free and quite affordably priced.

Could I resist picking up Lights Camera Lashes, their "clinically proven" natural mascara, with a promised lash volume increase of 424%??? Don't be silly!!!

Will I report back on the mascara??? Of course...don't be silly!!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sisterly Advice

I saw my sister Loren on Sunday. We were equally beauty, makeup and fashion obsessed as teenagers, mystifying our Mother, who could be showered, dressed and out the door in 15 minutes, when she wasn't rushing.

Clearly, she now thinks I am out of my mind and vice verse. Loren has become quite a makeup minimalist and only worships at the La Creme De Mer alter. She visibly shaken, when I told her I was using Terasita's 50% Glycolic Peel at home, looking for signs of my remaining skin, stretched tautly over my skull. Nonsense!!! I just completed my 3rd in a 6 week series and my skin looks FAB! (I saw a friend today who was looking great too. She recently had a peel...but at her Dermatologists office---cost??? $500).

Maybe I should have spared them both the shock and sticker price and just told them I was just using Peter Thomas Roth's Un-Wrinkle Pads, a far milder, yet highly effective, 20% hydroxy acid and peptide treatment.

Who can resist the promise of firm, clearer skin, tighter pores, more even skin tone, diminished fine lines and wrinkles and increased cellular turnover? PTR's Un-Wrinkle Pads have won rave reviews, by women of every age and skin type, on both TotalBeauty and Sephora's website. It was hard for me to imagine how one product could produce glowing reviews and glowing complexions on nearly everyone who tried it. Needless to say, my curiosity was peaked.

Un-Wrinkle Pads couldn't be easier or more convenient to use. Simply use one pad on cleansed skin and leave on from one to three minutes, depending on your tolerance for mild stinging...(you know how long I left it on for, don't you)???, and rinse with cool water. They also smartly recommend using it not just on the face, but the neck, decollete and top of hands. The pads are generously saturated, so you can easily cover that much ground. Depending on your skin type and sensitivity, they can be used nightly or 2-3 times per week. 60 pads cost $45...(that's nearly a two year supply vs. one professional peel).

Will I join the ranks of the besotted??? I believe I already next Sis.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekly Reads from the GlamourSquad

I am pleased that the entire GlamourSquad, took a beauty time out, to provide information to help Haiti.

Our youngest GlamourSquad member, the insanely talented Adina of Kraseybeauty is celebrating her first Blogaversery with a fabulous giveaway, so please click on the link below and toss your chapeau in the ring to win!!!

BeautySweetSpot showcases the hottest new Spring makeup launches.

Krasey Beauty is turning one, and you are invited to enter a beauty giveaway worth $1k!

The Product Pasha is swooning over Orly's Sweet Spring collection!

Butterflydiary shows you how to get Emily Blunt's hairdo at the Golden Globes!

The Beauty Alchemist previews Chanel Ultra Correction Lift for Eyes and Lips.



Monday, January 18, 2010

The Globes

OMG I don't know where to begin my dissection of the Golden Globes Fashion feast.

Let's start with the trends: Strapless (ad nauseum), One shoulder (ad nauseum), black (zzzzzzz), nude, important earrings, bare necks, jeweled and embellished gowns, short.

Let's continue with the sluts: Mariah Carey, Anna Pacquin, Olivia Wilde, and Jennifer Aniston flashing her pubic bone, (was that really necessary??? Brangelina were not even in attendance).

Kudos to the A-List-: Including Julianna Margulies (though I think she was having a Botox malfunction with her right eye), Jennifer Garner (though I think she was having Restylane malfunction with her upper lip), Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon (who is always pitch perfect, though I still cannot find out whose dress she was wearing despite exhaustive research), Ginnifer Goodwin in a short violet Vionnet, (which she rocked) with the sweetest short pixie hair cut, Toni Collette who looked beautiful, (for Toni Collette).

The J Team: As in Jane and Judy Jetson-Kate Hudson, January Jones, Chistina Aguilera, Anna Kendrick, Drew Barrymore (from the hip down). Out of this world...literally.

Curtain Calls- Shower and stage (caution: no smoking-- highly flammable materials) Julianne Moore, Rita Wilson, Elizabeth Moss, Heidi Klum, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Fergie, Monique, Jennifer Goodman, Christina Hendricks (though her bosoms, hair and makeup were insanely beautiful), Amy Poehler and Calista Flockhart.

Girls, for the future: Miss Scarlet was the only one whoever made the curtain thing work.

The F List: As in what the "F" were you thinking??? Tina Fey
and Jessica Lange (both in the usually impeccable Zac Posen),Patricia Arquette, Cher, Diane Kruger, Marion Cotillard and Jane Adams. Pearls of Wisdom: Hire a stylist. If they are currently in your employ, fire the stylist.

One last bone to pick... I think she is an outstandingly talented actress, but, I will never understand Chloe Sevigny's long held fashion icon status. If any one out there thinks that greige Valentino was a knock out, 'splain it to me, won't you???


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Helping Haiti

When something as devastating as the earthquake in Haiti befalls the unfortunate victims, alive and dead, everything else, unrelated, seems trivial...especially beauty and fashion.

All of my Blogging buddies would like to take a breather from the powers of bringing you the latest mascara or lipstick, to provide resource information on how to help the people of Haiti.

Amber Katz of Beauty Blogging Junkie found a comprehensive list of organizations, which you can access by clicking this link. The organizations include:

The Red Cross
Operation Usa
Save The Children
Mercy Corps
UN Central Emergency Response
Help Haiti Now
Haiti Children
Partners in Health

Ben's Stillerstrong
Wyclef's Yele Haiti
Bill's Clinton Foundation

World Food Bank
Action Against Hunger

Doctors Without Borders
International Medical Corps
Direct Relief
Albert Schweitzer Hospital

Searching for People
Haitian Earthquake Registry
State Department

In-Situation Help
Baptist Haiti Mission
Better Future International
Haitian Health Foundation
World Concern

I was proud to see our Presidents, present and past, united on their commitment to expedite help and support. Let's all be proud Americans and do our part. No contribution is too small...who needs another lip gloss right now???


Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Apple A Day...

I so like Fairy Tale endings and when my beauty stars align...Last month I was getting a much needed pedicure (plus an extra 10 minutes of foot massage love) and perusing Vogue.. Naturally, I always zoom in on the Beauty features first.

I was immediately taken in by a story about the endangered Utlwiler Spatlauber a Swiss apple tree, that while not beautiful or sweet tasting, was none-the-less remarkable. What was discovered was that when the skin of the is punctured, it repairs itself! A light bulb moment! Was it possible to figure out what was happening on a cellular level and replicate that resistance into a topical cream for human skin?

Apparently, yes! The first maker was Clark's Botanical Cellular Lifting Serum and despite the $355 price tag, developed a devoted clientele, (allegedly including MOBama, who did ask about the possibility of developing the same properties in a cream that would be more affordable).

Wishes do come true...MO's and mine. The very next day, I received an email from my friends at Kaplow P.R., who represent Lumene a Scandinavian company that sells their product at CVS. Their Excellent Future Deep Repairing Serum and Deep Repairing Cream both retail for under $30. The key ingredients, was "Applexcell", which they derived from "modern apple extract and ancient white peat"...(whatevah)! Over 90% of women who tested it saw improvement in their skin. Would I be interested in test driving them??? Naturally!

One month later, I still have more than half left. I like the silky texture of the Deep Repairing Serum, which glides on, and instantly readies my skin for the Deep Repairing Cream, (which I am using both day and night). It smells heavenly, vaguely fruity and has a luscious, luxe texture, which absorbs immediately. I am notoriously fickle, yet still enamored, enough that I will use it till the last drop. I am a cheerleader if nothing else for my preservation.

How is the nearly extinct Utlwiler Spatlauber being preserved??? Quite nicely! The remaining 7 are protected by a European environmental group and immortalized on a Swiss
postage stamp.

The End.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Road Trip!!!

Social Media Sensation Lauren Luke Hits the Road!!!

When I received this email from DarkPR, I frantically scrolled down to see if she was going to be visiting any of my local Sephora's...unfortunately no such luck. To Beauty Junkie's like me, this is the equivalent of a face to face with the Pope.

Here's the poop:

Online makeup prodigy Lauren Luke is kicking off her first ever US tour in Miami this Saturday! So, for my readers in the Miami, Austin, Phoenix, and Los Angeles area, please check the schedule below.

The Road Trip is for Lauren to draw inspiration for, and feedback on, her new products and new looks in the coming year - from the people who have made it all possible for her, her fans! And in each city, Lauren will be unveiling a different city inspired look. Fans can also follow Lauren while she’s on the road at

Lauren Luke US Road Trip Schedule

Saturday, January 16th - MIAMI


19575 Biscayne Blvd. #723
Aventura, FL 33180

Personal Appearance: 6pm – 8pm

Tuesday, January 19th - AUSTIN


2901 Capitol of Texas Highway South
Austin, TX 78746

Personal Appearance: 6pm – 8pm

Thursday, January 21st - PHOENIX


7014 East Camelback Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Personal Appearance: 6pm – 8pm

Saturday, January 23rd – LOS ANGELES


10250 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Personal Appearance: 6pm – 8pm

Go meet our girl!!! If you do get to chat with Lauren and she isn't too swamped, please tell her DivaDebbi is breathlessly awaiting her return engagement to the Big Apple, (though I would consider crossing "the pond" if she would agree to dinner---anytime). Have fun!!!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Reads from the GlamourSquad

I can't wait to see what my fellow GlamSquad girls were up to this week! Please take a moment to check out our newest member Jeannine's Blog Beauty Sweet Spot.

Adina of Krasey Beauty shows you how can be body-hair free with Silk'n SensEpil!

Clumps of Mascara heads to NYC for New Year's!

DivaDebbi is saving a FORTUNE at the Derm by doing D.I.Y. Glycolic Peels!

Butterflydiary loves the Poptimism of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Spring Collection.

BeautySweetSpot tells you the top five beauty trends for 2010!

The Beauty Alchemist picks her Best of Beauty 2009

The Product Pasha is giving away a "tying The Knot" bridal beauty gift set from philosophy and The Knot valued at $100!



Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Love a Good Cheap Mascara...Don't You???

As a TotalBeauty Blogger, each week I receive something called "Totalbeauty Bits", which I have the option of sharing with my readers. When they interest me and I think they might interest you, I am happy to share them via DivaDebbi.

TotalBeauty courts readers, by the thousands, to participate in unbiased reviews of beauty products. They then calculate an average score on a scale of 1-10, to determine a products ranking.

In this weeks Beauty Bits, they offered up the 11 highest rated drugstore mascaras for under $10. Forget the 10 bucks... Forget Starbucks!!! Some were cheaper than a cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts!

My long time CVS fave is Cover Girl's Lash Exact Mascara, (in the purple tube). It does tend to dry out quickly, so I am generally on a 3 week cycle. I think I will take a walk on the wild side and give one of these babies a whirl...Please let me know if you do and what your experience is.

I love a beauty bah-gin as much as the next girl.

11 Best Drugstore Mascaras

These products feel like splurging -- minus the high price tag

Are you a mascara fanatic? We are too. However, that doesn't mean we'll drop lots of cash on high-end mascaras (well, OK, it does, but we don't JUST do that). Especially when there are these cheap-but-awesome ones out there. Check them out, and say good-bye to your $20-a-tube days.

See mascaras

Friday, January 8, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls (2)

Though I am loathe to admit it, I've always felt a bit gypped about having brown eyes and I have whined about this before. It's not like my parents or siblings are sporting anything extraordinary like La Liz's lavender cat eyes, increasing my odds, it's just that brown always seem flat and boring comparatively. When I was growing up, there were simply no brown eyed CoverGirls. We were strictly fourth class citizens to the blue, green and hazel eyed denizens of the beauty of the world.

Insanely, I felt a little puffed up, reading this TotalBeauty Bit, that gave us brown eyed girls a little love.

I know you will skip this post, (with a self satisfied smirk), if you are on the right side of the genetic lottery...and frankly I don't blame you. To my brown eyed brethen, enjoy!!!

Top 10 Celebrity Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

Get tips and tricks to make your brown eyes truly sparkle

Got brown eyes? While you may be somewhat jealous of your blue and green-eyed friends, there's no need to be! With these makeup tips, you can bring out the multi-faceted color and dimension of your eyes and really up the wow-factor of your overall look. Check them out, brown-eyed girl!

See looks

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Miss and a Hit

I am going through a wee patch of the January doldrums, so I decided to visit my local Sephora. Best of all, I could buy something new without having to take my clothes off.

I don't know how or when it happened, but I do know that I am not shelling out $29.00 for a Lancome Lipstick. Uh uh. Not gonna happen.

Dior??? YSL??? Maybe in a weaker moment, but with just 5 minutes before closing, I set my sights on buying a new lipstick and I wasn't going to spend more than $15.00 bucks. Good luck!!!

Some brands are know for just one thing and I should have known I was in uncharted waters, went I picked up a Bare Ecsentuals Lipstick. Mineral makeup, yes. Lipstick??? I would have to wait till I got home to find out. How bad could it be???

Quite possibly, the worst I have ever tried. This was the least emollient lip anything I've ever experienced. It wouldn't budge right or left, just congealed in the center of my bottom lip. Perhaps they are sediment based.

Sephora, will honor reasonable returns, with a receipt, which I appreciate immensely. Back I went, but this time, I was going to stay within budget and leave with a winner...drum roll---Clinique's High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15.

Light weight, yet densely pigmented, smooth flawless lip coverage, with up to 8 hrs. of wear (translation 2 hours and 2 cups of coffee), and came in under budget at $14.00. Hugely impressive. Did I love it as much today or was it all aisles and mirrors???

Drum roll...Loved it!!! A perfect storm of value and quality and I will be back for more. Just thought I'd share that with you.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Shedding Some Light (and Skin) on D.I.Y. Peels

When someone crosses my path, with extraordinary skin, I will stop them in their tracks to inquire how it got that way. I generally do my level best to keep it socially waiting until intermission or for the house lights to come up.

One of my clients visited last month and brought a friend with her. Ohhhhhh...your here for me to outfit you for a party??? Gee, that is just going to have to wait until I interview your plus one. Sorry!!!

Please...tell me right now and don't hold back. WHAT are you using to achieve your flawless skin? "K" was a former beauty executive and a girl in the know, with a great look and impeccable taste. She shared with me that she used to spend a fortune getting professional peels at her dermatologists office, until she discovered an online resource called Platinum Peels. She was able to DIY, easily in the privacy of her own home and was saving a ton of money while achieving stellar results. Love that!

Later I checked out their website and saw that they have a number of different types of peels: salicylic, lactic and glycolic---what to do??? They promised excellent customer service to answer all your questions and guide you to your perfect peel. I sent off an email with my skin history and of course, mentioned that I am a Beauty Blogger who is published by TotalBeauty and Glam Media. I was thinking that the week after Christmas, when I am home, would be the perfect time to be unsightly, if I flaked and shed like a boa constrictor. Unfortunately, despite the Blogger grease, I heard nary a word.

Undeterred, I did a little on line research and discovered Terasita promised the highest quality products at the lowest prices available. Yes!!! You have my attention. Thinking I still might be able to squeak in my shed, I emailed them and hoped for the best.

That night, I received a lengthy email from Terasita's President, Alisa Dickson, answering all of my questions. We agreed that based on my longtime use of Retin A, my nightly use of glycolic pads and my Mediterranean background, that I could start off with a 50% Glycolic peel. Because each kit comes with a neutralizer, I could always customize it to a lower per cent if I felt it was too strong. Alisa does recommend a tolerance patch test on your lower face, and provides you with detailed pre and post peel instructions.

I had no issues with my patch test, so I proceeded to do my face and decollete. I left it on for a conservative 2 minutes (exceeding 4 is not recommended), experiencing some normal, minor tingling. I then rinsed with lots of cool water and applied the neutralizer. Peels require 6 weekly applications and then some tapering follow up, to achieve maximum results like "K"s. I was pleased after just one use and I can't wait to see how my skin will look with continued use.

The cost of this peel, is a mere $25.99 and will last for 20 applications!!!. It was immaculately packaged in sterile, sealed bottles, with easy to follow instructions. also offers a full line of skin care products.

Alisa and I exchanged many friendly emails and bonded over our experiences as breast cancer survivors. Alisa is only 34 years old, so I put her in touch with Lindsay Avner, who founded an online support group for younger breast cancer survivors and women at high risk, called BeBrightPink. I am certain they will brainstorm a way to work together. Alisa recently bought this company after years of being a loyal customer! I love her passion and I love her products!

Here's wishing Alisa, "K" and all my readers much good health and success in the New Year ahead.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekly Blogs from your GlamourSquad

Here's the latest scoop from my Beauty Posse:

The Product Pasha chats with Purple Lab's Karen Robinovitz about blogging, social media, and the new FTC rules.

Clumps of Mascara has a fabulous time making at home spa goodies.

Butterflydiary dishes on the best nail lacquers and trends of 2009!

The Beauty Alchemist shines with MAC Lillyland Lip Gelees.

Adina of Krasey Beauty introduces you to three wonderful shades of eyeshadow from Illamasqua

DivaDebbi blogs about bloggers’ emerging authority.




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