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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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As the Holiday season officially kicks off , the month ahead is a busy time socially for many.  It's gotten to the point where people make appointments for injectibles, with the same calculating eye they use to assess their roots and eyebrows before important events---just another element in their maintenance routine.

Lately, my clients in their early forties have confided that they are feeling ready to take the plunge...they are noticing deeper crows feet and furrows between the brows, their lids are looking a wee droopier and their foreheads more lined. They are also noticing that while no one is 'fessing up, some of their friends are looking decidedly "fresh".

One of them confided her kids asked her, "why are you always so mad Mommy"?. She's not a "mad Mommy", but the deep line between her brows does admittedly look like a permanent scowl....what to do???

Last year over 1,000,000 people tried Botox for the first time.  Chances are, if done properly, most will be pleased with their results and thus repeat the procedure 3 or 4 times a year.  Botox, has more or less owned this burgeoning market for the last 20 years, with virtually no competition. As a result, prices have not come down, but do vary by practice and practitioner. 

Dysport, joined the frey about two years ago.  Some women like it because it tends to kick in faster and is a little less expensive.  Its chemical makeup differs from Botox, so it requires 3x more product and someone comfortable with their abacus to successfully convert the proper amount of units needed.  The inside poop?  Clients like it, some practioners...not as much.

So what's new on the horizon that may be the best of both worlds?  FDA approved Xeomin. Chemically "purer" and equivalently dosed to Botox, yet significantly less expensive...this may become gateway drug for a new generation.

What's the best way to find the right person to administer a muscle paralyzing toxin into your face?  Be your own detective...  If you have a friend who has the permanently surprised look of someone who just sat on a pinecone or is so frozen you cannot discern she is emoting, try to find out who they are using and stay clear. 

Conversely, if a good friend looks refreshed, a few years younger and has natural movement, ask them if they "know" of anyone to recommend for your maiden voyage...(mind you, you are about to find out just how good this friend really is).  She will either come clean with her own experience or at least tell you who she has "heard" does good needle.

In my opinion, Girls Night Out parties, dentist offices and day spas are environments that are better suited to wine, amalgam and steam facials. Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist's offices are a much safer bet of a good result.

What should you look for?
  • A qualified, recommended Dr., Physician's Assistant or Nurse Practioner
  • An immaculate environment
  • Someone who takes the time to ask you about your goals and objectives while you look in a hand mirror
  • No surprises.  Ask approximately what the per unit cost of your Botox, Dysport or Xeomin is and approximately what your visit will cost. 
  • A candid discussion about how much movement you wish to retain (there really are women who want to be "completely frozen").
  • Someone who discusses potential side effects and bruising candidly and asks if you are doing this in advance of an important event
  • Someone who prefers to do less until you see how you like your results and will gladly see you in a week or two, to evaluate if  more is needed.
Who would I recommend if  I knew someone???

Hands down Courtney Dunavent, Physician's Assistant to the Plastic Surgeon's at The N.Y. Group for Plastic Surgery in Tarrytown, N.Y.(Easily accessible, particularly for those in the tri-state area). Consultations with Courtney are always welcome, so even if you are just thinking about taking this step, you can come and be educated about what non-surgical options (including Restalyne, Sculptra or Ultherapy) may help you look as young as you feel.

Between now and the end January, Xeomin will be offered at $10 per unit, (Botox is $15, Dysport $12).
Patients who mention they are DivaDebbi readers will also enjoy a 10% discount off their first appointment.

Do I really think everyone I know has taken the plunge???...

Ya.  I do. For better and for worse.  Choose better.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Safe travels.



  1. A candid discussion about how much movement you wish to retain (there really are women who want to be "completely frozen").

    That line really made me giggle! I can't agree more that there are plenty of women out there vain enough to even consider going for that kind of "botox". Believe me, it ain't pretty! I'm pretty sure you do know what I'm talking about..

    Thank you for those kind suggestions too, well appreciated!

  2. You are most welcome!
    That whole "wind tunnel" look is just so bad! Even 20 year olds have natural movement in their foreheads. It baffles!




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