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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking It All Off

The great thing about eye primers and long wearing shadows, eye pencils and liners, is that they do their job...Apply them in the morning and you are good to go until it's time to take it all off--- therein lies the challenge...

I had a wonderful long run with an eye makeup remover from Lierac Paris.  This non-greasy gel, not only took off every trace of eye makeup, but as a bonus, is formulated to strengthen lashes as well.   I would have purchased it again in a heartbeat, but it was not in inventory in my local CVS.  (With a little advance planning, I would order this online in heartbeat).  For now I was stuck.  Nothing I have tried from any of the mass brands has cut it for me, (and if they have for you,  please chime in).

Next stop, Sephora with me in a time crunch...

Me: " Hi.  I need an eye makeup remover that is gentle, non-oily, effective enough to remove bullet proof eye makeup and won't break the bank.  What can you suggest please?

She:  Easy!  There is nothing better than Make Up For Ever's Sens'Eyes.  It will remove every drop of waterproof makeup and it's so gentle it's formulated for sensitive eyes".

Me: "Sounds perfect!  How much is it"?

She: "$23 and worth it""!

Me: "Sold"!

So, did Sens'Eyes live up to its star billing???  100%!!!

No tugging, pulling, lash loss or greasy residue.  This cool to the touch, fragrance free, aqua gel is more than met my expectations. 

Thanks She!  I appreciate your recommendation and I hope my readers will too. It's a keeper.


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