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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: CeraVe Renewing SA Cream

CeraVe Renewing SA Cream

I am always on the hunt for fabulous anti-aging creams for the body. There are literally thousand of lotions and potion for our faces.  The body however, lags sadly behind. Yes, there are some high end body creams that are infused with Retinol, cermides and vitamins, but they are pricey. If you go through body moisturizer as quickly as I do, it quickly becomes unfeasible for the long haul.

When I received a reach-out about CeraVe, a product I had not heard of, I quickly scanned the ingredients listed on the press release...As soon as I spied, " salicylic and hyaluronic acids, I asked to sample it.

My friends and readers often email me with their new favorite finds. By pure coincidence, my old NYC roommate Lori emailed me to to say she was using a new face cream at night called CeraVe and she absolutely loved it.  I asked if it came in a big white tub, because I had just started using it on my body.  It didn't.

I researched it a bit and found out that CeraVe Renewing SA Cream is not a single product, but one of eight moisturizers and two cleansers:

La belle du jour

Monday, February 25, 2013

DivaDebbi's 2013 Academy Awards Report Card

I started watching Red Carpet coverage for the Oscar's at about 5:45. By the time it wrapped up, well after midnight, I had taken in Girls on HBO and Shameless on Showtime. Good God, it was dull.

I'm not a twenty something male, so I know precious little about Seth McFarlane and if that is the demographic they are trying to cultivate, well, good luck with that...The Academy Awards are not called, "the Superbowl for Women" for nothing. I found him tedious.

Five words of advice for next year---Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

On a personal note, all of my favorites won, including the magnificent Christoph Waltz, the talented and lovely Jennifer Lawrence and in a roundabout way, Ben Affleck.  Seriously, how can a film win for Best Picture and not nominate its Director???

Anyway, on to the Fashion.  Overall, the women looked quite beautiful and there were far fewer gaffes on the Red Carpet than usual damn it.  Trend favorites included strapless, pale washes of color, metallics and the shades of love, red, corals and pinks.

Still there were some almosts and some clear misses....

The A Team:

As Richards Brand Ambassador for Giorgio Armani,  I was thrilled to see both Jessica Chastain and Naomi Watts looking incredibly beautiful in Armani Prive.  When it comes to Red Carpet elegance, Mr. Armani can always be counted on to make his star and those he creates for, shine.

Jessica Chastain. Her best of the season. Adored the red lip.

Naomi Watts. Flawless. Loved the dress, hair and makeup.

Stacy Keibler in Naeem Khan. The bod, the dress, and that hair. K. O.

Jennifer Lawrence, the new face of Miss Dior Handbags in
Dior couture, by Raf Simons. Breathtaking.

Always stunning, Amanda Seyfried in Alexander McQueen

Kerry Washington, who has yet to miss on the Red Carpet
 this awards season, in Miu Miu. Impeccable.

The always beautiful Charlize Theron in Dior. Flawless, even
while growing in a buzz cut, worn in a recent role.
I loved Anne Hathaway's Prada gown more from the perfectly
 fitted  back,then the slightly ill fitting  front, but all in all, she killed it.
I haven't completely forgiven her for dissing Mr. Valentino though...
the press release was already issued, when she made her switch

A very happy Mrs. Affleck in custom Gucci, looking very polished.

Le Miz co-star Samantha Berks, exquisite in a simpleValentino
cut to there.  Divine.

Robyn Roberts looking happy and healthy in a sapphire velvet
Mark Bouwer beauty

The B Team:
Here's where it will get nit-picky, since some of these may have been your faves.

Sally Field in Valentino. Her hair and makeup couldn't have been prettierI wish she missed this train...

Nicole Kidman looking Va Va in L'Wren Scott.  I was
thrilled, until they panned down below the knees.

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino. Meh. Flat hair didn't elevate it either,
Especially since she now owns a chunk of "Living Proof".

Jennifer Hudson in Cavalli. Pretty dress. Too much hair.

Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton. Great hair. This pretty dress
felt deja vu of other RC looks we have seen on Reese.

The lovely Zoe Saldana.  I was so much happier before I saw the
bottom of this Alixis Mobile gown.

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta.  Beautiful dress, but the color is just too
wishy washy. Her hair also looked too undone for this much dress.
 A little Elnett would have gone a long way...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Gold: Uma Thurman

Oscar Gold: Uma Thurman

Oscar Gold: Uma Thurman by divadebbi featuring prada

I have been watching the Academy Awards for as long as I can remember.  I love film and adore fashion, so for me it's a night I always look forward to.

I truly think the world stopped spinning on its axis in 1995, when Uma Thurman, nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Pulp Fiction, stepped on to the Red Carpet in this lavender Prada ensemble.

I was as breathless as the scene in the movie where Uma, dying from a cocaine overdose, is brought back to life by a shot of adrenaline administered straight to the heart by John Travolta.

It also sent me wistfully back to my childhood, where I would stare enviably at  my favorite Walt Disney fairy tale heroine Cinderella's spectacular transformation.

Could two images be more in opposition? What can I say???  I may have been hallucinating I was so excited.

Fashion mayhem literally ensued... Together, Uma and Miuccia Prada changed the face of what was chic.  Swathed simply, in layers of lavender organza, Uma looked ethereal and anyone in her path suddenly looked stiff and overwrought...

I live for these moments, and even more so, for the Tsunami's.

Anyway, of course you know I am in full count down mode as I write this for tonight's Academy Award's Red Carpet. I will be pen, computer, BlackBerry and iPad in hand, tweeting and taking notes for my Flips and Flops for my annual DivaDebbi's Academy Award's Red Carpet Report Card.

Don't miss it!!!


Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Conair Hot Velcro Rollers

Conair Hot Velcro Rollers
They truly do heat up in 75 seconds

A few years ago, I spied a package of  Microwaveable Velcro rollers, in the "as seen on TV" in Yugoslavia  aisle at CVS.  Those puppies heated up in 50 seconds and created soft waves, with zero crimps.  I loved them.

Somewhere along the way I have lost quite a few of them, the remaining stragglers were officially shot.  I decided they needed replacing so I Googled, to know avail.  I checked Amazon and Ebay.  Apparently, I may have been their only taker. They are no longer for sale anywhere.

Oh well.

While at, where else CVS, I decided to checkout the few offerings they have in the "plug in" section for hair care products.  I don't know if the Conair set above is discontinued or I just got lucky, but they were on sale for $37.00.  With the promise of a 75 second heat up time and the same smooth , flocked, Velcro covering as my beloved microwaveable rollers, I figured they were worth a shot.

Jennifer Lawrence: Christian Dior's New Face of Miss Dior Handbags

Jennifer Lawrence: Christian Dior's New Face

I'm quite enchanted with the lovely Jennifer Lawrence.  For such a young woman, she has great poise and style.  She rarely flops on the Red Carpet, because she trusts her own good instincts.I don't think I have ever seen her, when I have said to myself, "really???"

I loved her performance in Silver Linings Playbook and I am rooting for her to win Best Actress at the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Jennifer was recently named the new face of Christian Dior Handbags, so of course she will be wearing haute couture, fitted to freckle, by the divine Raf Simons.  I am on tender hooks in anticipation.

As always, I will be pen in hand, taking notes for my DivaDebbi Red Carpet Report Card.  Don't forget to come back on Monday to see my flips and flops.

Happy weekend all.



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