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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Madison Avenue Meets 7th Avenue

Tuesday night, Richards hosted a Personal Appearance and Michael Kors fashion show. Michael is the quintessential American designer, Bill Blass for the millennium, so to speak...Carrie at Charlotte's next Bridal Shower.

I love the juxtaposition of luxe and simplicity that he always pulls off, often in the same garment. For instance, a cappuccino mink collar crowns a cheetah wool coat...Queen Mum? Not in Michael's hands. Does the bank require you to state the reason for a loan?

Anyone who is a Project Runway fan, feels like Michael could be a personal friend. Even in his role as superstar judge, MK comes across as approachable, funny and honest. You sense immediately upon meeting him that his persona is his persona and how much fun it would be to go swill a few cocktails with him at the Cub Room.

I am addicted to quirky, non-network television. In Treatment, Damages, Weeds, The Tudors, Nip/Tuck, Dexter and wild card AMC's Mad Men, all intrigue me. Apparently, Mad Men, Matthew Weiner's exceptional drama, about N.Y. advertising circa 1960, also inspired Michael. So much so, he created his Fall collection in homage. Every nuance of the Mad Men set rings true, couches are low slung and armless, head's Brylcreamed, boobs, crossed in Playtex, plus a whole lotta Johnnie Walker Black, getting swilled amidst billows of endless smoke. And then there are the clothes...The Men are a sea of conformity, in slim, 3 button dark suits, worn with white shirts and wingtips. But the women! What a feast for the eyes and Michael nails it!!!

Wives, mistresses and secretaries, on parade in: plaid tweed pencil skirts with shrunken back zipped sweaters, full skirted floral taffeta dresses, to wear to dinner at 21, front belted, swing back, portrait collar camel coats, strapless column gowns, empired and bowed under the bust ala Jackie...ahhhhh. Some are in a palette of harvest gold, avocado and brown, others in plums and fuscias back to smokey grey and show me a brunette who doesn't look killah in true "lipstick" red. It's all very Samantha Stevens meets Gywneth Paltrow...

Michael and this collection are the embodiment of the American dream, then and now and I love it. If Michael could just wiggle his nose and make gas 25 cents a gallon, circa 1960, maybe I could afford that mink trimmed cheetah coat after all...

A girl can dream, can't she???


Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Best Was Yet To Come

I am down to the last two goodies from the ginormous Bliss Basket and wouldn't you know it?... They are my hand's down fav's!

I love a professional facial, but have never gotten around to disciplining myself to having "a" facialist, who I see regularly...I readily admit to be a facial floozy, scheduling them only on vacations and girls getaways...If you've got a steamer and a magnifying mirror with a klieg light, I am yours. I am not against D.I.Y skin care, I use Estee Lauder's Perfectionist Peel (which provides a zesty glow due to a generous percentage of glycolic acid), weekly, usually while I am deep conditioning my hair. Beauty maintenance is so labor intensive, that multi tasking has become the daughter of necessity.

I don't knew who thought up "oxygen facials", but I like the sound of it and have always wanted one. There is something so, pre Academy Awards night about it. I can imagine me and Renee Z. in adjacent suites at the Beverly Wilshire, waiting for Tracie Martyn to plump and detoxify us, with cool pure oxygen. (Come to think of it, it might be even more fun if she showed up with some nitrogen too. My dentist is always amused when I ask for it before my cleanings...except that I am deadly serious). So, wouldn't you know that Bliss' "triple oxygen instant energizing mask", is surpassing all my expectations, right in my bathroom. Applied to clean, damp skin, it is its own life foams, it tingles, it relaxes and I swear, I can see my blood circulating under a layer of meringue. 5 minutes, (no more, it is at peak efficacy), rinse, tone, moisturize and voila! I am ready for my close up Mr. De Mille. This Oscar worthy product has earned it's place on my vanity.

The other winner, is their vanilla & bergamot "body buff" with shea butter and sweet almond oil. First of all, it smells so good, I am tempted to smear it on biscotti. I do however, have trepidation, about using another Bliss scrub that will require a sand blaster to clean the porcelain in my shower... To my delight, the grit factor is perfect, enough exfoliating power to get rid of week's worth of self tanner, without leaving me as pink as a tenderloin. The other lovely plus? A delicate amount of almond oil is left behind, after it is rinsed off and it is on my body, not the stall. What's the rub? There is none. This is one of the best D.I.Y. products I have ever tried. I will joyfully give it as a Birthday or Hostess gift, because "body buff" is all play and no work. Bravo!

I cruised Bliss' website, and see they have a zillion products...somehow they have not made one for the back of the knees yet, but most parts are covered...Anyone got any picks or pans to share to narrow things down a bit?


Friday, April 25, 2008

If We Only Had a Brain...

I readily admit it... I am a New York Times snob, (even though it is now thinning to the size of my hometown Gazette). No matter what city, state or country I am in, I am happiest, when my morning coffee and Times are in lock step... Business, Science, Arts, Home and Maureen Dowd, inform, enrich and amuse me, but Thursday and Sunday Styles, share a pipeline to my soul and now, my blog.

This Thursday, the main story was on the surprising longevity of the dress trend, despite the fact that the fashion editors are nudging us towards wide leg, pleated pants. Dresses were a huge trend last summer, particularly the empire "baby doll". Though better left to the twenty something set, it was widely embraced. I thought I looked cool and fetching when I wore it to a patio dinner at our club on a particularly hot night...My husband, who rarely complains (or compliments, so it's even), asked me to kindly incinerate it, when we got home. OOOPS!

The thrust of the article was, that despite the editors prodding, women have, gasp! a mind of their own and are still wearing dresses this summer. There may be some element of truth to fact that dresses can make us feel sexy, retro and modern, all at the same time, but I think they missed the guts of why women like to buy and wear dresses; they are brainless. A dress is a simple, two step operation...frock and shoe. No shirt, blouse, tee, sweater, jacket, coat or hose coordination required. Two pieces...out the door, crisp and tidy. My closet is studded with them...(minus one). I find the mental freedom to be a chef or a waitress, I suddenly have one less thing to think about...I will be in my summer uniform, and no matter what, I am sticking with it....

Whose with me???


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In the Olden Days....

I love the Internet. I think it is our generation's discovery equivalent of electricity or the telephone. Life before it, is already almost unimaginable. All the stuff we relied on before, Encyclopedia's, dictionaries, even the Yellow Pages, are nearly obsolete. We neatly point and click our way through news, history, trivia and endless shopping possibilities.

There are other obsolete objects...Smithsonian ready Sunbeam Hairdryers, (hard hat or bonnet), for example...Writing this blog as not only jogged my memories, but friends as well. My pal Carol, reminded me of our hardship years, pre blow dryer! I can't speak for all of the country, but I am fairly certain, that every Jewish girl in the tri-state area, devoted countless hours trying to achieve straight hair. There were two methods. The first was "wrapping", which consisted of using one's own cranium as the base to swaddle and anchor ones mane, followed by a good 2 hour bake under the dryer. The other was the O.J. can method. Two dried and hollowed O.J.(from concentrate), cans would be divided like rabbit ears from a top knot and affixed to the top of your head, also requiring a slow roast. For important occasions, one would sleep in said ears, to insure silky straightness in the morning, (hopefully without dreaded ridges). If I had a daughter, I would not doubt be boring her with these tales as I drove her to her pre Bat Mitzvah blow outs...

In my haste to dispense of the O.J. cans, I started brushing my hair into a top knot at my forehead, with a rubber band, twirling it into a bun and soldering it with pins. I stayed this way for all waking hours except for school. The first time I sat down to the dinner table like this, my father asked my mother, "why does our child look like Denny Dimwit"? My sister Loren, (who with her naturally straight locks looked like a cheongsammed Geisha), thought this was particularly amusing...From that day forward, my "do" was known as "the Dimwit". The undeniable thing about the Dimwit, was it's effectiveness. When I would dismantle it in the morning, my hair was not only straight, but bouncy straight!

Out of compassion, I retired the Dimwit for 20 years...until last night. Surely, my husband has seen me look worse. (Child birth? Post surgery)? But I couldn't wait till this morning for the results, which were, you guessed it... bouncy straight hair!

Which brings me full circle to the Internet. On a lark, I web search "Denny Dimwit" and up he popped! (Jeez, now I want to Google him). Denny was a simpleton comic strip character, whose triangulated head, was adorned with a tiny knit cap! Who knew??? There really was a Denny Dimwit!!! Now I just have to figure out if my husband is going to sleep with him again tonight...Is it so bad, as long as he gets to wake up with the Breck Girl in the morning?

What to you think???


Monday, April 21, 2008

Time To Green Up My Act?

My May Allure arrived on Saturday...Allure used to be strictly a manicure read for me... I finally realized, that all those products I was committing to memory, didn't make it as far as the second round under the nail dryer. (Anyone else worrying about sprouting age spots from those UV dryers)? At last, I broke down and subscribed.

I like their Editor Linda Well's point of view about most things. For a Beauty/Fashionista, she seems delightfully down to earth. I almost always learn something new and "must have" some product that is being touted. May just missed the mark. "How to Apply Self Tanner", again??? I already have a Master's in it. Hillary Duff? Am I the only one who can't tell the whole AshleeHillaryLindsayMiley crew apart? zzzzzzzzzz.

Alas, the only thing that snapped me out of my sun drenched reverie, was a Burt's Bees advertisement. Yes, Burt's Bees, of lip balm fame. I had heard some buzz, that they were trying to get more serious about skin care and had launched a new line using pomegranate as the chief ingredient. Sounds promising, but that's not what caught my eye. No, it was their body wash ad, comparing the safflower oil in Burt's Bees to the, "sodium lauryl sulfate" in mine. Apparently, SLS is, "used in industrial cleaners to clean garage floors". Huh? I've never been a Kiss My Face type... Never even warmed up to "Sicily", (the sable of natural skin care), generously sampled to me, for 5 years when I was a Personal Shopper at Saks. I like my stuff with a little man made zing, but industrial strength is a whole other ballgame...For the first time, I am reading the labels on the shampoos and body washes just in my shower. Suffice to say, I could probably make a go of making Madison Square Garden, Spic 'n Span.

So, May wasn't a total waste after all...Now I have to run out and buy Burt's Bee's Body Wash (99% natural). I am pretty stuck on Dove's creme body oil washes. That SLS sure makes some luscious lather, but if it even comes close, I will switch. It's going to take a lot to wash that "garage" image out of my brain.

What do you think? Can you be equally green and clean???


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Don't Forget Your Vitamins

I am a fan of 3 seasons only...spring, summer and fall. In my book, the only purpose winter serves, is providing tastier clothing and outerwear options...a good coat, may be the only thing keeping me from a home in the Everglades.

I know it is counter intuitive to undo a winter's worth of Retin-A, glycolic acid peels, Hydroquinone, serums, toners, exfoliaters, day creme, night creme, (we all scream for youth cream). But, it can't be denied...nothing feels quite as good as soaking up the early rays of the season. Is there anyone one the planet who doesn't look more relaxed with a little natural glow????

Over the years, I have tried countless sprays, gels, towelettes, auto bronzants and the newer cremes that "tan" gradually. No question, self tanner has come a long way from our carrot hued QT teens. But let's be honest...fake bake does it's best work on skin with a little col-lah.

And so, I rationalize...What's wrong with a nice big dose of bone strengthening vitamin D??? Even the American Cancer Society will back us up for 15 minutes a day... Would it be so bad if we maximized that time without a drop of sun protection?

'Fess up... and not a peep from you parasoled, spf 60 sissies. What is better than a sunny day on a comfy lounge chair, a tall ice coffee and the latest magazine du jour? Nothing Honey. Gotta go now...paradise awaits me.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Foot Fable

O.K. I have a confession... The black patent, peep toe, sling backs on my feet today were not Manolo Blahnik's, not Jimmy Choo's and not Prada's...I did not have the great, good fortune of inheriting my mother's perfectly arched, evenly matched, slightly narrow, size 7 feet. My parents, good naturedly, tried to cheer me, with the fact that Jacqueline Kennedy also wore a size 10 shoe. (American...let's not kid ourselves, those puppies were not a European "40"). Though I never doubted the truth of this tale, I was quite sure Mrs. Kennedy's feet were still prettier than mine, whose likeness has more in common with Mr. Flintstone's.

I do have a few pair of beautiful restaurant shoes, strictly for walking from the car to the table...a cocktail party would not even be a consideration. I envy women who tell me they could dance all night in there favorite MB's. I have already slipped mine off under the, I can only dance the night away in big, cheap, shoes. Nine West? Like a pair of fuzzy slippers. Bandolino? Let's rumba...but today's were the cherry on the sundae...My great looking knock off's were none other than Miss Jessica Simpson's, purchased at Nordstrom for $79.00! I accepted compliments graciously all day but when grilled, 'fessed up. What a fabulous score!

So out of necessity, as well as the adrenaline rush of saving $400, run, call or click to your nearest Nordstrom's...Miss Jessica is styling.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Deep Roots

This is a beauty tale that goes back many years...About 3 weeks after Christopher my colorist, has done all of his magic, I notice that the color fades away around my hairline and at the temples. I have the had the same Roux medium brown touch up stick for well over 10 years. It will no doubt, out live me. These sticks do an OK, temporary job of restoring color (note; I will not say covering grey). I was however, yearning for something more permanent.

One day, while strolling the one single aisle in CVS devoted to Men, past the razors and to the left of the Kiwi shoe polish, I notice a little product called, Just for Men; Beards and Moustaches. It was a thunderbolt was a perfectly packaged, brainless, method of restoring color in 5 minutes. A little brush, a plastic tray, and two little tubes of color and activator (that can be resealed for future use). Naturally since it is, "Just for Men", they have created a quick and dirty foolproof product. I am riveted. Why, oh why, has someone not created this for women's between coloring touch ups? Back in those days, I figured it could only be a conspiracy to keep us slaves to our colorists and Lady Clairol.

I immediately purchase it and can't wait to give it a test run. It is completely idiot proof to apply. I wait 10 minutes, (because if 5 is good 10 will be better), hop in, shampoo and condition my hair. The result??? Incredible! All of the color has been seamlessly restored. I am fit to be tied that this is, "Just For Men" ridiculous...I want a girly version, not one with Paul Bunyon on the box...

In the meantime, because I am a girl's girl, I am sharing my new found secret with friends, relatives and clients, who all try it and love it. (Christopher is not as thrilled that I and many of our mutual clients are now treading on his tresses, but he takes it stride and never complains). Ironically, I find out that a friend works in Marketing for the company who manufacturers JFM. I tell her my tale of Not Just for Men, and that it is being well received by females, to see if they will consider marketing this for women...remarkably, no interest! (I did however, get a mailbox full of free product). Talk about missed opportunities!!!

Fast forward, 7 years later, when Clairol takes the beauty market by storm, with a female version of JFM called Clairol Root Kit. Naturally, I take credit for this products inception and enormous success...(now if I could only get the royalties). It is pretty spectacular and can definitely stretch the time in between colorings by several weeks. A year or so later, I get a call from my sister Loren, who reports that in her opinion, Root Kit has been upstaged my Revlon's Root Perfect. "How so?", I ask. "It is less expensive and the dispenser glides on your head out of a sponge tipped little bottle. I just did my whole head...not one drip". Ummmm, this sounds promising. It is harder to find, and when I see it marked, "clearance" at Target, my heart skips a beat that it is already biting the dust, so I buy 3 boxes. Root Perfect is is even more effective for doing an easy, full head touch up and it bought me 3 weeks of time between colorings. The only downside is that all the product must be used or thrown out with one application, but at $2.99 a box who cares?

So girls, (and I guess guys), there you have it. Lots of options for "restoring color", and if you have to know someone at Clairol, ask them to call me to at least say, "thanks"...this one was my baby...


Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Closet Case

Recently, one of my clients asked me if I would be interested in donating my old work clothes, to underprivileged women trying to break into the work force. The answer if of course, yes, but it will result in my doing the bi annual nasty earlier than usual.

From time to time, I will go to the homes of my clients, to help them edit and weed out what is hopelessly passe. I warn them that I am pretty brutal and that the experience is not for sissy's. No one has ever turned me down. Like a good cleaning and scaling at the dentist, it's not fun, but necessary.

I will share with you my experiences and recommendations from the trenches:

1) Put your label blindfold on. I know, how hard it is to part with
expensive, designer clothes...but trust me, that red Valentino coat dress with the Amazonian shoulder pads, is not on the fashion has got to go. Ditto for high waisted, slim cut pants with pleats, shapeless charmeuse blouses and pinstriped power suits with mid thigh grazing jackets...Fini.

2) There are exceptions...evening gowns generally have a timelessness to them, as well as some cocktail dresses. Dolce & Gabanna pantsuits and sheath dresses have a long shelf life because they rarely change their cuts, however, you have to do your part by still being able to fit in them. A few sentimental favorites; the dress you were proposed to in, the dress you wore to your child's first communion or Bar Mitzvah can be placed (way) back in your cedar closet. The only items that have life long reprieve, are those from the house of Chanel or Pucci. This is in the Bible.

3) Clothes that have yellowed, faded or pilled go in a Hefty. If you have gained or lost weight, be judicious about what you alter. Alterations are time consuming and expensive. You will never put 4/5 altered garments on your body, ever again.

4) Don't fall into the trap of thinking that some trend in your closet is going to resurface. When it does, your daughter should be in it and the current designers will have changed some slight component anyway to render it impossible, (if it were a car, it would be the engine).

5) You really, really, will never remember, miss, wish for, or think about any item, (including shoes), that you get rid of, that hasn't had an outing in 3 or 4 seasons. Scouts Honor.

6) You will feel positively giddy with relief after a good purge and it will make the task of reorganizing your closet for the new season, almost bearable.

7) Someone will be happy to have your cast offs, (my lovely housekeeper cuts a mean figure in Armani) or if it is being donated, you are entitled to a tax receipt.

8) Check through pockets before donating or discarding. Occasionally you will be rewarded with a $20 or a long lost earring.

So, I have given you lots of reasons to get moving on those closets and I promise not to have led you all that's left for me to do is heed my own advice. Anybody know of a good Personal Shopper, who makes house calls???



Saturday, April 12, 2008

Return Engagement

While it may seem that I am a habitual returner because of my CVS adventurers, it is their preference, that people buy and try cosmetics at home, rather than opening sealed packages in store. I love that they accept my returns cheerfully and I do my best not to take advantage of there largess.

Did you ever try and return a cosmetic item to a department store? Good luck...Dopey you, succumb to the pressure of buying new product, on top of your existing makeup, in space that is lit like Home Depot. You now own the problem.

I do a fair share of damage at Sephora. Since there is so much leg room to try without pressure and because there beauty adviser's are roving ambassadors for all products (not just one line), I usually get terrific advice and rarely needing to return. So, when it came time to bringing back the shedding, squirrel hair bronzing brush and Mac long wearing lipstick that tasted like Jean Nate, I was expecting nothing less than a full interrogation, like their counterparts at Bloomingdales.

Lo and behold, they couldn't have been nicer...She saw my products were barely used, I saved my packaging and my receipts and had nothing but empathy and suggestions for suitable replacements. At the same time, my long lost friend C., owner of 4 famed Go Figure exercise studios (including newly opened Westport), pops in with a recently purchased hairspray that was missing its nozzle. On her honor, and without a receipt, it is promptly replaced. I am impressed!

Only then to I drop the Beauty Blog bomb, and tell the associate that I was unsure of their return policy and had promised to write about my experience. Ohhhh there is juicy lore to be told...nasty fudgers out there, who do take advantage... Equivalent cosmetic tales rivaling fashion horrors of perfume infused evening clothes, whose tags have been surgically replaced, coming back to the store, after the big event. I am both fascinated and horrified that people can think these things up.

So, a big chops to Sephora. I love that I am nicely greeted, their associates are helpful and friendly and in a pinch, my returns will be graciously accomodated. This is great retailing and what keeps customers coming back.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Not Ready for Prime Time

Do I really want to add one more step to my morning beauty routine? I am already to hop back into my pj's some mornings...the sheer number of preps and steps is exhausting, and that is before I have even gotten to my hair...

Nonetheless, I succumb to the lore of foundation primer, because I cannot resist the long wearing, flawless, perfection that will soon be my reward. The gold standard, beauty editors and make up artists always tout is Smash Box Photo Finish. $57.00 is more than I am willing to shell out for foundation, much less non-foundation. Instead, I purchase Laura Mercier's Hydrating Foundation Primer, to team up with her tinted moisturizer, which I already own.

While cruising the Sephora aisles, I see that I have already inadvertently purchased another "primer", Benefit's Dr. Feelgood...This "face balm" was a bomb had the consistency of dental wax, attracting flying objects like an outdoor Pest Strip.(What is Sephora's return policy, by the way? Stay tuned...cause I am going to give it whirl this afternoon. A recently purchased bronzing brush is leaving squirrel hair all over my face, requiring forceps for it's removal and me imagining myself with a guest spot on CSI).

O.K., Back to the LMHFP. Sooo, face serum, eye creme, moisturizer, primer, a mix of foundation and tinted moisturizer...phase one complete. It has a lovely texture, my make up glides on effortlessly and at the end of the day, is still fresh looking. I am sold. It's is more psychological than physical toil after all.

Will I try others? Sure. I know that Revlon makes one in their Age Defying series, that is supposed to prime and firm (a twofer) and I won't be able to resist Laura Geller's, Spackle, simply because I am in love with the name.

So, what about you? Are you ready for prime time?


Monday, April 7, 2008

Maybe It Is Maybelline

Like most people, I love a winner. I always look forward to reading the results of beauty polls, with favorites selected in different categories, by top editors, make up artists and readers alike. The Glam Network, Town & Country and Allure, all do a nice job of it.

A perennial favorite in the "under eye concealer category" is YSL's famed, Touche Eclat. It has a creamy consistency, with a slightly pearly glow. It is neatly distributed from a click pen dispenser, onto a small nylon brush, (perfect for getting into the inner corner of the eye). It is in effect, concealer and highlighter in one. Genius, theoretically. I have used it in the past, when it was only available in one shade. The experts say, "concealer should be no more than two shades lighter than your foundation". Maybe that is why it never looked right on someone who self tans nightly, adds a few drops of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer to her (already darker than suggested) foundation and finishes with Guerlain Bronzing Powder, the dreaded "raccoon eye", was inevitable. Still, more than once I could not resist the lure. My last attempt, was to try one of the two other shades that are now available. #2, was developed for the "Asian" market (read; slightly yellower in tone). Thinking this will probably be better than the light pinkie beige (#1), I test it, but it looks all wrong. #3 is much deeper, almost a tan shade. Defying logic and reason I purchase it anyway. The next morning, I click the dispenser, as directed, 60 times, to get my Touche in gear... apply and hope for the best. Unfortunately my face is one shade and it is Belgian waffle. Why, oh why, am I stalking this product? I am clueless, poorer and I still need an under eye concealer.

I dash into my beloved CVS, and see that they are having a Maybelline sale. Though I can't remember what I ate for lunch, I have instant recall that their, "Instant Age Rewind" Double Face Perfection concealer, has been winning it's own raves. It has two ends, one for concealer, the other for highlighting. Sounding good, almost touche good. I select the lighter of the two mediums and hope for the best. Having purchased a new lipstick, once a week, for the last 30 years, with my eyes closed, I choose Maybelline's Rum Raisin Moisture Extreme, spf 15 lipstick, giving it less thought than a pack of chewing gum.

Well, here's the really good part; both products are superb! The concealer is the perfect shade, has just the right amount of coverage and is light and creamy. The highlighter, has a familiar nylon brush applicator and does succeed in adding a subtle glow. I am in love! The next delight is the lipstick. There is a certain lip balmy quality that I adore in a lipstick, deeply moisturizing, but with a serious deposit of lasting color...I have never found this quality in a mass lipstick and I am overwhelmed at my good fortune.

So spread the joy girls, maybe it is Maybelline...


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pretty, Please

Wouldn't it be nice, if the beauty planet borrowed some stratum from the fashion world and gave us a little middle ground? As it stands, when it comes to cosmetics, it's pretty much class vs. mass.

Look at it this way, Chanel=Chanel, Armani=Armani, YSL=YSL....Class. Cover Girl=H&M, Loreal=J.Crew and Maybelline= Banana...Mass. Can't there be a little more Tory Burch=Clinque to choose from? Must a lipstick be $28.00 or $6.99?

Truth be told, I am rarely disappointed with my Clinque purchases (my friend L. is raving about their new $14.00 Volumizing mascara). The products are reliable and there is never any sticker shock. My only gripe is that buying Clinique feels vaguely Juicy Couture to me.

Can't a girl have a few more "contemporary" choices in her beauty stash? I can picture Theory mascara, in crisp white, square "tubes", with bold black letters or little bowed, boucle tubes of Nanette Lepore lipsticks. It would thrill me to match my DVF or Tory compact to my day dress. I think the female designers should lead the charge. So what to do you say, Tory, Diane, Catherine, Rachel, Nanette and Anna...pretty please?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Little Housekeeping

A couple of things...I think I may have figured out why some of you can post comments and some not...You need to have a Google account. It is easy to sign up for and it is free. If I can figure out a way around this, I will let you know. I appreciate your trying and your interest!!!

Second, since I posted about my own experiences with breast cancer ("Breast Assured", March 31). I have heard from so many people, and your reaching back means the world to me. I am honored to have been asked by a dear friend and client to speak about my experience, at her kick off breakfast for the Breast Cancer Alliance committee, on Tuesday. The Breast Cancer Alliance, is an extraordinary organization, whose mission is to, "fund innovative breast cancer research and promote breast health through education and community outreach". In 2008, they are committing 1.45 million dollars in grants! Bravo!!!

I have heard some scary stories in the last week. I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of being your own best advocate. Dr's. (particularly internists and gynecologists) are not E.T. or Superman/woman. They cannot tell from looking at or feeling a breast lump, if they are dealing with a benign situation. A dear friend who found a lump, was just told by her new internist to wait until July, for her mammogram and ultrasound! She is now going to be seen this week! I know how terrifying it is...but you must be brave, smart, assertive and proactive, not just about breast health, but your health in general. Your instincts are powerful. That little voice in your head is you. Listen up!


Friday, April 4, 2008

"A Girls Life, With Highlights"

So trumpeted the front page of the NY Times Style section yesterday. It seems bold, chunky highlights, are all the rage with the 6-12 set. Excuse me???

I am outraged and bitter...not at the media's part in inducing beauty hysteria, to the pre-teen set. Not at the over indulgent Mom's, who just dont say, "NO". Not at the chemical damage to virgin tresses (and we will no doubt see in article way down the road, that highlights, like potato chips, may induce cancer). Whatever happened to dabbling with Sun-In and a blowdryer at 14?

No, what makes me really cranky, is that I am now going to be competing for fanny space at the hair salon with the Hannah Montana set. Is nothing sacred? Isn't it bad enough that they are invading our nail salons? I know it's not rational, children are technically, "paying" customers, but when I have to wait a half hour for a pedicure because every chair is filled with a 9 year old on a booster seat, I seeth. Will they never know the joys of dabbling with Tinkerbell nail polish? Must their first polish be the same shade as mine?

The times reported that salon owners and stylists are ecstatic with the spike in revenue, this new demographic will produce. I am all for anything legal that will give a boost to the economy. If this is more than a passing trend, I am praying that the "Toadly Kool Me" salon, (of Fayetteville, North Carolina), will franchise and start dotting the landscape like Dunkin Donuts...why shouldn't children have their own beauty sanctuaries? Think of the possibilities...mock Brazilians, eyelash extensions, collagen facials.

Note to the suits at the Treasury; forget Wall is a no fail bail out for the economic woes of the nation. Little girls...and don't worry, this type won't grow up and morph into Hillary... She didn't get a decent do until she hit 50.

Fess I alone here???


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ambien....Don't Leave Home Without It

By the time B. and I have sat down to dinner, it is well after 9:00 p.m. and we are ravenous. B. suggests "Vong" one of the earlier Asian fusion restaurants. I am cautiously optimistic... since I am notoriously picky, and anything with a whiff of the 3 C's (curry, cumin and cardamon) will be going back to the kitchen. What a lovely surprise! The food is delicious. It's getting late, and our waiter is hovering around us like a turkey vulture. We decide to skip tea,(ironically because of the caffeine) and I opt for a decaf coffee. Since I didn't send my meal back for a change, there was no reason to worry about being sabotaged by our waiter...I had been on my best behavior. But then again, we did close the place...

Well, there it was, tired body, buzzzzzzzy brain. 2 cups of straight up coffee close to midnight and I was going to be up all night. Since this was just an overnight stay, it never occurred to me to pack Ambien. I learned long ago, never to vacation without it and certainly not to travel internationally unless it is velcroed somewhere to my body. (Sister and I found ourselves in the very cushy position of having lots more leg on a trip to Paris. All we had to do was swear our loyalty to our fellow passengers, by manning the 55 lb. emergency hatch and over seeing their safe transatlantic departure. Loren and I raise our right hands solemnly, and accept our duty. The flight attendant is two steps out of earshot, when Loren asks, "Got the Ambien"?..."Right in my pocket", I reply). Whoops,... our bad... So, now I know...Toothbrush, check, make up remover, toner, serum, eye creme, night creme, body lotion, lip balm, check, Ambien, check, check. Take heed! Don't leave home without it.

Had a splendid day with my Mom and Sister at the Met. In addition to the spectacularly enlarged Impressionist collections, B. told me about an exhibit at the Costume Exhibit, that we shouldn't miss; Blog.mode:Addressing Fashion. How prescient!

The premise is that as an art form, people are more open about expressing their opinions about fashion than traditional art. (I am not sure if that is true or not. If you left a bunch of computers at a Rothko exhibit for people to express themselves, I don't necessarily think there would be any less participation).
The exhibit covers an international array of designers from the 1800's to the present. There is some wonderful work from St. Laurent, Donna Karan, Vivienne Westwood, Galliano, Madame Gres, Olivier Theyskens and Blahnik (who sponsored the show).

Blogs were available for people to post their impressions...My favorite??? Tammy from Topeka, who thought Madame Gres' creme jersey Grecian gown from the 50's, would make a great prom dress. Tammy honey, I tip my tiara to you. That gown was a star, but make mine a Nan Kempner moment in the St. Laurent floor length, daffodil, evening coat, that my dear, is styling...who else besudes Yves and Nan could make an exit even more breathtaking than an entrance?

Have you seen the exhibition? What were your favs?



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