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Monday, October 26, 2015

Lady in Red

Lady in Red

Psssst...Which Dry Shampoo is the Best?

My Collection of Dry Shampoos

Look what I found---and I don't even like the stuff...The only thing that is missing is Pssssst, the original dry shampoo, circa 1973? Remarkably, it's still around, just repackaged for a few new generations.

Here, are their stories:

Kerastase Powder Bluff has earned a couple of repeat performances.  I'll tell you up front, it's the best of the bunch.  For starters it goes on CLEAR, no corn or rice starch residue, that dull the hair and ages you 25 years in 8 seconds flat.  It also smells fabulous, so if you really can't wash your hair, this is the only one that will make your hair smell vaguely clean.  It adds some volume, pumping up limp locks, for a few hours at least.
Downside? The price.  Kerastase Powder Bluff is expensive. Expect to pay close to $29, hence my quest to find something as good for less.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (for Medium Brunettes)  was born overseas.  Often, that gives products a patina of know, your smuggling it back in your suitcase after a week in Paris. Reviews are stellar, it's well priced and I was intrigued that it had a some color added to it, so I might not look like I'm auditioning to play Auntie Em. Net, net it was still somewhat chalky and didn't to a thing to freshen my hair.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo is the only dry shampoo that claims to actually, "clean your hair". There's science to back it up allegedly.  I was hoping for clear, but still got chalky, that was hard to brush out and left my hair duller than dishwater. Really, it's a coin toss as to which is less appealing dirty hair or cleaner hair that looks dirty.  It's packed and ready to go back to Sephora...

Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo was purchased at the suggestion of one of my stylists.  She uses it not to refresh hair, but to add volume to clean hair, after a blow out.  I can see the volume, but I can also see the dull residue.  Coulda lived without it. Wish I had...

Dove Dry Shampoo was lovingly touted by Celebrity Hairstylist Mark Townsend in an article I read on line in Beauty Editor, claiming to even spray it on hairpins before doing an updo, for added texture. Townsend claims it is the absolute best he has tried.  For $2.99, I can be a sport. Wouldn't it have been the absolute best if my results matched his?  Sadly, they did not.

So my lovelies, there you have it.

What about you?  Have you had any luck with dry shampoo?  Please share if you have...

Kerastase Powder Bluff is the star.  At that price it should be, but I try not to need to use it very often  My best defense against dirty hair?  I don't sweat, which is a reasonable feat for a gym rat. My secret???  I don't sweat. Do you know the old adagie about having to choose between your arse and your face as you age? To that I will add, at some point, you may have to choose between your heart and your hair. It seems I've chosen the latter; no cardio but plenty of Pilates. 

My hair at this very moment is borderline. The plan is an early rise to wash and blow it out. In a pinch, I'll spray and go and sweep it up in a half updo with a small butterfly clip.

It will do.  It will have too...#mendonthavetheseproblems


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My CP Hairbrush; the one and only you will need

CP Hair Designs Vented De-tangling and Styling Brush

I am so happy I stumbled upon this ingenious hairbrush.

Christoper Hornauer, my divine colorist, has been tending to my locks for 17 years, the last 15 or so at Warren Tricomi, Greenwich.  One of the things WT does really well, is fully stock their blow dry bar, for clients who are happy to dry there own hair.

Cleverly, I am sure a lot of product and brushes are purchased from clients who get to try them first.  On my last visit, I picked up a curved, combination pin and boar bristle brush on a whim. Oh my my...

LIFT, VOLUME, SHINE??? Yup.  But it also leaves my hair straight and sleek.

Christopher has mentored many young assistants over the years, who have gone on to be promoted to full fledged colorists.  Among them Jenna is my all time fave. As she scooted by, I pointed to my dream "bump" a full on section of lift and volume in the crown of my hair. Jenna, who loves a bit of bump herself, got it immediately.  I asked her to kindly check and see if these were available for sale, because if not, it was going home in my handbag :).

Fortunately, for all, it was.

The brush, by CH Products  is a new offering from them, designed to both detangle and style.  It is perfect for all hair types, including those with sensitive scalps. Because the head is flexible, it makes styling easy and takes a lot of pressure off your wrist.

I usually do not carry a brush, but I find myself wanting to use it during the day, for a little pick me up. The downside is that I worry about losing it and protect my bag the way I might if I was a tourist in Rome.

It's that good.  Want to have one too? Click here  for a link to their site to purchase one. As always, you are very welcome...


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Divadebbi!

Happy Birthday Divadebbi!

Brunello Cucinelli cashmere sweater, $2,040 / Wool coat, $985 / Brunello Cucinelli midi skirt, $2,220 / Sara Battaglia shoes

Many thanks to my sweet and thoughtful friend Emavera. who created this lovely fashion set for me on Polyvore, in honor of my Birthday.

So thoughtful and just my style! I love my Poly Pals, beautiful fashionistas from all over the globe. People bemoan technology for making our world less intimate, but places social media sites like Polyvore, that have allowed me to connect with so many great women, provide me with the opposite experience.

Much love Emavera!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Instanatural Serums; A fabulous find that wont break the bank

Instanatural Vitamin C Serum
$16.99 (Less on

My gorgeous friend Christine Calzalano is a radiant beauty. A busy Mom, who actively fund raises for the Kidney and Urology Foundation of America, she is again Co-Chairing a benefit luncheon and Fashion Show on Nov. 5th at Orienta Beach Club (to attend or donate, please click on )

Debbi OShea and Christine Calzalano

In her spare time, (which I imagine is around 1:00 am), Christine sometimes researches beauty products. Some of her favorites, are well reviewed finds on Amazon  that are often, bonafide, bargains.

I have long been a serum fan. Longer than they have been popular and when they were harder to find. Nowadays, they are easy pickings, but really, not. How do you choose and how much are you willing to spend.

Despite all I have purchased and all that has sent to me to sample, I had hit the wall.  Nothing felt right. Not the texture, smell, or results.  One of my all time favorite serums is SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Antioxidant Serum.  Yes, it's wonderful.  It should be for $162 for 1 oz. Personally, I don't find that expense sustainable.

Taking a page from Christine's book, I decided to search for a new serum on Amazon. There I discovered Instanatural Vitamin C Serum.  With over 3,000 5 star reviews and for $14.99 (plus my "free" Amazon Prime shipping), I figured I had nothing to lose...

And apparently, everything to gain. I absolutely love it!

Instanatural is a U.S. company that scours the globe for natural and organic ingredients to use in their products. They are all alcohol, sulfate and paraben free and nothing is tested on animals. If you order from their website, they will give your 15% off your first order, shipping is free on orders over $25 and they accept returns unconditionally within 30 days.

The Vitamin C Serum, smells deliciously, of fresh oranges. It reminds me of Murad's Vitamin C Serum,  a pricier, but effective serum I have used many times. The texture is thin and gel like, which is my preference and it layers under my day and night creams perfectly.

Here are some product details:

InstaNatural’s Vitamin C Serum is a powerful solution to reverse the signs of aging. The benefits of its premium ingredients include fighting wrinkles, fine lines and skin pigmentation by nourishing and strengthening your skin to reduce their appearance. It contains 20% Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E. Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Plant Stem Cells, Argan Oil and more work together to nourish your skin while restoring its health and beauty. Our formula works quickly to give you glowing skin and a more youthful look. 

I also noticed that they made another serum that contained Salicylic Acid and Retinol. When I ran out of the Vitamin C Serum, I decided to reorder it, plus purchase the Age Defying Skin Clearing Serum to use at night. 

I love it as well!

Instanatural Age Defying Skin Clearing Serum
The Dets:

InstaNatural’s Age-Defying & Skin Clearing Serum is a nourishing blend of premium ingredients such as Retinol and Salicylic Acid to give pores a clean and minimized appearance, while also utilizing Niacinamide to help balance the skin’s tone and texture for an even and flawless look. Simultaneously, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid work together to keep the skin looking soft, healthy and hydrated for a younger and more vibrant appearance that lasts.

I was impressed to receive and email the next day after receiving my purchase from Instanatural with suggestions on the based ways to use and store my serums.
Impressive, but even more so, is my glowing results for such an affordable price.

Instanatural makes other skincare as well as hair care products. I am certain I will be trying others in the future. 

So thank you Christine, for giving me another avenue to source my beauty obsession. There's a whole wide world out there and it can all be delivered to my door in two days.

See you at the luncheon...


Envy SilkPeel; Microdermabrasion Plus so much more

Dr. Bryan G. Forley's Office and Surgical Suite is located in
 NYC at this magnificent Upper East Side Townhouse at 5 E. 82nd St.

(212) 861-3757

One of my favorite PR companies to work with is Melissa Kelz PR. Melissa and her team, represent top plastic surgeons dermatologists and high-grade companies with top-of-the-line, efficacious skincare products. When they come-a-calling, I'm all in!

Dr. Forley has consistently been voted among NYC's Top Plastic Surgeons
When Melissa asked, if I would be interested in having an Envy Medical Silkpeel an advanced micro dermabrasion with  "dermalinfusion" at Dr. Bryan Forley's NYC townhouse, I leaped  at the opportunity. 
Dr. Bryan G. Forly  and Satu Ruokonen RN.
Satu performed my SilkPeel

Dr. Forley's office is located in one of the prettiest parts of the city, just a few steps away from one of my favorite places,the Metropolitan Museum of art.  This lovely townhouse not only hosts his soothing office, but a surgical suite, where many patient procedures are comfortably performed, in the presence of a board certified Anesthesiologist.

With no waiting time, after filling out my medical history, I was surprised and delighted, to meet with Dr. Forley. He explained to me what a SilkPeel does and how it differs from traditional micro dermabrasion (which simply polishes the skin by blasting it with aluminum crystals) and listened to my skincare concerns. The Envy Medical Silkpeel device is designed to treat three skin care issues; hyperpigmentation, acne, and anti-aging. 

We decided to do go for the anti-aging option, which would topically, but deeply infuse my skin with Hyaluronic acid.  

SilkPeel has no downtime, so when you see actresses on the Red Carpet looking dewy and plump, very often they have had a SilkPeel, (performed in doctors offices or very high end medical spas), on the day of their appearance. (Cost $350.) The literature and science supporting doing a series to successfully treat hyperpigmentation or acne is well documented.  A series of 6 peels is recommended for maximum results is $1750, so one is free.)

I was treated with gentle hands by Satu Ruokonen RN, Dr. Forley's surgical nurse, who performed the SilkPeel in their surgical suite. One of the advantages of this hand held Envy Medical device, is that the pressure is pre-set by the trained provider, for comfort, efficacy and consistent pressure.  (Unfortunately for me, I have literally been wounded by over zealous "passes", which abraded my skin in the hands of other aestheticians.) I had no such worries in Satu's care as she explained every area, including my neck, that she was treating. There was no discomfort, whatsoever.

Impressively again, Dr. Forley met with me post treatment to discuss my experience and results. I could tell from the time spent, that this is a Plastic Surgeon who really listens to his patients concerns and treats the their issues with the most effective means for each individual; nothing cookie cutter here.  One of the advantages of seeing a Plastic Surgeon for your anti-aging needs, in my opinion, is that they have every means at their disposal, from injectibles like Botox Restalyne, Sculptra and Voluma to non-surgical devices like Ulthera, Cool Sculpting and when necessary, a good old  fashioned scalpel.  Dermatologists and Medical Spas simply don't have all of these tools in their anti-aging arsenal to use for your best results and needs as you age.

Think about it!

So what were the results of my SilkPeel?  Silky smooth, glowing, baby skin. Wistfully, I regretted making the appointment on a day when my husband and I would be in a dark concert hall that evening...a perfect Diva Red Carpet moment wasted!

Happily, my skin continued to glow for days.  No wonder series of SilkPeels are often planned with Brides and their moms so that they are radiantly beautiful, inside and out on the Big Day.

My big thanks go to Melissa, Dr. Forley and Satu, for inviting me to have this fabulous in-office treatment and allowing me to share my experience with you.

Do treat yourself!  No doubt, I will visit again in the future. 


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dove Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant How do I love thee???

Dove Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant
Fashion Week has finally come to a close in Europe. I don't think I've ever been more acutely aware of the shows than now, thanks to the onslaught of images from both the runway and the street, courtesy of Instagram and other mediums flooding us with images. No complaints from me.  I don't really need the interpretations; images serve me well. does an exemplary job of digesting it all for us in beautifully curated thumbnails and I'm grateful, but I digress...

Want the fastest way to get in lock step with the European trends?  Spray it under your arms...

Environmentally safe, dry spray deodorants have been in favor in Europe for a quite some time, making up 60% of the market compared to 2-5% in the U.S.  In the past,  American models would horde them in their suitcases on return trips, favoring the instant dry factor and the hallmark achievement of truly creating an anti-perspirant, that is Little Black Dress proof. To wit, all my own stick trials have been failures that left me wondering about how the manufacturers were able to get away with such misguided claims.

(Sidebar: The fastest way to remove chalky deodorant marks from clothing is either steam or pantyhose.)
Photo Courtesy of the N.Y. Times

No need to horde anymore... In December, Unilever launched 5 of their reformulated dry spray anti-perspirants sold in Europe to the U.S. Market.

My first foray was their Degree Dry Spray, since I had previously been a Degree Solid Girl. It immediately made me question whether those nasty fluorocarbons really were a thing of the past.  I tried it for a few times. Each time left me gasping and choking and imagining my family tsssk tsssking over my autopsy report.

NO NO. And back to  CVS.

Drum roll for the winner...Dove Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant, curiously, also a Unilever product. No gagging or choking here.  This fabulous spray does indeed, dry in an instant, leaving no tell tale chalky marks on my black and navy dresses and tops.  It also claims to keep you dry and fresh smelling for 48 hours. Other than being stranded on a desert island, one I will never be test driving, but nonetheless, good to know.

Sidebar to sweaty palm owners: Dry sprays can be used on your hands.

Nostalgically, it also contains Dove's classic 1/4 cleansing cream claim to fame, (one that intrigued me enough as an 9 year old to ask my Mother to buy, "the soap that won't dry your skin like soap can".  Talk about an iconic marketing campaign!)

Available in 6 fragrances, my repeat performer is "Beauty Finish". As I have said before, one of my real goals in all of this beauty trial and error, is to find my Holy Grail in each category and stick with it...

Consider Dove Dry Spray Anti-Perspirant officially anointed.  Do try it...


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

7 Top Rated Hairdryers From Mass to Class

Photo courtesy of TotalBeauty
I've  never loved any of my hairdryers… I want to, really I do, but I've always left wondering if whatever I've bought can be topped by something lighter weight, more powerful and one that will leave me with shining locks in less than minutes.

I've also noticed, that my hair looks best when blown dry at the gym. I used to think it was their blowdryers. It took me a while to figure out, that inevitably, it's because it's air-conditioned 365 days a year in the locker room.  No wonder the results are better than my still half steamed bathroom. 

I wasn't completely surprised to see the Harry Josh blow dryer, at a whopping $250, made the top seven. The beauty buzz on this dryer is phenomenal. The price tag, IMO, less so. For all my extravagances, I can't pull the trigger on this one. Could you?

I don't imagine the nicely rated Conair is and John Freida are any better than the three that are already warehoused in my beauty closet. 

The Elchim 2001, with a perfect 10 rating, for $99.99 did catch my attention, so I snapped a picture of it and put it in my beauty files for future consideration.

To see TotalBeauty's seven top rated seven blowdryers, click here. As always, they are based on readers unbiased reviews, one of the reasons I look to Total Beauty as a resource before purchasing many beauty items in my stash. They will also for ever have my heart, for publishing DivaDebbi early and recognizing my unique voice in the beauty blogging arena. 

As always, I appreciate your readership and trust in me… Without you, do DivaDebbi would continue to be an email blast of faves to my bestie's. 


Because I Can....

Because I Can....

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Elizabeth Daniel NY Shirts/ Final Blow Out Sale

After several years in business with great press and a star dotted following, Elizabeth Daniel NY has decided to close shop.  Cleverly, they focused on one great product; comfortable shirts that layer beautifully under shirts, jackets and even sleeveless dresses.

I own several, and always travel with them, particularly perfect for long flights when the cabin temperature seems to dip, while you struggle to maintain your xanax slumber.  I also love wearing the sleeveless version so my gym workouts reflect my goal of not letting my fashion standards slip, even while donning yoga pants.

So I bid them a fond adieu, and will be stocking up.  Normally priced at about $138, all styles are now $49.99 and with the code FINAL SALE, you will save an extra 10%.  (note: size up one, I always take a large.)

Click Here to be directed to the link.  Happy shopping!

And you're welcome...


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review: Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

I like gel eyeliner pencils.  Trish McEvoy's Intense Gel Eyeliner Pencil in midnight blue delivers beautiful results, but it's pricey ($28) and requires sharpening almost daily. Translation; it has a short shelf life.

I noticed Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner because it was advertised in a few of the mega September fashion issues, one of the rare times a year I actually purchase glossies anymore.  I made a mental note to try one, but had no luck finding them on any of my drugstore runs.

What the puck???

As I honed down to to the tale end of my last Trish Gel Eyeliner Pencil,  I was trying to figure out when I would visit Saks or Bloomingdales to replace it. I was also out of my HG lip gloss, Pur Minerals Chateau Kisses Lip-Plumping Lip Gloss in Glitzy, which required an Ulta run. On my way out, I decided to see if they might have Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in stock.


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