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Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Conair Hot Velcro Rollers

Conair Hot Velcro Rollers
They truly do heat up in 75 seconds

A few years ago, I spied a package of  Microwaveable Velcro rollers, in the "as seen on TV" in Yugoslavia  aisle at CVS.  Those puppies heated up in 50 seconds and created soft waves, with zero crimps.  I loved them.

Somewhere along the way I have lost quite a few of them, the remaining stragglers were officially shot.  I decided they needed replacing so I Googled, to know avail.  I checked Amazon and Ebay.  Apparently, I may have been their only taker. They are no longer for sale anywhere.

Oh well.

While at, where else CVS, I decided to checkout the few offerings they have in the "plug in" section for hair care products.  I don't know if the Conair set above is discontinued or I just got lucky, but they were on sale for $37.00.  With the promise of a 75 second heat up time and the same smooth , flocked, Velcro covering as my beloved microwaveable rollers, I figured they were worth a shot.

I would love to be able to use a curling iron, but it's way beyond my skill set, that does not include things like gift wrapping, playing Mah Jong, or reading a map.

These rollers are fantastic!  Apparently both the roller and the clip are designed to transfer heat between one another.  The rollers come in three sizes, but the clips conveniently fit all of the sizes, which is a time saver. They also do a great job of taming frizz and leaving hair smooth and crimpless.


I was perfectly happy with my new find, until I started researching the Conair Website and saw their latest launch, the InfinitiPro Spin Air Brush Styler.  
It is a multi-tasker, that dries, adds volume and shine. I checked the reviews on several sites and they almost unanimously stellar.

I'm pondering...If any of you have tried it, do chime in...this Blog is an expensive hobby.



  1. Debbie - Tried the InfinitiPro Spin Air Brush and threw it away! Should have saved it for you to try! Didn't find that the bristles were strong enough to stay in my hair at the same time the thing was rotating….Didn't get very hot and couldn't keep the rotating in my hair… frustrating I really tossed it! Maybe someone else will have better luck! :) Jill C.

  2. Thanks so much Sweetie!
    I was concerned that the low air flow would never dry my hair but if the rotating brush is a challenge, I'm definitely OUT! Thanks for the heads up Jill.




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