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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Gold: Uma Thurman

Oscar Gold: Uma Thurman

Oscar Gold: Uma Thurman by divadebbi featuring prada

I have been watching the Academy Awards for as long as I can remember.  I love film and adore fashion, so for me it's a night I always look forward to.

I truly think the world stopped spinning on its axis in 1995, when Uma Thurman, nominated for Best Supporting Actress in Pulp Fiction, stepped on to the Red Carpet in this lavender Prada ensemble.

I was as breathless as the scene in the movie where Uma, dying from a cocaine overdose, is brought back to life by a shot of adrenaline administered straight to the heart by John Travolta.

It also sent me wistfully back to my childhood, where I would stare enviably at  my favorite Walt Disney fairy tale heroine Cinderella's spectacular transformation.

Could two images be more in opposition? What can I say???  I may have been hallucinating I was so excited.

Fashion mayhem literally ensued... Together, Uma and Miuccia Prada changed the face of what was chic.  Swathed simply, in layers of lavender organza, Uma looked ethereal and anyone in her path suddenly looked stiff and overwrought...

I live for these moments, and even more so, for the Tsunami's.

Anyway, of course you know I am in full count down mode as I write this for tonight's Academy Award's Red Carpet. I will be pen, computer, BlackBerry and iPad in hand, tweeting and taking notes for my Flips and Flops for my annual DivaDebbi's Academy Award's Red Carpet Report Card.

Don't miss it!!!


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  1. While I'm not sure I had the Cinderella association, otherwise totally agree - one of the great fashion moments at the Oscars!



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