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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Jenny Packham: Fall 2013 Makeup by Laura Mercier

Believe it or not, Fashion Week is not just about the clothes.  Seasonal trends for hair and makeup are also making their debut.  None of these looks exist in a vacumn-- fashion designers collaborate with the lead makeup artists and hair stylists on their vision, working as a team to create, "The Look."

Just last week the N.Y. Times reported on the growing presence of Beauty bloggers back stage at the shows. (The Makeup Crowd Muscles In). Of course Beauty Editor's have been doing this for years, the only real change is that it's a bit more crowded with bloggers on the scene.  

I thought it was a huge generalization to say,"Beauty bloggers tend to display a certain disdain for muted, natural runway looks. Over-the-top colors and intricate hairstyles thrill them; they speak breathlessly of an orange-lined eye at Derek Lam or jeweled brows at Chanel".

Really?  Are you talking about me???  I'm the Girl who prefers everyone looking elegant and pretty, not Daliesque.

I reported on Thursday about Jenny Packham's incredible show. I so loved the ethereal quality of her gossamer chiffons and the exquisite lines of her beaded columns.  I also like the simple hair, tied back gently with satin ribbons and the soft, lovely makeup, created by Talia Shobrook for Laura Mercier.  

Laura Mercier graciously provided the best swag bag of the week which included her exquisite Radiance Foundation Primer, Caviar Stick Eye in charcoal and a stunning lip stain called Violet Sugar.

Here is how the look was created by Talia and her team  At the bottom are the finished results:

Jenny Packham: Fall/Winter 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Look created by Talia Shobrook for Laura Mercier
This season, Jenny Packham’s collection was inspired by the lavish intellectual salons of 17th century Paris, where women of nobility gathered to discuss the arts, culture and philosophy. Talia Shobrook, lead makeup artist for the show, balanced Packham’s opulent designs with a subdued makeup look. Pale, luminous, impeccably groomed skin took center stage. The resulting look was “rich and expensive” yet nearly bare. “This woman exudes a subtle confidence,” stated Shobrook.

Flawless Face: Flawless, “nearly bare” skin


· First, Shobrook appliedLaura Mercier Mega-Moisturizer Crème SPF 15 ($50)to soothe and hydrate the skin.

· Then she appliedLaura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance ($32) to create the perfect canvas for makeup application.

· Shobrook then appliedLaura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 ($43) to give the skin a sheer hint of dewy colour.

· Then, depending on the model’s complexion, she appliedLaura Mercier Crème Smooth Foundation ($50)orLaura MercierSilk Crème Foundation ($43)to hydrate and protect the skin.

· Next, Shobrook appliedLaura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Angelic ($26)to contour the cheeks followed byLaura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Colour in Pink Blush ($26) to give the cheeks a natural glow.

Eyes: Natural hues are subtle and sophisticated

· Talia began by applyingLaura Mercier Eye Basics in Tawny ($24)along the eye crease to create definition.

· She appliedLaura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Seashell ($24) on the inner and outside corner of the eyes.

· Next, Talia addedLaura Mercier Luster Eye Colour in Bamboo ($22) under the bottom lash line.

· To complete the eyes, she appliedLaura Mercier Faux Lash Mascara in Sierra Brown ($24); available April 2013.

Lips: Delicate and feminine lips

Soft and pretty and not a bit of "disdain".


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