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Monday, February 11, 2013

Fashion Week 2013 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

The fashion industry once again returned for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.  For Fall 2013, over 90 of the world's finest designers are presenting their latest collections through February 15th.

So much has changed since I first started being invited to shows when I was working in New York.  Back in the day, we were often shoe horned into the designer's showroom and packed and stacked back into the elevators, while dashing from one show to the next. Many Fire Marshall visits later, safer venues were developed.

There is no more convenient, or comfortable space than the one created by the team at IMG twice a year for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.

I was there all day and evening Sunday, as the guest of my friends Peter and Linda Levy.  Peter Levy is one of the most important men in fashion in New York. As Global SVP of Fashion for IMG, Peter's influence continues to expand as he brings his acumen and vision to Fashion Week in other markets, such as London and Berlin.

It was exciting to see some of the latest innovations that have been put in place at Lincoln Center with them. The Event Lobby has received some fabulous upgrades to enhance their guests experience.

As always, you can mingle among Sponsor's presentation spaces and see the latest launches from Mercedes-Benz, Maybelline, Samsung, Papyrus, TRESsemme and others, often receiving free goodie samples.

Editors, photographers and bloggers were all making good use of the new VIP media space.  It was fully equipped to allow them to conduct business comfortably on-site and it was buzzing with activity all day.

On a festive note, the people watching is always amazing. Even more fun was being able to relax with a  cocktail and enjoying the great music from the new DJ booth that overlooks the entire lobby.

Diva, Linda Levy, Andrea Acker, Naki Halepas

Best spot in the house? The IMG VIP Suite and tee hee, I enjoyed every moment of it with Linda and our friends Naki and Andrea.  I will be back tomorrow and I will bring you coverage of the shows a little later on in the week.

My thanks and appreciation as always to the Levy's my generous friends and amazingly gracious  hosts.



  1. My dear, you look stunning. Must be a an experience of a lifetime. Jealous :) Keep posting my friend. Love your articles.

  2. Dearest Lidia,
    You are too kind. I know one day we will share it together.




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