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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Trousseau

The Trousseau

One of the lovely things about Polyvore, is the warmth, camaraderie and sisterhood that evolves among the Fashionista's who enjoy putting these sets together.

We often dedicate them to each other, as gifts for support and friendship.  I created this set for my dear friend Lidia Solymosi.  Lidia lives in Canada and works in the health care field, but I'm sure she was a designer in another life.  Her exquisite sets have won her a staggering following of over 25,000 followers.

This June, a group of "Polypals" are gathering from places near and far in N.Y.C. for a few days. We will also have the opportunity to meet some of the staff from the Polyvore N.Y. office.  It's going to fabulous to put the names and faces together with the talent we have gotten to know so well.

Polyvore selects "members" to interview for The Official Polyvore Blog almost every month.  Lidia was recently chosen, which is an incredible honor.  Here is a link to some of her favorite sets and her interview.  I think she is a treasure!
I hope you will too...


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