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Friday, February 22, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence: Christian Dior's New Face of Miss Dior Handbags

Jennifer Lawrence: Christian Dior's New Face

I'm quite enchanted with the lovely Jennifer Lawrence.  For such a young woman, she has great poise and style.  She rarely flops on the Red Carpet, because she trusts her own good instincts.I don't think I have ever seen her, when I have said to myself, "really???"

I loved her performance in Silver Linings Playbook and I am rooting for her to win Best Actress at the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

Jennifer was recently named the new face of Christian Dior Handbags, so of course she will be wearing haute couture, fitted to freckle, by the divine Raf Simons.  I am on tender hooks in anticipation.

As always, I will be pen in hand, taking notes for my DivaDebbi Red Carpet Report Card.  Don't forget to come back on Monday to see my flips and flops.

Happy weekend all.


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