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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Intrigue: Oscar and Galliano

Ever since John Galliano's well deserved firing from Dior in 2011, after his video in praise of Adolf Hitler went viral, his career has coming to a screeching halt...
That was until a few weeks ago, when the always dashing, much beloved designer Oscar de la Renta invited Galliano to visit his atelier a few weeks before his Fall 2013 show.  Not unexpectedly, it has been a cause for endless speculation and chatter among the Fashion World.
Was Oscar finally lining up his successor has he marks his 50th year in business? Would Galliano take a bow?
Last night all questions were answered...sort of.  No and No.

Elements of Galliano's influence were definitely apparent in the collection in the slouch, bold mix of colors, dramatic makeup and accessories, which were more vixen than 'Ladies Who Lunch'.  I created this Polyvore in hopes of offering you a bit of the flavor.
In-te-resting...and the intrigue continues.  (P.S. Happy Valentine's Day all!)

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