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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chado Ralph Rucci: Fall 2013

Exquisite color mixing and this glimmering sequin tunic over sik
faille pants, brought audible gasps from the audience at Chado Ralph Rucci.
Collection photos courtesy of and Quintessence

Last Sunday evening's slush and chill did not deter the fashion world,  from attending Ralph Rucci's Fall 2013 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.  Also in attendance, pens perched in hand in the front row, were Rucci's lovely loyal ladies, Deeda Blair, Susan Gutfreund, Martha Stewart and the always magnificent Iris Apfel, pictured below.

We had wonderful seats in the second row and I was delighted to find myself directly, behind my friends Jeffry Aronsson, President of Ralph Rucci, and his beautiful wife Wendy.  It was a joy to see Jeffry accepting many well earned congratulations after the show.

Vibrant colored Pologeorgis mink bolero's and full length coats delighted the audience in the opening of the show. Rucci is fanatic about perfect workmanship and exquisite details.  He is always thinking of the future and in his hands every ensemble feels completely fresh.

If the intent was to also to entice a younger customer, there was plenty to tempt her. Lace, sequins, mink, sable, feathers, leather, chiffon and silk faille are this artists tools and in his hands, fashion is elevated to something to be revered.

Here are some of my favorite looks from this outstanding collection.  My friend Q. from Quintessence Blog supplied the "rear view" shots, exemplifying just how exhilarating the clothes are, both coming and going...

And this, my lovely readers, is what constitutes the rarest of all events in fashion...

A standing ovation.



  1. Thanks for the mention - LOVED seeing this collection with you!! xo

  2. You are welcome Q. Love spending my FW days with you too. I loved your pictures! Just looking at the collection again makes me happy.




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