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Friday, September 21, 2012

Updating Aunt Agatha's Old Fur Coat...

Updating Aunt Agatha's Old Fur Coat...

Today marks the day that a splendid film about the legendary Diana Vreeland is being released.  The film was created and directed by Vreeland's granddaughter in-law .

In honor of the doyenne of fashion, Women's Voices for Change  is asking their fashion contributors to answer the question Vreeland posed to her Harper's Bazaar readers during her tenure as Editor-In-Chief. 

The series was called, "Why Don't You???"....

I am kicking off the series by asking, Why Don’t You remodel the fabulous furs your chic Aunt Agatha left to you? 

Or for the matter, your first mink coat...the one you splurged on instead of paying your rent on time in your twenties, (um...Me.)  You know, the ankle length beauty, with the Tim Tebow shoulder pads that you only wear to walk the dog in a 'Nor Easter, since you haven't stored it since 1994.

To read the full article and see a fabulous clip of DV, please follow this link to the website:

This is a not to be missed film for any fashion lover...It was all I could do to keep from feigning a cold and scouting out the nearest theatre.



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