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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm getting married in the morning--I think...

I'm getting married in the morning--I think...

My Poly pals range in age from 13 to 64.  They hail from all over the globe.     Their talents are immense and I am hopelessly addicted to viewing their sets and creating my own.

It is such a wonderful creative outlet for me to exercise my artistic and styling skills as well as my imagination.  When I created this set tonight, it hadn't occurred to me that people really thought I was dressing for my rehearsal dinner and was contemplating being a run-away bride.

Such fun!!!

I encourage you check out Polyvore to see some beautiful fashion.  It is also an incredibly great shopping tool.  Looking for a bordeaux leather blazer?  Simply pop in the style, price and color of whatever you are looking for and  options from dozens of websites will pop up in seconds.

Genius...on many levels.


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