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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Diana Vreeland and McQueen =Heaven

DV and McQueen =Heaven

I am soooo looking forward to seeing the marvelous documentary about Diana Vreeland that was released on Friday.  Right now, it is only playing in two theatres in NYC, and I have the feeling it's going to be a very hot ticket.

Diana Vreeland intended to be light years ahead of the curve, not just of fashion, but of art, interiors, music and society.

I love this charming Interview Magazine cover that featured DV at the height of her power.  I can't help but think how much she would have adored and mentored the late, great Alexander McQueen, so I included McQueen accessories in this Polyvore set I created.

DV was famous for wearing her Verdura Maltese Cross Cuffs.  I took some liberty here, and imagined this double headed McQueen skull ring in the same vein. I  think she would have adored this Asian inspired McQueen clutch as well.

DV was nothing, if not meticulous.  She had the soles of her shoes polished black everyday.  She loved red, so naturally, Christian Louboutin's red soled trademark shoes would be something she would have championed.

When DV was pushed out of Vogue after her long tenure, she went on to curate the Costume division of the Metropolitan Museum. Besides the incredible exhibitions she created and oversaw, she also founded the Costume Institute Gala, which to this day, is Fashion's biggest night out each year. I have no doubt that she would have approved of this showstopping lace and chiffon Valentino gown, as well.

I raise my glass to you Ms. Vreeland. Your legend looms large and we honor it...


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