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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Carmen the Divine at Chado Ralph Rucci- Spring 2013

Carmen the Divine at Chado Ralph Rucci- Spring 2013

The always divine and truly ageless, 81 year old Carmen Dell 'Orefice was at the Chado Ralph Rucci show, Sunday night at MBFW at Lincoln Center.

Naturally there was pandemonium, (particularly since she took to the catwalk twice this week).   Carmen's star and luminous beauty has never faded and everyone came over to pay homage to her in her perennial front row perch.

In June, Jeffry Aronsson, who runs the consulting and brand management firm The Aronsson Group,  joined the company as CEO. His lovely wife Wendy, is a long time client and friend.  She teased me that fabulous things were in the hopper, knowing I am a die hard Rucci fan, but kept mum until the formal announcement. 

This is great news for Ralph Rucci, who's company never suffered from lack of his creative talents, but will only benefit from Aronsson's much acclaimed business acumen.  With long stints as CEO of Emanuel Ungaro,  Donna Karan International, Marc Jacobs International and Oscar de la Renta, Aronsson knows what it takes to balance beautiful fashion with the realities of the marketplace.

In my judgement, no one in the United States creates clothing as spectacularly designed or tailored as Ralph Rucci  The prohibitive prices, however, have kept it in the hands of just a few luxury retailers, here and abroad. It would be my dream to be able to sell it to my clients at Richards.

With Aronsson in place as CEO, and Rucci designing, Chado Ralph Rucci will not just be appreciated, but worn by stylish and chic women, the world over.

In addition to the exits I used in my Polyvore Set, take a look at these other confections from Rucci's Spring 2013 show:

Ralph Rucci - Spring 2013

Ralph Rucci - Spring 2013

Here's to Ralph's genius--and Jeffry's.  The world awaits...


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  1. LOVE this. Love Carmen, was once on a set with her... and Ricci's surprise color under layers are so much fun and so feminine. xo



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