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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update: Great news from Gray Away

Single can at retail $9.99 via the Internet, 2 for $19.99

Choose your shade; mine is Medium Brown

My post about Gray Away, a remarkable product, that sprays gray away in an instant, has received thousands of views and many comments.  After many months of purchasing a much pricier competitor at Sephora, and running through a can with half the product in a matter of weeks, I searched the Internet for an alternative.

I found it in Gray Away, which is superior on all counts; price, consistency, staying power and size.

In the past, this product was only available via their website and required getting two cans (for the price of one) plus shipping and handling...until now!
I received an email from Victory P.R. who represents Gray Away recently.  So what's the great news???  Gray Away is now available at retail and you can purchase a single can for $9.99.

Gray Away is available at Rite Aid, Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS, Walgreens, Sears, Dollar General, Boscov and Fred Meyer. *Please note: Only the only the Medium Brown to Dark Blonde and Black to Medium Brown are available in store.

I much prefer the convenience of paying for it as I need it and being able to pick it up along with my Q-tips and Advil.

If you haven't pulled the trigger on buying this amazing product, now is a perfect time to try it.  It's just the thing to immediately revive faded color around the hairline and stretch the time between coloring's without breakthrough or embarrassment.

And you are most welcome...

*Update on the update:  I have had very little success finding Gray Away at the above retail outlets.  FINALLY, I found one lonesome can in a Walgreen's in the "Seen on T.V." section.  I strongly recommend if you want to try this product that you order online.



  1. Every store I go to doesn't have it in my shade of blonde. When I tried to order it online I was tricked into ordering some special & was shocked when I saw the total was going to be $60.00. NO THANKS. When I tried to go back or cancel it would not let me. All it said was if I didn't hit the order within one hour it wouldn't be processed. I don't trust this, now they have my name & credit card info. This is really shady.

  2. Hi Anon,
    As I stated in the post, the Blonde Shade is not available at retail, unfortunately.
    I never have much luck finding the medium brown in stores anyway. I suggest you call the customer service number and get your account straightened out. It is a terrific product and I have ordered from the website without issues, in fact, since I can't find it, yet again, I will be ordering myself again soon.


  3. Do you know if the EVERPRO Beauty Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer sold at Target and the Grey Away As Seen On TV are the same? Thanks.

  4. I do! They rebranded. Same stuff, glad they didn't change the formula.

    Thanks for your interest!




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