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Monday, September 10, 2012

Toto, I'm going to miss you most of all...

Toto, I'm going to miss you most of all...

This is going to be a very hectic week. Between clients, fashion week and meeting a dead line for my October WAG Magazine article on the iconic Little Black Dress and why we all have five  one in our closet, I'm on overload.  Please bear with me!

While we were away, I only had my I pad, so I wasn't able to create  any Polyvore sets.  By the time I got home I had a bad case of  D.T.'s.  My fingers were literally shaking as I hit the key board.

I ended up creating 6 in a row...Don't ask how long I was parked!  With so many of my friends daughters heading off to study abroad, I created this Polyvore set with them in mind.  Naturally the silver lining is that they have a perfect excuse reason to take a trip Europe.

I'm squeaking this post in, in between my book club and the encore of The Real Housewives of New York.  Gotta run.



  1. You had me at the title! See you tomorrow!!

  2. LOL!
    thanks again for a perfect lunch! Cafe Boulud was perfect. Im going to check out your Lela post now. See you tomorrow.



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