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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Aethern Skin Nutraceuticals: You Deserve It!

Beautifully packaged, easy to consume daily vials of Aethern
A game changer

First and foremost, Happy New Year !!!

I hope you haven't felt too neglected by me...Life as a partner and Co-Owner of our store, Mary Jane Denzer is absolute thrill, but I am busier than ever.

While I have had less time to focus on trying new products and blogging about them, the one constant, has been my daily dose of  FDA approved, clinically trialed Aethern.  Aethern's blend of bio-active peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Silicon, Pure Astaxanthin, vitamins and minerals, is proprietary. And it works.

6 years ahead of GOOP, Jane Iredale, Bobbi Brown and others who are hopping on the ingestible beauty bandwagon, Aethern has been blazing a trail of raving fans worldwide.  Board certified Dermatologists, Dr. Lisa Airan, and Dr. Ava Shamban, stars in their own rite, recommend  Aethern to their devoted patients.

The magnificent Cate Blanchett,  is also an Aethern fan!  She includes in her beauty and health repertoire and mentioned it in this Allure article.  Of note; she is not a paid spokesperson.

Who wouldn't want to achieve firmer, more elastic, radiant looking skin???  When I look back at my own untouched photos, (which I recommend taking), I am amazed and delighted at the dramatic change in just under 4 months of taking Aethern daily.

See for yourself!!!

December 22, 2017, the night before I started taking Aethern.
I was both saddened and ashamed of just how bad my hands made me feel

May 13, 2018
Look at the remarkable difference!!!

Debra OShea and Co-Chair Christine Calzalano

And it's not just my hands that are looking firmer and more youthful!  The photo above was taken recently at The Red Cross Ball and published by Fairfield County Look.  It was lovely to receive emails and texts from friends commenting on how well and yes, ageless I looked. (Especially next to my extraordinarily, beautiful and younger friend Christine.)

Though I may have less time to blog, I am pleased to share my Aethern results, the best anti-aging product I have ever tried and written about. Conversely, I spend a lot less money on extraneous creams and potions, because I have found the easiest way to firmer skin, by drinking less than 3 oz. of pure goodness daily. (Pro tip! After I have finished the contents, I always add a bit of water one or two times to the vial and shake.  Aethern is truly good to the last drop.)

Aethern is pricey, ($224 monthly,) but I think you are worth it.  If you enter my exclusive DivaDebra code, "radiance", you will receive a discount plus free shipping.

Don't forget to take your own photos! A picture truly is worth a thousand words, or at least three; firm, radiant and beautiful...

For testimonials on Aethern please see videos below.

AETHERN® | Consumers | Perception Study from AETHERN® on Vimeo.

AETHERN® | Consumers | Stephanie from AETHERN® on Vimeo.

AETHERN® | Consumers | Therese from AETHERN® on Vimeo.

Remember when ordering Aethern enter my exclusive DivaDebra code, "radiance", you will receive a discount plus free shipping.


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