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Saturday, September 1, 2012

La Belle de Jour

La Belle du Jour

I adore old movies, and  recently saw Belle de Jour again, starring Catherine Deneuve in a film directed by Luis Bunuel (1967).

The theme of the film quite shocked me when I was younger.  Catherine, a beautiful but bored housewife, plays Severine, a woman who does not spend her well heeled afternoons playing bridge, if you catch my drift.

Another joy of this particular film, was the costumes.  All were designed for Deneuve by Yves St. Laurent.  As the film evolves, we see Severine change from a very proper lady, to someone with slightly more exotic taste.

Belle de Jour was the start of a life long friendship between the two, with YSL designing countless ensembles for Deneuve, until his death.

Catherine Deneuve in Luis Bunel's Belle de Jour
I certainly still had Severine on my mind when I created this Polyvore set.

It is lovely to have my creative pistons firing all the time.  No one could ever accuse me of being a bored housewife...



  1. A FABULOUS classic!! That wardrobe in the movie was amazing! And of course love the barcart ;-)

  2. It was, wasn't it? And YES Q. my thanks for so many gorgeous images from that pop up in my Poly work. xoxox



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