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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tips for a Healthy Hoo Hoo...(Yup, you read that right)

Healthy Hoo Hoo Cleanser

When I started writing DivaDebbi back in 2008, I wrote a blog I named The Hoo Ha Spa, after reading a N.Y Times article about an N.Y.C. Dr. who was essentially opening up a spa for the vagina. It surprised and amused me then and still does.

Everyday I receive all kinds of pitches to try all kinds of products.  As you know, I much prefer to only write about products I have tried myself.  When I first received this email, from Healthy Hoo Hoo, my initial reaction was to laugh, remembering my original blog, similarly named.  Then I read about Healthy Hoo Hoo and realized that founder Stacy Lyon was actually cleverly filling a niche. To my own surprise, I asked to sample it!

Here is a bit more about her products and Stacy's sensible tips for maintaining a healthy hoo hoo:

For Stacy Lyon, vaginal hygiene is extremely important and something that should    be paid very close attention to, which is why she created her paraben-free feminine hygienic line, Healthy Hoo Hoo. Free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, healthy hoo hoo’s high standards gave rise to a blend of botanical extracts and ingredients that are pH balanced and provide just the right amount of cleansing with just the right amount of moisturizing.

Stacy’s tips, paired with the use of her Healthy Hoo Hoo foaming cleanser ($13.99), feminine wash ($12.99), and feminine wipes ($4.79 perfect to pack in a gym bag) , will help avoid any unwanted irritation:
  • The vulva and vagina should be cleaned with bland bar soap once a day. Perhaps a second swipe if a late day encounter comes about.
  • Avoid liquid body wash as these are often irritating to the vulvar area leading to burning or itching. The area does not need to be cleaned after every trip to the bathroom. Over-cleaning actually creates irritation in some women. Avoid all sprays, lotions and deodorants in this area. 
  • Avoid baby wipes, feminine hygiene wipes and Cottonelle wipes. These are very irritating to the skin in the vaginal area especially in fair-skinned women. Do not use pads and party-liners on a regular basis to “feel fresh”. Constant use causes skin irritation and prevents the skin from breathing in the area.
  • Always wipe from front to back! Mothers please teach your daughters this during potty training. Wiping wrong drags butt bacteria forward and it can get in the wrong spot creating irritation and infection.
  • Do not use Vaseline, rubbing alcohol or Neosporin on the skin in the area. These tend to break down the skin. Choose water-based lubricants or silicone-based lubricants. You can use products from your pantry like vegetable oil or olive oil (extra virgin!), which work just as well. 
Healthy Hoo Hoo was designed with the help of a formulation chemist, not to cure, but to simply allow a women’s body to naturally hit the “reset” button. By avoiding over-washing and harsh cleansers, women who have been using healthy hoohoo are reporting improved moisture, comfort and odor conditions.

I was sent the feminine wash and though I have nothing to compare it too, I much prefer it to bar soap and I will absolutely purchase this clean, gentle product on my own.

Healthy Hoo Hoo is available on their website online at and at fine body care boutiques and spas.

Whoo Hoo for our Hoo Hoo's...


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