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Friday, September 7, 2012



Polyvore asked us to create as set based on the Fall television show we are most looking forward to returning.  Naturally I made one based on my obsession, Showtime's Homeland.

This is in my opinion, the best written, most well acted ensemble series on T.V.  I was so besotted, that I literally harangued my friends to start watching.  Everybody I turned on to Homeland thanked me.

The cast is headlined by the extraordinary Claire Danes as a brilliant, dedicated, Bi-Polar C.I.A., who is of the belief that a returning decorated P.O.W. Sargent has been turned against the United States.   Sargent Brody is played by Damien Lewis a British actor who is gripping, as the mercurial soldier, presumed dead for the last eight years and now returned to adjust to his old life and family.

Both actors received Emmy nominations. Danes has already one a Golden Globe for her work as Carrie.  Also outstanding is Mandy Patankin as Carrie's boss and chief protector.

Season 2 begins on Sunday September 30th.  If you missed season 1, I implore you to get caught up in time.

You are very welcome...



  1. I agree. THE best show on Showtime bar none!! I love Nurse Jackie too but for different reasons!

    Monica Platz

  2. Is it not amazing Monica???
    I had to control myself from stopping strangers on the street to enlighten them :).

    Can't wait for season 2.




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